Word For The Year

I’ve heard of a New Year’s tradition that certain people do: they choose a word to hold to throughout the year and apply to themselves! Sounds neat, doesn’t it?!

Last night, I sat down with a gift Mom had given me for Christmas: a deck of 50 cards full of words with positive reminders on the backs. I shuffled the deck three or four times, then cut it in half; I decided the card on top would be my word. I did it this way because I love “coincidence”–specifically the lack of coincidence in life. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t work randomly.

large (7)

I got: “Completion. Unleash your ability to get things done.” 

I grinned so big.

I’m a ENFP, which means my personality is hard-wired to live in the moment. I rarely complete anything and I’ve always been completely fine about that. My mother will attest to all the crafts I’ve started over my lifetime that ended in a pile of unfinished dreams. I’m always distracted by the next dream thing to gush over. But once the “ooh, shiny!” effect wears off, and it hadn’t completely captured my heart, I’m off to something else.

Completion is the exact word I needed to draw. I’m twenty years old, I’m growing up; it’s time I learn how to balance my enthusiasm with dedication. The word completion could take me to paperback versions of my stories, a driver’s licence, and fewer loose ends whipping in my trail of spilled glitter and soda fizz.

large (27)

“Completion.” Wow. Of all the words I could have drawn!

I love “coincidence.”



7 thoughts on “Word For The Year

  1. Sorry I’ve been absent for so long! Things have been crazy, and I keep meaning to stop by, but I’m forgetful as always.

    That sounds like a great word! Mine for last year was “focus”, and it was exactly what I needed. This year’s has yet to come to me, but I’m excited for it. I hope you have a wonderful year!


    1. Hey, Alexandra, I was just thinking of you the other day! That’s okay, we all have lives, LOL! XD Thanks for commenting, though, it’s good to hear from you again!

      Focus is a good word too! I hope you get a good word for 2015 too! Happy New Year! ❤


  2. I love your word! “Completion” is something I need to focus on this year, too 🙂 And I also love lack of coincidence. Everything gives evidence that God doesn’t work randomly. It’s so neat 🙂

    Sorry I disappeared for a while! My word for 2014 was “Adventure”–the year didn’t hold back at all. It’s so good to finally be back in the blogosphere!!

    Happy 2015, Jamie! Hope you have an amazing new year! 😀

    1. Emily! I’m so happy to hear from you! ❤ I love that word "Adventure"; I must run over to your blog to read your new post!!

      I hope you have an amazing year too!


    1. Happy New Year to you too! Isn’t it a great idea, I’m glad I decided to do it this year! Thanks so much for commenting! ❤


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