3 Things I Thought Difficult but Actually Aren’t

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Making my bed.

Most of my life I never made my bed; A) because I slept on the top of a bunk bed, and B) I wasn’t expected to make it. When I was eighteen I started sleeping on a twin by myself– it became more central to my room, influencing how the rest of it felt. At first, straightening blankets and pillows felt so hard, but when I actually attempted to do it, I found it made my room feel so much cleaner all by itself. And it’s not actually difficult! Surprise! (It’s the same when I open my window curtains! What a world of difference!)

Drinking enough water.

I’ve almost always liked water anyway, but it always seemed very hard to drink as much as you need every day. However, I started making time to drink right before bed and as soon as I got out of bed. It’s not actually difficult at all! I feel a world’s difference too! (Plus, drinking right before bed ensures no sleeping in! XD )


Making time to write.

I’ve always loved writing, and had lots of time for it growing up. On top of a year or so when I was either tired emotionally or mentally OR I just couldn’t click on the word document button, my time seemed to get gobbled up more quickly by other things. However, this past NaNoWriMo, I exceeded the 50k word count by 10k in a month– a record for me! I realized the deadline had forced me to find time without being brutal. I’d determined, “I will make this word count, and no one is going to stop me from fulfilling it, not even myself.” It turns out, it’s not hard to make time to write: you just need to want it bad enough.

How about you? Are there things you thought were hard and then discovered they weren’t? Has someone cracked it for washing dishes?!?!?!? (I have not, and probably never will, because the activity of washing dishes is my mortal enemy for life. XD )



10 thoughts on “3 Things I Thought Difficult but Actually Aren’t

  1. What a great theme for a blog. Hmmmm …. washing dishes is one I tend to post-pone as well. I did have some success recently when I read Blue Mind which is about how being on, near or around water makes us feel better. So as I fill the sink, I play with the water a bit, watch the patterns, run it through my fingers, listen to the sound. Also, listening to a podcast can make a dull job feel interesting.

    1. Why thank you!!

      Those are good ideas, the next time I’m faced with dishes that I HAVE to do, I’ll have to remember them! 😀


    2. Why thank you!!

      Those are good ideas, the next time I’m faced with dishes that I HAVE to do, I’ll have to remember them! 😀


    1. Haha yes a big sink does help, thankfully my family has a decent sized sink and my mom doesn’t mind dishes. XD

      Thank you so much! Can’t wait to do it!


  2. My parents just made a new incentive to get all of our beds made – if we make our beds 5/7 days of the week, we get to pick the next Netflix movie. If EVERYBODY makes their bed 5/7 days out of the week, we get another movie night for that week. So the stakes are high. : D I’ve haaaaated making my bed – basically because I didn’t really see the point because I’ll just mess it up again 16 hours later – but I can see why it makes sense. It makes the whole room look nice!

    I have quite the opposite problem with the water, though – I think I almost drink too much. : D Put it in an awesome cup with a straw and sip it while you do stuff – you won’t notice you’re drinking it!

    I do have the same writing problem, though – struggling to find the time! It’s interesting to see your priorities change after doing NaNo. While you’re doing NaNo, you prioritize writing because you Have. To. Get. Those. 50k!!! After you win, though, it’s like the drive to do it is gone, even if the story isn’t finished. I worked on the final edits and publishing Nikki for so long that my Camp NaNo ’14 novel got pushed to the wayside, which is sad because I loooove that book. Now that Nikki’s done, though, I feel like I can work on it again! I wrote about 500 words the other day (while I should’ve been studying, whuuuups) and then sat down the other day and cranked out over 2k. I think it’s finally rolling again. : D

    Anywhoooo. I’ll end this (super duper) long comment with my two cents of advice – when you’re doing dishes (which Confession Time: I like a lot), put on some awesome music like Broadway or contemporary Christian. It’ll go by a lot faster!


    1. That. is the best. incentive. EVER. Oh my gosh, your parents sound awesome! XD

      Haha, I need to use straws more often, I always forget that we have some. They do make it really fun! 😀

      I RELATE. NaNoWriMo is such a drive but if the book I’m working on isn’t done by December 1st, it almost always gets dropped. *sigh* I’m so glad you’re back to writing your book, though, that’s exciting! I need to get to work on my latest myself. XD

      That’s a great idea, I need to listen to music more often when I’m away from my computer. Thank you! ❤ I loved your long comment!!!


      1. Isn’t that fantastic? We’ve done that incentive before with getting in bed at our actual bedtimes, and it’s worked in the past. Haha, yep, they’re pretty awesome! : D

        Straws are amazing. Especially crazy straws. : P

        UGH, I KNOW. I’ve done NaNo three times, won all three times, finished the first book (Nikki), put down the second, and am still working on the third… seven months later. : P I’m really glad, too! : ) Just do it, girl!

        I got an iPhone for Christmas (SMILEY. FACE.) and have downloaded a few apps to listen to music with – my favorite is the Amazon Prime Music app. ❤ Aww, you're welcome! Haha, I tend to ramble. : P


  3. You make your bed now!!? LOL!! I’ve been drinking more water too. 🙂 It’s nice!

    This is maybe annoyingly me or something, but actually my thing I’ve discovered isn’t as hard as it used to seem is washing dishes. Like, partly I think just cause I feel better when things are clean and orderly I don’t mind as much, but it’s honestly not as annoying as it used to be. Actually I think it’s more because lately I’m mostly just washing dishes I use. It’s still a little annoying washing dishes for other people. But still.

    1. LOL oh dear. XD

      HAHAHA I DON’T UNDERSTAND. Lol, no, I get it, and yeah it’s nicer washing your own dishes than someone elses. XD


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