The Lord of the Rings Trilogy


Before I Begin:

I didn’t grow up with this trilogy. I wish had, but I didn’t. So, I watched these from an arms’ length away, through no lens of nostalgia or bias. My honest opinions might sound harsh to some long time fans–but I promise, I’m not trying to be mean! I simply want to be honest and it that’s more for me than for you. As you can tell by the huge delay of this post, I’ve been intimidated to write it for reasons I’m sure you can imagine.

I have only seen The Extended Editions. I have only seen them twice.

Please understand my opinion only applies to the movies and not the books, which I have not yet read. I hope you won’t be shocked at an opinion that lacks information I won’t even have in the first place–but after all, this post is not intending to judge anything besides the films.

I’m thankful that most of my readers are secure enough in their own opinions to not feel attacked by my own; I applaud your maturity and I say thank you!

Here there be spoilers.

The Movies:

the-lord-of-the-rings-the-fellowship-of-the-ring-posterFellowship of the Ring

My overall opinion of this film is that it was a good enough start for the trilogy. Yes, I just said good enough, because frankly I expected more from it. The first time through, I didn’t connect with any–any!–of the characters till the last few moments. Even then, I only connected with Frodo and Sam. It was confusing and frustrating to feel nothing throughout that first movie. Thankfully, the second time I watched FotR I did like it a lot more. I’d say that is because I’d watched the two Hobbit films and felt connected to Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf.

Frankly, for being lauded so highly (and yes, it did have its moments,) I thought it was ridiculous that I felt zero connection to the characters for the entire film. So yes, that has dampered my overall opinion of it.

The Two Towers (2002) 5The Two Towers

I will say here and now and forever: this if my favorite LotR movie. The film felt stronger for breaking up the Fellowship into smaller groups and focusing on them more; I finally connected with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Merry and Pippin! I guess I connected to everyone who was left…and about time too!

I found this film incredibly well paced; it carried me forward with ease and intrigue, never once making me bored. I fell in love with Frodo and his struggle over the ring. I adored Sam because he saw things in a rash, very black and white way, and was protective of Frodo. The split personality of Smeagol/Gollum was amazing. All the character growth was beautiful. The battles in this movie are my favorite out of all the LotR movies, too–frankly, I can’t name one fault from this film. It is perfect. I was never bored for an instant and when it was over, I felt like I’d finally gotten the hype.

Towers could easily push its way on to my top ten favorite films.

mza_656945851703199379Return of the King

Everyone had told me that this was the most amazing out of the LotR trilogy, so after being spellbound by The Two Towers, I expected wonders from The Return of the King. High expectations is the ingredient for disappointments. It was a good movie and all, but to me, it paled in comparison to the experience I’d gotten from The Two Towers.

The parts with Frodo and Sam were the best moments. Sadly, we barely saw them throughout the first half of the film! I was left fidgety, thinking, “Come on, come on, get back to Frodo and Sam!” outside of the parts with Merry and Pippin and Gandalf. I didn’t find the battles of Return as compelling or moving as the ones in Towers either, which was a major let down.

HOWEVER, not to be a complete Negative Nancy (which I feel justified in personifying because, gosh darnnit, entirety of the human race, why ya gotta lead on like this is the greatest movie of all time?), it DID have its moments and those moments WERE GOLD.

I loved everything that had to do Frodo and Sam and Gollum–that part of the story was fantastic and should have been focused on more. The freaking “but I can carry you!” line had me sobbing my eyes out because of feelings. I also appreciated the multiple endings. It was a really long story, so I would have hated it if it had just suddenly ended without proper resolution.

So, I’m a little torn over this film, because while it was fantastic, it also managed to let me down a bit. It is a good film, though, if a bit overrated-cough-ahem.


Overall, though, this trilogy is FAR above most film trilogies in existences, even if my expectations were driven ridiculously high by everyone. Character development, adventure, fantasy, and all the themes of power and heroism were fantastic. Each film was artistic and well realized. Acting was superb nearly all around. I’d heard the soundtrack before but I liked it more once I saw it with the films themselves.

For all my complaints, these films still sit high above most movies in existence.


Most everyone already knows who these characters are, so I shall simply write out my boiled down opinions or thoughts on as many as I can till I get tired. XD (You will have to comment to tell me your favorite characters because now I’ll know who they are!)

The Characters:

The Hobbits:

Frodo Baggins: Hands down my favorite character out of the entire trilogy (so he gets a whole paragraph!) Frodo, along with Sam, was the first character to capture my heart and make me give a flip. I found him incredibly interesting, relateable, and realistic. He wasn’t a sweeping hero or anything, he was simply a little guy who wanted to do what was right–I love those types of heroes! The character was simply fantastic and I have zero complaints. Also: Elijah Wood equals PERFECT CASTING.

Sam: I really loved Sam; like, a lot, to the degree that there’s not much left for me to say. I really, really loved him. He and Frodo are one of my favorite pairs of friends in films ever. He was the perfect person to help Frodo complete his quest and without either of them, there would be no story.

Merry and Pippin: I loved these guys. Even though they started off as comedic sidekicks, which didn’t feel out of place, they developed into memorable characters who could stand up on their own. They were much like Frodo and Sam, just two small guys who wanted to help a bigger cause than themselves.

I love these four characters the most out of the entire cast. I kinda mesh the four together and title them my number one favorite character (yes, this is confusing: Frodo is my favorite character but the four hobbits are my favorite character. I’ve worked it so that other characters can take second and third.) So there we are on them. 😀

the hobbits

The Fellowship:

Gandalf: I liked Gandalf quite a lot, even though for a wizard he didn’t seem to use his powers all that much. He was a good guide and a good friend for Frodo (and Bilbo–somehow, I’ll have to write a post on the Hobbit Trilogy as well!) I’m afraid I like Gandalf the Grey more than I like Gandalf the White though.

Aragorn: I’m afraid I didn’t fall in love with him or anything, but I thought he was a noble character, a good fighter, and excellent leader for the Fellowship. He’s not a favorite of mine, though, so I don’t have much to say on him.

Legolas: The first time through, I found Legolas to be the epiphany of over dramatic-ness, to the verge of being cheesy and I still say he lacks personality. The second time through, I did like him more but still found him to be nothing more than a skilled warrior. The Fellowship certainly needed his strenth and skill with the bow but I’m having a harder time understanding Legolas’s fangirls when that’s all he is.

Gimli: I loved Gimli so much. He helped make Legolas more loveable and his one liners were completely hysterical while being completely appropriate. Gimli is one of my favorites, though I’m not sure where he places among the ranks. (My sister insists that I am Gimli, so now I pretend he is me when I watch the movies. ❤ )

Boromir: I liked Boromeir well enough, although he was in the movie in which I connected to no one. However, meeting Faramir and then hearing more of Boromir’s back story in the other two films was really interesting and made me appreciate his character. Also how does one not like Sean Bean.

The Fellowship of the RIng

The Rest of Them

Sauron and Saruman: all respect to Tolkien, but I think it’s rather stupid to have two different bad guys named so similar. Most writers would get flack for such a thing, so I’m surprised I don’t see this mentioned as a problem more often. Half the time I didn’t know which was being referred to and it was confusing. At least they were good bad guys.

Smeagul/Gollum: I absolutely loved this character. The split personality was displayed perfectly, and both Smeagul and Gollum were convincing characters. I felt so bad for Smeagul at the beginning, as he really did want to trust Frodo and everything. Then he when his opinions changed, he made for a fantastic, sympathetic villain. I actually thought I’d find this character overrated, but he’s not. Overall, this character is somewhere there in my top three favorite characters–possibly second, after the four Hobbits.

Arwen: I despised this character so much. I found that there was no point for her to be in the story. All she did was croon and moan after Aragorn, which had nothing to do with getting the ring to Mordor. I felt she was there to make me, as a girl, happy to get some female representation. Filmmakers (and storytellers in general) don’t include women in your stories if their not going to add to the main story: its embarrassing to you and degrading of us. (I am glad to know that Arwen had only the tiniest role in original books. Tolkien got it right.)

Eowyn: Now this girl I loved. She wanted to help keep her land free and she wasn’t afraid to fight for that freedom. Eowyn even had faith in Merry and let him help in the last fight, which of course scored huge points from me. 😀 While she was also in love with Aragorn (sigh) at least it wasn’t what defined her as a character. I honestly wish those two had ended up together, too.  Overall, I really enjoyed this girl!

Faramir: I liked this guy a lot. I don’t remember him so keenly except that I felt really bad for him (and his father was despicable,) but I also have no complaints either. He was a good, noble character who I very much liked!

The Elves: this includes my opinions for Elrond and Galadriel, and Arwen and Legolas…I didn’t like the Elves. They came off as stuck up and aloof. I probably don’t understand the complexity of their race but I did understand that they frustrated me when one of them was on-screen. (Thankfully Legolas was not as annoying as the rest of them.) 

There are lots of other characters to talk about, but it would take too much time to try to discuss them all. Can you imagine, we’d be here all day.


To some of you, it might sound like I didn’t enjoy The Lord of the Rings Trilogy all that much, so please don’t misunderstand me.

I enjoyed this trilogy a lot and they’re now among my favorite films. I shall be rewatching them for years to come, I’m sure. I’m basically in love with both Frodo and Sam, as the films did fantastic jobs rendering their characters and motivations. I had tears streaming down my face multiple times throughout my first viewings because WHO DIDN’T CRY ON THE MOUNTAIN OF MORDOR?  I would even refer to myself as a Ringer.

I just have more problems with them than most people do. I assume, though, that it’s not all my fault (because I’m confident enough in my own discernment that I’m not just making up problems out of thin air.) Nothing is perfect. And I do acknowledge that this trilogy is very superior to most films!


I’d love to hear some of your thoughts or opinions in the comments: what’s your favorite movie, favorite character, favorite moment? Now’s the time to tell because I’m all ears! 😀



23 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

  1. Aaaaaaaaaactually, Tolkien originally had Aragorn and Eowyn together in his first draft of The Lord of the Rings. So in my opinion Tolkien ended up getting it wrong, haha. My mom and sisters always fuss at me because I’m One Of Those People who secretly ship Aragorn and Eowyn. I mean, I LIKE Faramir, but Aragorn was my first fictional crush and I think Eowyn is definitely the strongest Tolkien heroine–and they were so cute together!!!

    Oh well. I’m actually braver about admitting my love for the Gale/Katniss ship than Aragorn/Eowyn because ohmahgosh I’ll get eaten alive by the fandom, hee-hee.

    The Return of the King remains my favorite of the trilogy, and one of my favorite films. It was the only one of the trilogy that I saw in the theater and is still one of the few movies that has ever reduced me to gross sobbing. The scene where Aragorn rides in front of his troops is my favorite part of that movie. “I bid you stand, Men of the West!” (*shivers*)

    Aragorn obviously has a very special place in my heart, since I hadn’t ever really “fallen in love with” a character until I saw LOTR. And honestly I went a bit overboard about it, haha. Chalk it up to 11-to-13-year-old foolishness. But he’s still one of my favorite characters. Pippin is probably my favorite of the hobbits, just because he’s so adorable–though I love Sam, too, so I usually can’t decide anyway. I love Gandalf. So wise–though he can be sassy when he wants to be 😉 And of course Gollum is both tragic and hilarious. We quote that scene in “The Two Towers” with him and Sam arguing over the potatoes all. The. Time.

    All in all, I’m so glad that you did enjoy Lord of the Rings! And welcome to the fandom! It’s a pretty old one but it’s usually quite nice and very hobbity 😉

    1. WHAT?! And quite right, they are WAY better suited for each other, too! It is my humble opinion that Arwen should have been scrapped altogether and Aragorn and Eowyn’s relationship focused on instead. But I’m afraid my complaining won’t do any good! 😀

      That was a great scene, I really liked Aragorn at that point! 😀 And I know what you mean about gross-sobbing, you and me both! XD

      LOL “POH-TAH-TOES.” That pops in my head anytime I’m preparing potatoes! XD

      Heehee, thank you! Yes, the fandom is quite old (I’m a bit late to the party) but it seems to have been revived by The Hobbit Trilogy. 😀


  2. Oh, but I love this trilogy! I didn’t grow up watching these films either. Although, the good thing for me is that I hadn’t heard any opinions about these, so I didn’t go in with any expectations.

    The Fellowship was actually one of the first films I saw as an adult, and I instantly feel in love with it!

    I actually liked Arwen. She had a sort of feminine strength and courage about her.

    Oh, my favorite movie is definitely The Return of the Kings!

    My favorite character? That’s a difficult one, but I must say that I like Aragorn, a man with his character would be my ideal husband. I also like Eowyn. And the Elves! I loved the Elves! There are just not enough good things I can say about them! They remind me a little of myself, actually. haha

    It is impossible for me to choose a favorite moment, there are so many!

    Oh, just for the record, I didn’t cry on the mountain of Mordor. 😉

    1. Wow, I wonder how you managed that! I have heard the glories of Lord of the Rings proclaimed since I was at least ten (and I went a decade before actually getting around to seeing the films–so that’s ten years of expectations being built up.) I’m glad you got to go into them with a blanker state.

      Hmm, that is a interesting opinion of Arwen, though I’m afraid I don’t really agree. XD

      Wow, again, almost everyone’s favorite film is Return of the King! XD I’m glad you enjoyed it more than me, though. 😀

      LOL about the Elves! 😀 And quite right about choosing a favorite moment; I’ve yet to pick one myself. 😛

      WHAAAT?! Haha, I jest, we are all different! 😀 Thank you so much for commenting! ❤


  3. …I was going to start off by joking we can’t be friends if you say mean things about LoTR, but I suspect that would be less funny than I’d mean it to be, so let’s not do that 😉

    Two Towers was my favorite too! I watched ROTK late at night, and I found it drawn-out and somewhat depressing at that time, though I’ve enjoyed it on rewatches. Now, I grew up with the books, read all of them about four years before I saw the movies, and I was 14 when I watched them the first time. So I was a rabid fangirl for YEARS. (Still a mega-fangirl, but I can lower enthusiasm to socially acceptable levels now 😀 )

    Favorite characters: Pippin for sure. Poor adorable idiot, leaping into adventures too big for him and having to adapt. I relate to that almost as much as I relate to Bilbo! SAM, because Sam, full stop. Seriously, the man’s loyalty and dedication are amazing.
    I’m a fan of Aragorn too, and Faramir. They’re both stalwart men who fight for what is right and protect their people, yet they “do not love the arrow for its swiftness nor the sword for its brightness”–they’re not warmongers. (and they’re handsome.)

    Speaking of Aragorn, I must confess I don’t ship Aragorn/Eowyn. How much of this opinion is me projecting people I know onto my fandoms, I can’t tell, but I suspect she’s too strong for him. Not that it’s a bad thing to be a strong-willed woman, but that some men don’t work as well with a strong woman. Arwen I’ve no strong opinion on–Tolkien, bless his heart, wrote her as little more than a childhood sweetheart–but she seems like a nice queen for Aragorn.
    Faramir always struck me as more long-suffering and meeker than Aragorn–a type A- to his type A. He would appreciate a strong, scarred woman to bolster his own strength. I dunno, let’s read way too much into our ships 😛

    Legolas is a good foil for Gimli, who’s HILARIOUS. Apparently Gimli’s actor didn’t really practice the sword-fight scenes; he would just tell the stunt men to come at him and then bash them all away 😀 Can’t go wrong with Gandalf, Smeagol is a piteous creature, and I just love all of these movies so much I may go watch them all again.

    “What’s…taters, precious? What’s taters??”

    1. LOL XD I kinda appreciate it, hahah! Love you girl! ❤

      EEEK, AT LAST, TOWERS IS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAVORITE. It’s always everyone’s least favorite, which obviously I don’t understand. XD

      Hahah, yes, poor Pippin, at least he was able to rise to the occasion by the end! YES ABOUT SAM.

      Good points on Aragorn and Faramir. I see your point about Eowyn, although I never really noticed that she might be forward for Aragorn. I don’t mind her with Faramir, in fact, if she couldn’t be with Aragorn, then that’s the next best match for her. I wish there hadn’t be a love triangle, though, and then the stronger woman wouldn’t have been shuffled away at the last second to another guy. I’m sure you know what I mean. XD

      Hahah I want to rewatch them now too!!!!! ❤

      "Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!" XD LOL


  4. Well, welcome to the fandom, then. At least you didn’t see the theatrical cuts first. Then you would have really been let down. The EEs add back a lot of significant stuff. (although there are several clips which make zero sense to someone who has previously read the books…)

    I don’t think I can say I have a clear-cut favorite. When I read the books I like ROTK best, but the film has more mistakes than the film of Two Towers, so I suppose I have to agree w/ you there, especially since I would rather be a rider of rohan than a knight of Gondor, and Two Towers is like “Rohan, Rohan everywhere!”

    As for characters: The elves are frustrating. Captain Obvious Greenleaf is groan-inducing. Aragorn and Faramir got the shaft; both are more developed in the books. My favorites, btw, are Sam, Gandalf, and Faramir.

    Favorite scene is the Ride of the Rohirrim, because Rohan, closely followed by the Lighting of the Beacons and Mount Doom. Seriously, w/ the music and awesomeness, “I can carry you” makes me feel, well two feelings, so excuse me if I just use “the feels.” Book or film. The Ride of the Rohirrim, btw, is supposed to refer to the ride they had to take to get there, not the charge at the end.

    1. Thank you for the welcome! Haha, yes, when I rewatched these, my sister sat with through it and told me when she saw Extended footage–I was shocked by what was left out of the original, lol! So yeah, I’m really thankful James told me to see the EE’s over the Theatrical.

      Hahah, nice to hear someone agree with me! I wonder what I will think of the books when I do get around to reading them. 🙂

      HAHA, yay, someone who didn’t enjoy the elves either! Good choices for favorites!

      Ooh, nice picks! Hahah, I know what you mean by “the feels.” 😀 Thanks so much for commenting, I enjoyed hearing your opinions!


  5. I’ve always been the outcast of my friends, because I didn’t like LotR. I did watch The Fellowship of the Ring. It was really hard for me to follow and enjoy the first time, too. After I watched it again, it got better. I still haven’t seen the other two movies, because–and I know this is practically a carnal sin–I don’t like fantasy. Since you think the second one better, maybe I’ll have to try it out 😀

    And even though I may not be a huge fan of the series, I do LOVE Smeagul/Gollum. Sometimes I feel like him, having arguments with myself…. lol


    1. Well, I can completely understand where you are coming from–it is nice not to feel alone. I hope you like The Two Towers, if you watch it. 😀 I’d love to hear your thoughts after you see it! 🙂

      LOL that’s funny! Smeagul is such a good character!


  6. I came to the LOTR fandom through the movies too, and reading this is reminding me So Very Much of me interacting with my friends when the first movie came out! I had read “The Hobbit” in high school and disliked it, so never wanted to read the LOTR trilogy. Then FOTR came out, and my friends and fiance insisted I had to go see it with them. All I knew, going in, was that it involved the magic ring from “The Hobbit” and Sean Bean was in it. They kept nattering about all these words and names I didn’t know, and I was like, “I don’t get it.”

    I came out of my first viewing of FOTR very in love with Middle Earth, and ended up seeing FOTR in the theater twice more. I bought the books, but only read through the death of Boromir because I wanted to get to see each of the next two movies with fresh eyes and no preconceptions. Why? Because I spent a LOT of time listening to my friends complaining about changes that had been made. “How could they cut out Tom Bombadil?” “Where was Glorfindel?” etc. And I was like, “Can you please just stop poking holes in this thing I’m falling in love with?” And I didn’t want to know what happened next until I got to see it in the movies because… that’s how I am sometimes. I didn’t want to be the one sitting there going, “But that’s not how it is in the book.”

    Anyway, my favorite character has been Boromir since that very first screening. Oh, how I love Boromir. Noble, kind, brave, mighty, and real. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My second-favorite is Sam, third-favorite is Gandalf, and then everyone else kind of gets mashed into 4th place. I actually like Legolas WAY more now, after the 3 Hobbit movies. He’s much more interesting in them. And I like both Arwen and Eowyn better in the books than the movies. Arwen is less generic-strong-woman and more ethereal in the books, and Eowyn is less whiny and pouty, and much more stern and determined.

    Oh, and I got So Confused by the Sauron/Saruman name similarity the first time I watched it too. Took me a long time to get them straight — probably my whole first reading of FOTR. Not the best writing plan, but on the other hand, the fact that their names are similar is kind of a clue to readers that Saruman is allied with Sauron.

    1. That’s interesting you read The Hobbit before seeing the movies! I’m afraid I know it backwards, lol. Good thing your friends convinced you to go see it at the theater! 😀

      LOL BUT I CAN SO RELATE TO THAT. I’ve refused to read The Hunger Games just to see the films with a open, blank mind with no expectations from the books!

      Boromir was a good character; he was realistic and more dimensional, sooner than the others. I also enjoyed Legolas in the Hobbit movies, although I didn’t really get why he had to like the one elf lady.

      At last, I’m not along with the villain names; so frustrating. 😀


      1. Well, I read “The Hobbit” in high school, and FOTR came out when I was a senior in college, so there was a good five or six years between the two.

  7. Woohoo! You finally did it! 😀 You watched them!
    The Fellowship is my favourite out of the three. I’ve seen them all at least five times each, I’m pretty sure, and I remeber that ROTK was my favourite to start off with, but the Fellowship has taken that title now and I’m glad it has. 🙂
    Yay! You liked Frodo! He is my number one favourite character in all of the LOTR trilogy! I’m actually very relieved that you liked him so much because I would have had to argue why he was such a good character otherwise. Also, most everyone I know doesn’t like him very much. Though I make fun of him now and again he is still my favourite. My Mum tells me that character-wise I am a Sam. A fact that I’m very proud of.:) My other favourite characters include Faramir (honestly he gets so much more depth in the books), and the four hobbits. I also really like Aragorn in the books, and a bit in the movie but not so much.
    Okay, I just had to say that the only change I hated, like literally hated, from book to movie is when Frodo tells Sam ‘Go home!’ I just get so annoyed with that because they have such a good friendship.
    On the whole regarding the elves I think I prefer them in the Hobbit.
    I think probably the part that I think is my favourite is at the end of the fellowship when Frodo is trying to go to Mordor on his own and Sam stops him. It’s so beautiful. *sniffs*
    I have to agree with you on Arwen. She is just in there to be a romantic interest, I much prefer Eowyn. Oh. and I think that Faramir was an excellent choice for Eowyn.
    Welcome to the Ringer Club.
    Now you just need to read the books. 😛 😉 (Although I’v only read the Hobbit and Fellowship all the way though. :P)
    God Bless,

    1. Heehee, well, I saw them all last October, but it took me a few months to figure out how I wanted to do this post. XD

      Nice to hear someone claim Fellowship for their favorite–I knew it had to be somebodies. 😀

      I LOVE FRODO SO MUCH. I DON’T GET THE HATE?! I’m glad he’s your favorite too! ❤

      Aw, I loved that scene in Fellowship too, that's when I finally connected to Frodo and Sam! I was like, "AW. I love them now!" lol 😀

      Thank you, I'm glad to be a Ringer at last! Yes, I should try to read them this year…we'll see what happens! 😛

      Thanks for the long comment, I loved reading it! 😀


  8. I agree with what you said about the Two Towers. That book was my favorite as well.
    I wanted more of Frodo and Sam in ROTK. My mother, however, thought those parts were so boring……no idea how.

    But THANK YOU FOR SAYING FRODO WAS YOUR FAVORITE! Everyone I’ve ever talked to just hated on him and said he was a wuss or whatever. I adored him. I could relate to him so much and like wow he’s just great. And if you ever get around to reading the books, you’ll see that he’s even better in the books! Honestly I didn’t think the movies did him as much justice as they should have. they really watered down his character. But wow do I love Frodo. And freaking Sam.

    1. Yay! 😀

      What? How? What? 😛

      Wow, I’m sure I’ll love Frodo in the books if he’s even better than from the movies! I don’t understand all the Frodo-hate either. First off, he’s so sweet, how do you dislike those eyes. Secondly, you would be frightened too if you’d spent your whole life in a jolly little hobbit village and then got chased after by scary horse riders one random evening. Third, how does one not relate to Frodo struggle with the temptation! It makes him so relateable! (I love Sam to death, but he’s not super relateable–he’s what we wish we were, I guess.) It’s like WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE ABOUT FRODO. I’m sure you have even more examples to his defense so I’ll stop there! XD


  9. Dang, I was sure you were going to say something about being so mad that I like Arwen, but I guess that’s our inside joke, haha. The Love triangle…Lol!

    I relate to your cold analysis since we didn’t grow up with these movies. I really like them though. I’m glad we watched the Extended movies together.

    1. LOL you told me not to talk about you too much on my blog…but otherwise, yes, I might have fussed that you liked her and not Eowyn LOL

      Thank you, I know what you mean. Yes, I’m glad too, it was really fun! I kinda want to do it again! XD


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