Announcing! “Jamie Talks Anime”


The short version: the topic of anime on this blog is moving to a brand new blog written by yours truly!  Those of you who dislike anime can breathe a sigh of relief. To those of you who are going, “aw?”–it’s okay, you can follow that blog too, if you so wish. 😉 This is a big moment for me as blogger and I’m incredibly hyped!

The longer version: I’m really, really loving my journey into anime; I’m watching so many shows and I want to talk about all of them!…except that this isn’t the right place to do it. This isn’t an anime blog. You’re not following me for my thoughts on every single anime I watch. I want “Through Two Blue Eyes” to be where I can talk about anything and everything–but within limit. No one topic should take over this blog. So.

I’ve created “Jamie Talk Anime”, where all my anime love shall be contained ! I hope to post on it at least once a week as things start. Ultimately, it’s where I can freely discuss, review, and fangirl to my heart’s content–without having to change “Through Two Blue Eyes” in terms of content. It’s literally a win-win situation, and I love those types, don’t you?!

Click for link!

Whether you follow me over there or not, I’d still love it if you hopped over to cruise through the different pages and admire my theme! It took me several days before I could settle on the right one and get it completely designed the way I like it, so I’m proud of the result! (Any feedback or critiques would be awesome too!)

Click here to go visit now!

How do I feel about all this?–glad you asked. 😉 This feels really great. Outside of this blog, it’s been awhile since I’ve come across something so enjoyable that I thought, “Yeah, I could create an entire second blog for that and it could run for a while!” Not even reading has made me want to start a book blog. So, I’m pretty excited to take on the “running two blogs” challenge and see where they each go (Random: this blog’s fourth anniversary is coming up in a few weeks!) Hopefully, one day I can build a following over there like I’ve done here, and ultimately, have heaps of fun!

~Jamie, who now talks about anime

6 thoughts on “Announcing! “Jamie Talks Anime”

  1. OH! I’m not very familiar with anime, but no better way to learn more about it, than to follow a blog devoted to that topic. So, heading over there right now!

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