My November Screamed 3 Things:

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  1. Watched The Walking Dead every Sunday–the world was as it should be.
  2. I wrote my first zombie novel–I referred to them as “zombs” and it was a gory awesome affair.
  3. The funny thing about my story was that the zombs ended up taking a backseat during the last half of the book. They simply became a tool to expose who all my characters were at their core. I’m actually really pleased that it turned out that way. 🙂


  1. I worked on my NaNo story almost every single day of November. It was a good practice to get back to.
  2. I wrote a total of 60,043 words for my book, complete with an actual ending! Best NaNo ever!
  3. I surprised myself by being able to keep up with my blog while doing NaNoWriMo–usually my blog gets neglected at this time of year but I guess my writing juices were really flowing! (of course, I still haven’t finished my LotR post yet…)


  1. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, the new episodes of Parasyte, Your Lie In April, and perfection itself Gurure! Kokkuri-san are released and I tried/still try to watch them the same day!
  2. I pinned so many funny Death Note pins that I started rewatching it too. For like the third time.
  3. Other anime clamored for my attention like The Devil Is a Part-Timer and Barakamon (which I finished and reviewed) all while I was trying to work on my book. I’m surprised by how much I was able to watch and write at the same time!

Overall, it was a really good November!

Things I want to keep doing:

  1. Watch more Walking Dead but alas the mid-season finale just happened so I must wait till February for it to come back. 😦
  2. Keep writing! I mustn’t slide! I need to find a story that grabs me at this moment and write it! (Same with blogging! Need to blog more!)
  3. WATCH MORE ANIME. And find a special outlet for me to talk about it–I might start a separate blog just to prattle to myself about what I’m watching… XD



2 thoughts on “My November Screamed 3 Things:

  1. Walking Dead!! I love watching Walking Dead! I don’t watch it while it airs, I watch it when it comes out on DVD, that way I can watch it within a few days. Except for this season, I’ve already watched episode one, last season ended just so not cool, that I needed to know what was going to happen! But there, my curiosity has been satisfied, and I can now wait to watch the rest of the season when it’s out on DVD.

    I’m so glad you got to get so much writing done! And that you were also able to keep up with your blog, I do so love reading your posts!

    1. WHOOO! A WALKING DEAD FAN! I shall keep this season’s spoilers to myself, though. 😀 That’s actually the best way to watch The Walking Dead, in my opinion–I watched Seasons 1-3 that way! 😀

      Aww, thank you, I’m so glad!!


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