This Year I’m Thankful For…

Happy Thanksgiving

Among many things this year, I’m grateful for:

a. My soul mate, music.

b. Earning $5,000 doing something I love and am excited about, along with the mental journey of confidence the contest took me on.

c. My family and how hard we’re working to make things better for ourselves and each other.

d. Finding a school that has helped me begin to  catch up on everything I didn’t learn during homeschool. 

e. Yummy food. 

f. Getting to Skype nearly every week this summer and fall with my best friend.

g. My home and getting to live in it.

h. Studio Ghibli and anime, for renewing my love for exceptional animation and story-telling.

i. My blog readers and followers and all the people who comment.

j. Getting to attend my first comic-con and having a chance to attend another one this winter.

k. My overall good health.

l. Precious memories of past friends who I miss.

and m. Christmas, because I already have Christmas on the brain. (sike, if you thought this was going to be the full alphabet! XD Have a good Thanksgiving everyone.) 



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