Mockingjay, Word Counts, and Barakamon

the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-1-final-posterI got to see Mockingjay Part 1 opening weekend! I will keep spoilers to myself, of course, but I have to say that I really enjoyed it! I’ve been waiting a year to see what happens next to Katniss and the other characters, so it was really fulfilling to finally see the next part of their story. Mockingjay Part 2 is going to rock standing on this film’s shoulders! Also The Hanging Tree melody has been stuck in my head since Sunday afternoon. It is currently my favorite song.

So on the 18th, I was writing as usual, and I looked at my word count and realized–“gosh, if I write 700 more words I could hit 50k tonight!” and so now Day 18 is my record for completing NaNoWriMo. I’m still writing once a day, but my pace has dropped tremendously, of course. I have only a chapter or two left though, so I  hope to have the story completed by the end of November. I’m relieved that I didn’t struggle that much this year. I need to write for myself more often, methinks.  Overall it was great to write my old characters again, I was able to pick them up quite easily. It was like re-meeting old friends again and realizing, “Wow, we all really changed but we still have things that connect us.” I hope it’s this easy with real live old friends too.


I’m also glad that I finished earlier because I seem to have some sort of infection in my throat–I don’t have a cold but seem to have a bad cough. I’m resting in bed to see if I will recover for my upcoming busy week. I didn’t do any writing yesterday for the first time since November 1st–so yeah, glad I worked hard this month. I would love to have a normal Thanksgiving, so I’ll be staying in bed for the rest of the day to see if it helps. Which means TV time. 🙂

Speaking of which, I finished one of my shows yesterday and I have to talk about it:

A Mini Review For the Day: Barakamon.


A young, professional calligraphy artist, Handa, who’s a bit of a perfectionist, is sent to temporarily live on a fishing island after punching a man who judged his work as too unoriginal. Surrounded by a friendly village community whose children reach out to him as their teacher, Handa begins a humorous yet touching journey to maturity on how he views his artwork and the people around him.


I absolutely adored Barakamon–I just finished it yesterday and am still so excited about it! It was hysterical, packed full with colorful characters and great dialogue. There were so many laugh out loud moments, I can’t even count them for you! Handa and the relationship he forms with a little girl name Naru was both amusing and touching as the 23-year-old slowly opened up to his new boisterous friend. The small village community felt warm and inviting–I didn’t want the anime to end because it meant having to leave the island and people who lived there.

The look inside the feverish mind of an artist who is struggling to find inspiration and originality for his work gave the comedy a thoughtful atmosphere. This is one of my new favorite shows and I really hope they make a second season! (Thanks for recommending this one, James!) (Pssst! Watch it here on YouTube!)


Now that I’ve finished Barakamon, I’m going to try to finish The Devil is a Part-Timer…starting about now, I guess. 🙂 Talk to you guys again soon! Let me know what you thought of Mockingjay P1–or when you finish NaNoWriMo–OR when you treat yourself to beautiful anime. I getting better here in bed, so there’s no way I’ll miss it! 😉



5 thoughts on “Mockingjay, Word Counts, and Barakamon

  1. Mockingjay had me tearing up multiple times, especially the part when she’s crying into Haymitch’s shoulder. I’m trying to learn the Hanging Tree song; that was more beautiful and more powerful than I had expected it to be. Not that I didn’t think it’d be good, but I had seen it hyped as “the song that made Jennifer Lawrence CRY!!”, so…yeah. But a cappella? And then with the full chorus joining? WOW.

    Barakamon, huh? I may just check that out!

    1. SAME! I nearly cried twice in theaters myself; wasn’t it so moving?! I can’t believe there were people out there who found the movie boring! YES! Hanging Tree was SO MOVING; if I’m ever in a rebellion, it is the song I will be singing!

      Squee!!! If you watch it you’ll have to tell me if you enjoyed it or not!!!! 😀


  2. I so want to see Mockingjay! I’ll hopefully be seeing it in theatres with my Mum and two older sisters, so that should be fun! 🙂
    Hope you feel better quickly!
    God Bless,

    1. I think you’ll love Mockingjay; I hope you can see it soon!!! 😀

      Thank you, I’m feeling a little better today. 🙂


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