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When I first discovered as a teenager that I could listen to movie soundtracks by themselves, one of the first composers whose work I went to find was Hans Zimmer. He and John Williams were two names I knew whose work I loved, even at that point when I was quite clueless when it came the composers who score film soundtracks. So, as a sort of filler post which I’m needing at the moment, here are four tracks by Hans Zimmer that I instantly think of when I hear his name.

The Chariot Race || The Prince of Egypt: The Prince of Egypt left a strong impression on me when I first saw it as a kid, most specifically its songs and musical score. The animation was enchanting and the story well-told, but Hans Zimmer’s stirring, emotionally moving score was what stuck with me for years in my head. When I at last found and eventually bought the soundtrack, it was liking finding a piece of my being that had been missing. (One of these days, I will have to rank my favorite musical scores just so to see where this one falls!)

The Might of Rome || Gladiator: I heard the soundtrack for The Gladiator before I saw it, and I think that’s why I was left kinda disappointed by the film. The music swept me and my expectations so far away by its wonder that the film itself paled when I finally saw it, which is why I now highlight this soundtrack. The power of music, people! (This track specifically is my personal favorite because I have an old book scene completely mapped to this track by. the. note.)

An Argument/You’re Mufasa’s Boy/Remember || The Lion King: I love the music in this film, especially when watching the movie, as it adds an entire extra layer of amazing. The Lion King film is also incredibly important to me emotionally; my mom and I think it’s because she saw The Lion King in theaters when she was eight months pregnant with me and the music reached me through her belly–at least, that’s what I like to think. XD

Final Credits || Inception: Finally, there is no way one can end this list without mentioning Inception. Inception’s music is one of the highlights of the film–even though the film is pretty much a highlight in and of itself. Definitely love the level of intensity the score reaches. Hans Zimmer is definitely awesome.



10 thoughts on “Soundtracks//Hans Zimmer

  1. I listened to Hans Zimmer just today on my iHeart Radio app while I was at work! First time I’d heard any of his stuff from “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “Inception.” He and John Williams are my favorite composers too…it amazes me how creative they must be, to be able to write original themes for so many films!

    1. His work is good in “Pirates”, too! Isn’t he and John Williams amazing?! I agree, great composers must be incredibly creative and very talented; well said!! 🙂


  2. Hans Zimmer is my absolute favorite film soundtrack composer! Alas! the only soundtrack I have from him is from The Last Samurai, I love that film and it’s music! But I can’t really afford to buy any of the others.

    The score for The Gladiator is great, as well! Lucky for me, I saw the film before hearing the soundtrack, so I fell in love with both of them, at the same time.

    1. Yay, another Zimmer fan! I think I heard The Last Samurai soundtrack but it was a long time ago. I should relisten to it sometime! Thanks so much for reminding me of it! 🙂

      Haha, I’m so glad you saw the movie first; I wish I had seen it first too. 😛 Thanks so much for commenting!


  3. I have LOVED Zimmer ever since I was young: he is the artist that got me into soundtracks. Have you seen Interstellar yet? Because the soundtrack is QUITE stellar (ha ha).

    1. That’s so awesome! I love hearing everyone’s Zimmer testimonies, lol! No, I haven’t seen Interstellar yet but I want to! Oooh, now I am looking forward to hearing the soundtrack!!! Thanks!


    1. Another Zimmer fan! XD POTC soundtrack is great; I need to listen to again, it’s been awhile. Or better yet, marathon the movies! 😀

      Yay! Thank you! I will have so much fun doing it!


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