It’s About Time I Talked Anime

So, I started watching anime this year. Studio Ghibli was the perfect gateway for me to see past the different animation style and over-the-top story plots to discover the Japanese world of fictional wonder. It is now my opinion that most writers who fancy themselves really creative should watch the really solid entries in anime. The characters and the often-times ridiculous plots are both invigorating to the imagination and tingling to the story-telling senses.

Today I’m going to take the time to cover just a few anime that have been a real delight and among my top favorite shows! I’m sure in the future I’ll discuss plenty more! (Unless stated otherwise, I’ve watched all of these with an English dub.)

5cab3cd4c3956d371249d6ceae793daaPrincess Jellyfish | 11 episodes | 2010

I almost didn’t finish this after the first episode–it felt so bizarre for being a slice-of-life comedy–cross-dressing, awkward misfits in a stylish society, the drama… However I found my curiosity was too strong, so I watched the next 9 episodes all at once and I fell in love! I couldn’t look away! It was strange, odd, quirky… and touching, heartfelt, thoughtful… and really, really hysterical. I have almost died from laughter rewatching this show! Beside that, it’s wonderfully balanced between the hysterics and it’s thoughts on clothing, identity, and just being a girl! (Full length review coming soon.)

So, if I was held at gun point and asked, “WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE ANIME” I just might blurt this one out as my answer. (AND STAR WARS, GUYS. IT REFERENCES STAR WARS DURING IT’S MAIN TITLES SEQUENCE. MEGA POINTS BECAUSE STAR WARS.)

psycho-pass33-ep-18Psycho-Pass | season 2 currently airing | 2012-present

Wow, this was really good. They got me fully invested from the beginning as the first episode’s pacing was amazing. The first season was, overall, a fantastic, engaging watch. It started off just enough like a cop show that I felt like I was in familiar territory, before surprising me with its amazing sci-fi world filled with brilliant moral dilemmas and questions. Great characters, combined with thoughtful questions on if a Utopia-like world is possible through heavy crime control, all make for one of my favorite anime shows!!

I’m so excited that they’ve made a second season; I hope to watch the first episode in dub soon!

gugure_kokkuri_san-01-kohina-ramen-eating-chibi-looking_upGorure! Kukkuri-San| currently airing its first season | 2014 

This is probably one of the funniest shows to ever cross my laptop screen and it’s not even released more than six episodes so far! I’m completely hooked, though. The show’s premise–a few animal spirits come live with an emotionally detached girl who thinks she’s a doll–leaves the door wide open for the most ridiculous things to happen. The level of bizarre is just about off the charts, but the show handles it so well! It’s even been able to be heartwarming and side-splitting within a 20 second scene! I can’t wait to see more of this show, and I know I’ll be rewatching it in the future!

(I have been waiting for an anime like this to help me get over my struggles with subtitles. While I still prefer to watch my heavier, darker anime in dub, Kukkuri-San opened the door for me to start two other lighter, subtitled anime that I’m really enjoying!)

fate-zero-screenFate/Zero | 2 seasons | 2011

Boy, was this show dark and intense but fantastic for the thriller/horror/action genre! One of the highlights is the animation–MINDBLOWING-LY. BEAUTIFUL. I was very glad I watched it with the English dub so I could fully focus on the wonderful visuals. The colors, the amazing action sequences, the rendering of magic and manna, and the overall world throughout the animation was breathtaking! The soundtrack is also beautiful! I’m looking forward to seeing the spin-off Fate/Stay in the future!

Honorable Mentions for this post:

Wolf-Children-Ame-and-YukiWolf Children | 1 hour 57 minutes | 2012

What a beautiful, sad, heart-touching, sweet movie this was (can all werewolf stories be more like this?) I was so blessed to get to view this film and it’s story of a hardworking mother who gave up so much to protect and provide for her children were just a bit different from others *cough-See-Title-cough.* The characters are adorable heart-stealers, the story is so sad while at the same time uplifting, and the setting made me want to move out to the Japanese countryside. This is definitely one of my most favorite anime films ever.

Death-Note-death-note-16355334-640-360Death Note | 37 episodes | 2006-2007

My first anime, which I watched last summer. While it didn’t trigger my interest in anime at the time, it was one of the most addictive marathon experiences of my life. I’m pretty sure I watched the entire show in about three days solid. The examination of criminal psychology and criminal investigation mixed with supernatural elements was amazing to behold. The anti-hero Light and the brilliant detective L created so many amazing “battle of wits” scenes that my mind was kept racing to keep up! Besides all that, I must mention that the shimigami Ryuk is one of my most favorite anime characters of all time–there was never a more vicious-looking sweetheart in existence.


This post could not be complete with a thank you to a best friend. Never pressuring, never judgmental, James managed to prod me in the direction of anime over the summer months during our weekly Skype chats. Thanks for being so nice, James, and for making anime feel normal enough so that I dared jump in and try!

So, what are some of your must-watch/favorite anime? Or are there any newbies out there like me?



5 thoughts on “It’s About Time I Talked Anime

  1. I’m still very new to anime, but I love Fruits Basket and Attack on Titan! I would recommend both!

    Fruits Basket was my first anime and it is a very nice story with a wonderful cast of characters. It’s more of a character story about helping people, love, and growing up.

    Attack on Titan is just full out action, which is awesome. It’s one of the most intense shows I’ve ever seen.

    I also tried to start One Piece. I am in love with the first few episodes and with the concept, but there are currently around 800 episodes and I honestly can’t make that commitment.

    1. Nice! Thank you for the suggestions!!

      I have heard the name Fruit Basket’s before–I’ll have to look into at some point!

      I saw the first episode Attack on Titan and it was amazing! I haven’t finished it yet, I’m waiting for the dub to be added to Netflix–I might run out of patience. 😛

      I have never heard of One Piece! WOW that’s a lot of episodes, oh my gosh! That would be a lot of catching up to do! Thanks so much for commenting!! 🙂


  2. Welcome to the world of anime! Lol it only goes downhill from here xD
    You should totally watch Fullmetal Alchemist- it’s considered one of the best anime’s out there (and it’s my favorite so…), Fruits Basket is also super cute, so yes, check it out! And if you want a dark action/psychological/horror-ish anime you should check out Evangelion (it gets really insane at the end, though)

    1. Thank you for the welcome!!! ❤ James is having me watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood soon, so I can't wait to see it! Glad to hear another recommendation for Fruit Baskets too. Ooh, I like the dark action/psychological/horror stuff, so I'll have look into Evangelion! Thanks for the recommendations!


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