All About My Editing

The final part of the Beautiful Books meme is available and it makes sense I do the last one since I did the first too. So here we go: all about the monster called Editing. [Part 1 || Part 2]



1. On a scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best), how well do you think this book turned out?

If we’re talking word count: that was a 10–my best ever in terms of 50k in 18 days. New record for me! If we’re talking plot–mmmeh, a 5. If we’re talking characters–I’m actually pleased with how my characters ended up, so let’s say an 8. Overall scale I will give a 6.9 because even though I was surprised with it, overall it is a normal first draft: very sloppy, very first draft-y.

2. Have you ever rewritten or edited one of your books before? If so, what do you do to prepare yourself? If not, what’s your plan?

I have but I hated doing it; so I’ve never gotten very far. When I edit this book, I plan to bring a theme out, fix plot holes, and then write a proper epilogue.

3. What’s your final word count? Do you plan to lengthen or trim your book? 

60,043 is my word count! 60k words, 129 pages, 13 chapters! Overall it needs A LOT of trimming though. XD


4. What are you most proud of? Plot, characters, or pacing?

The characters. I didn’t expect to get as much resolution for myself and my characters as I did. Ultimately, that was what I wanted out the entire experience, so I’m very pleased that that’s how it worked out.

5. What’s your favorite bit of prose or line from this novel?

Too hard. Impossible. How dare you. 😉 Instead, my favorite part of the book is actually the climax that I craved to write the entire month. I first wrote a rough skeleton of my protagonist and villain meeting and it all going down and then I went back a couple days later and expanded on it by exploring their thoughts and emotions for each other inbetween the action. I was really really happy with the final results!

6. What aspect of your book needs the most work?

The writing. Outside of several key scenes which I wrote with great flourish–the rest of it is very bad, lol. Also the pacing needs to be fixed because the majority of the book–about 9 of the 13 chapters takes place over a span of three days and two nights. So…molasses slow.


lol Adventure Time. But yes it’s unacceptable.

7. What aspect of your book is your favourite?

Again…the characters. These guys are practically my children and after leaving their story hanging for four years, it felt good to re-meet them and write about them again. Surprisingly, it was like discovering an old favorite outfit and after putting it on finding it still fits, even it was a little dated. The resolution I was able to write for these characters felt incredibly pleasing and it remains my favorite part. 🙂

8. How are your characters? Well-rounded, or do they still need to be fleshed out?

The main characters are pretty well-rounded I would say. I need to flesh out many of the side characters though–there are so many of them. My villain Kyle is probably my most bland character but he serves his purpose for a book that no one shall ever read. 😀

9. If you had to do it over again, what would you change about the whole process?

Nothing. This was the best NaNoWriMo I’ve ever had so I must have done a few things right this time to get the results of a complete first draft so quickly. I need to replicate this work more, even it makes for messy beginnings.


10. Did anything happen in the book that completely surprised you? Have any scenes or characters turned out differently to what you planned? Good or bad?

The one thing that didn’t go as I expected was the book’s pacing–the original span of time I wanted my book to cover was several years. This dropped to two or three weeks as I got serious about the story but when I wrote it, the story took place in a span of a week’s time, and most of that within three days! *harrumph* Not at all planned.

11. What was the theme and message? Do you think they came across? If not, is there anything you could do to bring them out more?

Lol let me think…I suppose “live life while you have it” is a theme in the story, though it wasn’t intentional. A message would be “stop running” or “face your fears”. My characters spend most of the book running from both zombs and the main villain. They eventually have to face things they’d been running from since the last book too. 🙂

12. Do you like writing with a deadline (like NaNoWriMo) or do you prefer to write-as-it-comes?

I like either just so long as it doesn’t make me a plotter. Deadline writing can work for me although it can be absolutely useless if I feel spent or used up because then I will generate nothing. *sigh* I sound like such a mess of a person.


13. Comparative title time! What published books, movies, or TV shows are like your book? (Ex: Inkheart meets X-Men.)

Oh gosh. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Final Problem meets AMC’s The Walking Dead (OF COURSE.) I tried to think of a movie to hit all three but I honestly couldn’t think of one.

14. How do you celebrate a finished novel?!

I go “Whoo, that was hard,” have wild day dreams of being a best-selling novelist complete with interviews over the book and movie adaption announcements, decide I’m tired of all my music, look up more on YouTube… and bunny trails, ect (I’m an ENFP who needs self-taming.)

15. When people are done reading your book, what feeling do you want them to come away with?

This is how I feel about people possibly reading this book:

lol The Office. However, if the book was up to snuff, and just to play this game: I would hope they would walk away having had some thrills, finding they had cared more than they meant to, and that they can stop running away from their fears too.

I really liked doing this book meme: hopefully the creators will host it again next NaNoWriMo!




7 thoughts on “All About My Editing

  1. Okay, first of all, your snowflake effect is super cool and it tripped me out a little bit because I didn’t notice it until the page…was doing…*something*. Over the white text, over the letters, a little fleck that was gone almost as soon as I noticed it. When I figured out what it was, I thought it was neat!!

    Sherlock meets Walking Dead…and you won’t let me read it?! That’s mean, Jamie, especially because I’m a sucker for character-driven novels.

    And brava again on accomplishing NaNoWriMo! You’re a more dedicated writer than I 😛

    1. ROFL. OH MY GOSH. Well, I’m glad you like it! XD

      LOL I know, I know. But honestly it sounds way better than it actually is, at least at this stage of the game. 😛 It makes me happy that it’s caught someone’s interest though. 😀

      Thank you so much! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much!!! I’m glad it was interesting–sometimes I wonder if what I write is interesting or not, lol! ❤


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