Live Stream: Now Tonight! || Winter Anime Impressions

This is now taking place tonight! (Reblogged from my anime blog!)

Jamie Talks Anime


Tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern time (or 5:00 Pacific time for me,) I and my friend James the Movie Reviewer will be running a Google+ Hangout discussing our Winter Anime Impressions, which you can watch on YouTube. Click here to view the countdown and save the page for tomorrow evening! I’m very excited and am anticipating an enjoyable discussion! Feel free to listen in and ask questions!


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4 thoughts on “Live Stream: Now Tonight! || Winter Anime Impressions

  1. I have a question! Do you know, why are there so many anime that are set in high school? Do the shows that are similarly set in high school seem the same? Do you get tired of it?

    1. The Japanese as adults work exhausting hours for not much pay for the height of their lives is basically high school–that’s me putting it bluntly. High school is just a really big setting for them. Now, it depends on the show and the genres, I think it has been terribly overdone but there are lots of shows that use the setting very well, so it doesn’t have to be a drawback if the story and characters are good. 😀 We’re listening to the podcast? XD

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