short tag

So I got tagged. This is always fun!

For fun! I’m Claire de Biville!

Star Wars or Star Trek?

No brainer: Star Wars. I’ve not seen that much of Star Trek, but what I have seen added together doesn’t even compare to the awesomness of Star Wars. (Psst, I’m biased.)

Bleak House or Our Mutual Friend?

I have seen neither so I can’t really comment.

Draw or Paint?

I am neither skilled nor really interested in either, but if I was to just fiddle with one, I guess it would be with paint. It’s messier and brighter. 😛

Model Trains or Model Planes?

Model Trains for sure.

Smoothie or Mocha?

Smoothie? I’m not a coffee/Starbucks person…

Cream and Sugar, or Black?

Cream and sugar, but never mind the coffee please. Just give a mug of cream with sugar.

Photography or Cinematography?

If I’m doing it? Either is fine.

Award or Be Awarded?

Be awarded, heehee. I thrive off of acknowledgement.

Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up, like NOW!)

WOW freakin’ easy question for me–Peter Capaldi hands down!

Smart Phone or Flip Phone?

I suppose I would prefer the smart phone although I still use a flip phone.

Tea or Coffee?

Water.  Hot chocolate. Milk. Soda. Anything but tea or coffee.



2 thoughts on “short tag

  1. Interesting answers. Other than water, I only drink tea and milk. It’s funny when you don’t drink for a long time, and then drink it again at like a fast food place (which I almost never eat at either), it doesn’t taste that good. Sometimes I cannot figure how people drink so much soda. lol 😛 😉

    I am trying to comment again.


    1. Hmmm, I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without soda that the taste changes for me. I often think a lot people keep drinking it because their addicted to the sugar… kinda like with people and caffeine in coffee. I’m glad my favorite beverage is water, lol!

      Your comments are coming through, obviously, so I’m glad we figured it out! 🙂


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