A 2014 Recap

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At the edge of 2014, I was really looking forward to leaving behind the emotionally traumatic remnants of 2013 with a hope that the new year would be more stable and peaceful. I wrote all about in this post, if you want to catch up to speed with my life’s story.

My life has been refreshingly calm and slow the past year, to the point of being mundane at certain points–and this has a good thing! A lot of fun, exciting things did happen too and I want to document some of them now!

Throughout the spring and early summer, I blogged about my life’s little happenings and things I had learned from the past year on how to be happy. I blogged about the movies I was managing to watch, too. I did my 100 Favorite Movies blog series which carried went from March to June! That’s easily my biggest blog series ever!

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I went to my very first Comic Con in June, and in July I turned twenty.

I continued using Booktrack, too. I entered a contest over the summer and two months later won the grand cash prize of 5k, leaving me completely floored. It was a huge esteem booster to realize my work had value. I self-published my third short story and officially called myself a published writer when it received positive feedback. One of my upcoming goals of this year is to write and Booktrack more short stories!

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This past summer I also started attending a school to acquire my GED. My knowledge of math jumped from “how do you do fractions?” to doing geometry and the fancy math with letters. Ha. I defeated the Language Arts test in late fall! I’m still attending school and am hoping to take the Social Studies test in the next couple months.

Speaking of school, Mom put my little brother in a charter school this year, as well, where he’s been flourishing around people. It was a huge change for my family, as he’s the first child to attend a real school, but it has been a tremendous blessing in many ways.

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I jumped from watching Studio Ghibli to full anime TV shows; I loved it so much that I started to blog about it and then made a completely separate blog for anime posts alone! Anime revived the creator in me, to different degrees! I even made up my own 42 Question Studio Ghibli tag.

A fun part of my past year was getting to Skype with James nearly every week since the beginning of summer. I’ve been quite secluded from a social life these past two years, as I haven’t attended a church or done much of anything. So it was really nice to have a friend to literally talk. Thank you so, so much for taking all that time this past year to Skype with me, bro! It ‘s been so fun and I’m really grateful for the time we get to share talking and fanboy/fangirling together! XD

we’re basically Kyoya and Tamaki XD

I wrote a lot of long, big posts right after summer. Two were incredibly hard to share: my Harry Potter story and my unpopular opinion of Doctor Who’s recent seasons 5-7. It was good to finally get those on the table. Others were more fun, like my massive collection of Studio Ghibli reviews, 15 Tips for Conquering NaNoWriMo, and my 6 Tips to Quit Procrastination Without Leaving Your Computer. After winning the Booktrack contest, I was also FINALLY able to host my first blog giveaway, which was an experience to say the least!

Outside of catching a cold, then being sick on and off, my autumn was ALL about school and NaNoWriMo. I wrote a story completely for myself this year and even participated in a three-month blog party, which I rarely do. December was a very low-key Christmas and here I am typing this up now.

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This past year has felt off but peaceful at the same time. Thankfully, the horrible experiences of 2013 have become a muddled jumble of memories that I can’t see clearly anymore. 2014 could be described the year of Waiting. When they got married, my parents signed a covenant marriage license, meaning they must live separately for two years before they can go through with a divorce. This waiting game is almost over! I’m really looking forward to this new year because the divorce will finally be over and hopefully that chapter in my life will at last close.

No matter what 2015 holds, I want to stay positive, and write as much as possible. Outside of that, I can’t wait to see what happens next!



6 thoughts on “A 2014 Recap

  1. When my parents got divorced, I was actually happy too. My dad was always a bully to me, so I didnt care that he was gone really. But I can relate; I felt the same peace you did. after my dad left, I had friends come over and tell me that my house seemed less tense. So it was something everyone felt.

    I had no idea that you had gone through all that and I’m proud of you for sticking through it and pressing on. thats encouraging and inspiring. thank you for being so open in your blogging; I especially loved your post on Harry Potter. That one rocked.

    I cant wait to read about how the Lord grows you and strengthens you in 2015. you’re awesome. have a happy new year!

    1. Wow, I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with something similar. 😦 But I’m glad there was peace once your dad was gone. I’m glad you had friends who verbally noticed the difference too. Sadly, I lost all my friends to my dad when everything went down.

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! It can be hard to share the rough stuff but it makes me happy if it can bless other people, too! I’m glad you liked my Harry Potter post, that one was so hard to publish!!! I’m very glad I wrote it, though!

      Thank you so much, Faith!!!!! Have a Happy New Year too! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Happy new year, Jamie! I hope 2015 is a really wonderful and happy year for you. As Faith said, you’re awesome. 🙂

    I like that quote, “overthinking kills your happiness,” I’ve certainly been finding the truth of that.


    1. Happy New Year, S!! Thank you so much, girl, I hope you have a awesome 2015 too!

      Haha, isn’t it so true though?!?!? Lol 😀


  3. Happy New Year! I’m so glad I found this blog! I have been enjoying your thought provoking posts and I look forward to enjoying more of them in 2015!

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