Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes

Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes

Today I’m joining Hamlette’s blog party for Sherlock Holmes’s birthday. The party is taking place at her blog Edge of the Precipice! I’ve been a fan of Sherlock Holmes for almost as long as I can remember, so there was no way I was not doing this!


The Good Old Index of Questions

1.  When and how did you first encounter Sherlock Holmes?

It was one of the Great Illustrated Classics through which I first discovered Holmes. It had three stories: The Red-Headed League, The Speckled Band, and The Copper Beaches. I read The Adventures and Memoirs soon later and then fell madly in love with Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes not too long after that. And that’s only the beginning!

2.  Please share a fact or two about yourself related to Holmes.  (You’ve read the whole canon, you’ve been to Baker Street, you’re an official BSI member, etc.)

I acknowledge Sherlock Holmes as my number one hero/favorite fictional character of all time out of any genre or medium of fiction ever. Ever. That’s how much I love this character and his adventures. I’m incredibly protective of the character; I’m very picky over what I like or don’t like when it comes to film/TV adaptions of his stories and I don’t regret being that way in the least. XD

On a different note; during 2012, my best friend and I read the original stories every week; on Sunday we’d discuss them together. We read all four novels and nearly every single short story within a year! My friend even gave my a humongous, gorgeous Sherlock Holmes book that contained nearly every story! I still count that year as one of the best reading experiences of my life!


3.  What are three of your favorite Holmes adventures?

A story that stuck with me to this day was The Man with the Twisted LipThe Sign of Four was amazing and had me laughing so hard (although I loved all four novels pretty equally, there’s not one I didn’t enjoy less.) The Blue Carbuncle had one of my favorite moments of Holmes cleverly getting information out of someone; that one vividly stuck to me as well.

4.  What draws you to the Sherlock Holmes stories?

Everything; the characters, the narrative, the adventures and mysteries. Especially the mysteries, I’m a who-dun-it mystery addict if ever there was one. There’s too much to explain as to why I love these stories so much, so I’ll just leave it as this: Sir Doyle’s characters captured my attention from the beginning and hasn’t let go in over ten years. ❤

I’ve had this on my sidebar for 2 years and I’m keeping it there!

5.  If you were going to give Sherlock Holmes a birthday present, what would it be?

A brand new revolver for him to take out on his adventures, for self-protection!

6.  If you could climb into a Holmes story and replace any one character for a day, who would you like to be?

Dr. Watson. I already relate to Dr. Watson in so many ways, but I would love to actually be him for a day. I’d chase after Holmes scratching my head till the mystery is solved, and then write about it later from baffled amazement. ❤

7.  Please share some of your favorite Holmes-related quotes!

Here are two:

This is the story of my life. I observed nothing as a child. XD
This is a classic quote but nevertheless it is still one of my favorites.

This was lots of fun, thanks for hosting this blog party, Hamlette!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes

  1. This post really makes me miss ‘Sherlock’. The new season needs to come soon.

    Loved reading your answers! I love reading Holmes stories. They’re always entertaining and keep me guessing. Sir A. C. Doyle was so good at coming up with mysteries. It’s a good thing he decided to be a writer instead of a criminal 😛

    And that first favorite quote of yours–it totally describes my childhood, too 😀


    1. I know! I miss it too!!! ❤ LOL yes, I'm also glad he turned out to be a writer!!! I wish I could write mysteries like him but I've never succeeded once. 😛

      ROFL I'm not alone LOL! XD XD XD


  2. I have that Great Illustrated Classics book too! That was the second thing I read about Holmes, actually. I didn’t devour it when I was 8-10 like I did a lot of the others in that series because I thought it was scary, but when I was 13 or 14, I was suddenly hungry for All Things Sherlock Holmes and read it often enough that some of the illustrations are still stuck in my brain. Especially the one of Holmes lashing out at the snake in “Speckled Band.”

    I love “The Man with the Twisted Lip” too! Oh, such a surprising, inventive story. Isn’t it nifty how many of the Holmes stories don’t involve someone dying a gruesome, horrible death? I mean, yes, lots of them do, but a lot of them don’t and are still very compelling.

    Thanks for joining the party! I think Holmes would greatly appreciate a shiny new revolver 😀

    1. I love the Great Illustrated Classics because their pictures really added to the stories! I can remember many of images from the book as well! One that sticks out in my head is from The Copper Beeches when they were peering into the dark box at the massive dog! 😀

      Yes! Great point, I love that about Holmes’s stories as well!! Inventive is a great word!!

      You’re welcome, I really enjoyed it! Thank you again for hosting it!!


  3. I really enjoyed reading your answers! It’s also very interesting to read viewpoints of people to whom Sherlock Holmes means so much, as I’m myself just a very casual fan (except for my love of BBC’s Sherlock, which is borderline worshipping…)

    I love that “Low Tolerances for Haters” thing you have on the sidebar, I agree with every word on it!

    1. Thank you! Isn’t it neat how we can like the same thing so differently? I ADORE BBC’s Sherlock, though, it is the best adaption of the stories that I’ve seen period! It’s my favorite TV show of all time! 😀

      Haha, thank you!! I wish I saw less hate around the Internet, it’d be much nicer. XD Thanks so much for commenting!!!!


  4. I absolutely loved to read your answers and see how your enthusiasms shines through them. I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes myself and even if we have different favorite stories, I could relate to a lot of things you said.

    I also chose Watson as one of the characters I’d love to be for one day.

    1. Aw thank you, it means a lot to hear that! It’s good to meet another huge fan like myself! ❤

      Yay! Isn't Watson amazing, he's almost like the main character because he's literally telling the stories to us, haha!


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