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Currently liking: a couple of anime shows; am liking how my words have been flowing because of NaNoWriMo–I actually have a ton of blog post ideas now! Also enjoying Seinfeld with Mom and not being sick anymore–I still have a cough but I’m pretty much all better.

Currently listening: to Taylor Swift’s new album; I only just got to hear a copy of it yesterday so I’m a little obsessed! Love her new style! Also listening to lots of Adrian Von Ziegler‘s celtic tunes and the “Fate/Zero” soundtrack for writing. (“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” OST is also amazing background music for writing zombie fights.)

Currently drinking: I’m not drinking anything at this specific moment, but over the last week I’ve been drinking so much water. Keeping hydrated, ya know.

Currently reading: blogs… and not much else, lol. Loving James’s blog as always; he keeps introducing me to great anime! 🙂 More on that below…

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Currently sitting: at the kitchen table–family drama is happening over the phone in the next room… *grimacing smile*

Currently writing: my NaNoWriMo book–another post on that coming soon!

Currently watching: “The Walking Dead” and “Gugure! Kokkuri-San”–they are my two bigshows that are airing right now and I completely in love with both! I will make room in my writing schedule for these two shows because I enjoy them so much!

Currently obsessed with: “Gurure! Kokkuri-San”; that show is FREAKING HILARIOUS. I almost cried from laughing a couple times! It’s so bizarre but also such fantastic fun–the show knows how ridiculous it is! I can’t wait for more episodes! ( This is the very first anime where the subtitles haven’t bothered me!) Thank you James for telling me I needed to check this out!

Currently tired: …well, I’m just a little tired. I’ve kept myself from writing super late into the night, which is good. Wednesday I was exhausted by 11:30 from being busy all day and then writing 3,000 words the same evening. Gotta keep my days more balanced!

“Gurure! Kokkuri-San”

Currently excited: about NaNo in general. I didn’t do it last year, so I’m excited to be back in business, lol!

Currently failing: I’m actually feeling very positive about things right now. I’m not failing NaNo, I’m not failing life outside of NaNo, I’m not failing at much right now. That feels nice. 🙂

Currently scaring myself with: having to kill off certain characters in my current book. I forgot how deeply attached I am to these guys, so saying goodbye is a little tough and scary. 😥

Currently stuck in my head: Several anime openings have been running round and round my head for over a week–the “Deadman Wonderland” theme, the second “Psycho-Pass” theme…and “Gurure! Kokkuri-San” theme song is the most catchiest thing ever. Overall, they are a nice change of pace for me!


Currently wishing: for more hours in a day, lol…

Currently praying: I don’t get sick again this winter and that this year’s NaNoWriMo be smooth overall. 🙂

What’s currently up with you?



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  1. Nice to hear from you again! I’m doing NaNo too — but just aiming for 30,000 words or the end of my first draft, whichever comes first. Best of luck to you with it!

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