Four Years Old


Today is my fourth anniversary here on Through Two Blue Eyes.

In celebration, I’ve revamped my About and Fandom pages today!

What is there left for me to say on this date? Writing on “Through Two Blue Eyes” has been a great experience for me. I’ve met some wonderful people, I’ve learned to be myself, I’ve kept my love for writing alive and in practice, I’ve self-discovered, I’ve thought out loud, journaled, fangirled, been depressed, nostalgic, and hopeful–all in one special place. 🙂

Happy Birthday, blog! ❤ Here’s to another year of us together!



12 thoughts on “Four Years Old

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Let’s see, I have been reading your blog for about 3 and a half years I think, about 6 months after you started. 🙂 And I really got to catch on commenting on those older posts! 😛


    1. * INTENSE SCREAMING BECAUSE IT’S A COMMENT FROM JAMES * Oh my gosh, you’ve been here since almost the start! I’m glad we became friends. 😀 LOL I can’t wait to read them! 😛


  2. Happy Anniversary/Birthday and Congratulations on all your achievements !!! You have grown tremendously through this blog.!! Love, Mary

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog!!! Congrats on all your followers! (I’d say I liked your blog before it was cool, but it’s always been cool, so ha! XD )

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