What Describes Me Best (a tag)

ashana-lian-fantasy-sisterhood-of-the-world-blogger-award-writers-blog (1)So, Tara over at T. T. Kesley (a wonderful blog I found through the last writers blog party I did,) tagged me with The Sisterhood of the World Bloogers Award and ten questions she made up. I won’t being do the rest of the tag, because I think I’m tiring people out by them, but I can NEVER pass up awesome questions if they come along. These make for fast, nifty posts and I love answering them too much to pass them up!

Tara’s questions:

1. Favorite book(s)? This question has become so easy, which is possibly bad??? but I can always say any of the original Sherlock Holmes stories, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Best books ever.

2. Favorite short story/stories? Not counting my own, lol: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the original Sherlock Holmes short stories! Agatha Christie’s short stories are also fantastic.

3. If you could invent anything, what would it be? I feel silly but…virtual reality. LIke, real virtual reality. That would be so cool…*remembers that I should probably be writing my story about it rather than talk about it.*

4. Favorite song(s)? Currently, my favorite song is Gwen Stefani’s Baby Don’t Lie. It started playing on one of my Pandora stations and after the 30 second mark I was sold (any song can grab me as long as the rhythm, beat, and bass know what they’re doing.)

And now, which of these best describe YOU?

large (45)

5. Metal or wood: I’m leaning towards the wood for some reason.

6. Glass or plastic: I’m somewhere between, I suppose. I can shatter like glass one day and then be resilient as Tupperware the next. I dunno.

7. Hot or cold: I’m jumping with hot because I don’t think I’m a cold person, lol!

8. Chocolate or peppermint: I honestly don’t know! How about a mixture of both, like peppermint bark?? I want to be peppermint bark.

9. Salt or pepper: ………. ……… Pepper.

10. Hollow or dense: heehee, depending on how I answer, I can come off as either an airhead or sounding too full of myself. I don’t know how to answer this one anyway. XD

If anyone wants to do this tag, please go ahead: I can even link to your blogs here if you liked. I don’t feel like making up questions, so go ahead and use Tara’s, as her last several were very unique!



6 thoughts on “What Describes Me Best (a tag)

  1. OH, I love Jekyll and Hyde! I’ve never read Agatha Christie’s short stories but I would like to. I love a good mystery.

    I like your reasons! I know I’m plastic (it just matches me, for some reason) but I’m not quite sure about the rest …

  2. Ah, Dracula. I need to reread that soon.

    Peppermint bark for the win (now I’m hungry…)

    You’re answer to #10.. lol

    And if you created a real virtual reality, that would be amazing. Please do.


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