6 Tips To Quit Procrastinating Without Leaving Your Computer


Procrastination, like the real sluggish type of procrastination, chases my generation specifically through the Internet, and most of us genuinely dislike that. We often think, “Tomorrow I’ll change! I’ll get up at six, walk the neighborhood, sit in the sunshine, write a 1,000 words for both my book and blog, and get right on top of my chores before noon!” but it just doesn’t work like that the next morning. We’re left discouraged and in the same rut we were in the day before.

The reason for that is, like most bad habits, the problem of procrastination can’t be changed overnight. So, today, I’m going to share the middle step between Point A (aimlessly floating on the internet) and Point C (actually getting up early in the morning and getting stuff done before Netflix.) This middle step Point B (I have six suggestions) can all be done on the Internet and leave you feeling more productive! I’ve experimented these on myself, so they are scientifically proven to work!

bear and computer

Pinterest Problems: Girls, you know those articles on writing, crafts, house cleaning tricks, and exercise tips that you Liked or tucked into the depths of your boards, without actually reading them? Instead of finding and pinning more similar articles, go back and make an effort to read the ones you’ve already pinned. Pick a board and read the articles you’ve found but never got around to reading. Unpin the ones that just weren’t as informative as you thought and lighten your board. Go through your entire Likes page and clean it up, too.

Do this with all your boards and learn some information you pretended to learn by pinning it in the first place. I have to do this every once and while before stuff just gets buried; it would be shame to miss some great tips and tricks if you never took the time to read them. (This can apply to other social media sites as well, be it Twitter or Tumblr, ect.)

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Needing More Music: While your sitting behind your computer, you might as well use the time to search for some great new tunes! We all think, “I want to work out more but I’m so tired of all my music.” Personally, every other week or so, I like to check Liston On Repeat. It showcases the top ten songs being repeated the most, so they’re likely to have a high energy with good beats that will make me want to groove or feel more motivated to do those exercises.

Other methods of finding new songs would be Google searching similar artists to your faves and go down bunny trails with their music on You Tube. Pandora is also a great place to find new music; I highly recommend getting into the habit of playing different stations in the background while you surf the web. A great song could grab you interest at any point while you’re doing other things. (You can do this same thing for finding music to help you study or write better as well! Pandora is easy to use and has introduced me to a lot of new music for all sorts of needs!)


When Your Not Watching a Movie: Are you really into movies but need something to stimulate your mind that is more than just repinning/reblogging pics on Pinterest or Tumblr? Join Letterboxd and Flickcharts! Letterboxd allows you to log a film diary, create a to watch list, review films, and make lists, like Favorite Halloween Flicks and Movies You’ll Want to Introduce To Your Future Kids! Flickcharts pits your favorite movies against each other to allow you to create the impossible; your top one hundred favorite movies and beyond!

Both sites are free, and can really give you a sense of power over your movie watching. They can help you find new films for future viewing and get your mind to look at movies from some unique angles! You might even feel motivated to write some stuff for your blog!


Over Burdened Social Media Sites: Are you on lots of social media sites and tired of seeing things you dislike pop up all the time on all of them?! Are theybogged down by people who only retweet things you don’t care or do you follow too many commercial companies? Stop sighing and scrolling; go through who and what you’re following on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, ect and unfollow celebrities or topics that just don’t interest you anymore. Clean up your dashboards so you see only what you want to see. Really take time to clean house here, okay? Eliminating things that you dislike seeing everyday can really help lift your spirits and less sluggish.

Then, consider redoing your profiles. Changing things like this on your social media sites can really help you feel like you’re getting ready to start a new chapter or turn over a new leaf. Which, hopefully, you’re wanting to do if your tired of feeling sluggish in deep procrastination land.


Writers In a Rut: I cannot recommend Booktrack Studio more strongly to the struggling wielder of words. Take a chapter of your book, novella, or a piece or a poetry, and bring it to life with sound effects and musical score–you don’t even have to publish it if you don’t want to! Simply look at your writing in a brand new way and get your inner creativity churning. The program is free, it is easy to use, fun to explore, and invigorating to the mind. (Bloggers, you can do this too, of course!)

Or, if you prefer, browse their free library and do some reading accompanied by tasteful sound effects. Try it before you decide you dislike it and rethink your opinions of where the written word is going in the age of ebooks. This could really get that writer’s block removed from your system!

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I Lied: There is one thing you need to do that actually can’t be done on your laptop. CLEAN UP YOUR FREAKING ROOM. I’ve always been a messy person, but for the past two years I’ve really attempted to keep floors picked up, clothes hung, surfaces uncluttered, and the bed made– and guess what? When your living space is clean, YOU FEEL CLEAN. You feel free to try new things, to truly unwind, and you can find things quicker, which lessens stress.

If your room is a mess now, it is essential you straighten it now. Throw out trash, fill a box for the thrift store, and then organize the stuff you want to keep. Spray down a few surfaces and your mirror with cleaning solution and then vacuum your floor. Wipe off your door handle and window sill. Keep your bed made. Make things on shelves symmetrical, even when it’s messed up–this really makes everything look less of a disaster. This job is NOT as hard as it feels and will improve your life’s atmosphere ten times over. I know because I’ve been able to do it. You can too.


So, what are you waiting for?! Feeling motivated? Go do one of these things; now! You’re already in the position to do four fifths of these, after all. You won’t know what could happen if you don’t try.



2 thoughts on “6 Tips To Quit Procrastinating Without Leaving Your Computer

  1. Great ideas! Of course, I don’t write fiction so I don’t have all of the same problems, I have definitely had writer’s block before. However, I would like to add that rewriting and editings previous content can help get me back in the mood for writing, and at worst, it makes me feel as though I am getting something done. 🙂 Also, watching new content always helps, especially if it is something really good.


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