Dear N’s…

Dear New Tinkerbell Journal, you’re so pretty and cute and I like writing random stuff in you. ❤

Dear Netflix, you’re worth every penny.

Dear New Blog, I like how relaxed I am about you and that I don’t feel like I need to stick to some sort of schedule. It’s nice to have one place like that.

Dear Nemo, sorry I abandoned your movie to repeat something else instead at night. I’m sure I’ll be back to playing you soon.

Dear New Story, having lots of fun world building for you. Just need to spend more time writing you.

Dear Nighttime, I like taking walks with you but I hate that I have to be worried about my safety at the same time. That sucks.

Dear N, this was fun.



6 thoughts on “Dear N’s…

  1. Amen on Netflix, nighttime, and new stories.

    What’s the new story about, if I may be nosy? (Dear Nosiness, I like how you net me new conversations…. 😉 )

    1. Haha, yay!

      You may be nosy but at the moment I’m not sharing too much info as I want to keep as much as mine as possible. 😉 However, what I can say is that it’s first person story about playing a “virtual reality-esque” online fantasy game in which the main character joins a guild to make it through the 100 dungeon levels–she basically becomes her avatar, in a sense. I’ve been world building the game the past week and the two main characters! 😀


      1. Squee! Thank you, Ben, I’m so excited to see someone is already interested in reading it, lol! I would love to Booktrack it too, it seems like the perfect subject for sound! 😀


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