summers, giveaways, and winters

What a month I’ve had! Gosh.

Summer is pretty much wrapping up for me here in Arizona; it’s still quite hot but the promise of October whispers cooler weather is coming, so yay! Let’s look at this year’s summer bucket list and see how well I did!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMore math at school | Have an awesome birthday | Catch up with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (didn’t do, I started watching anime instead.) | Finish the rest of the Ghibli movies (although there are two left, they’re not so well known so I’m going to count this as done.) | Learn Windows 8 | Play more music on the piano (fail, although I’m starting to learn Arrietty’s music) | Keep up my blog | Reorganize my bedroom shelves | Watch another movie at the theater | Hopefully host a giveaway at the end of summer (GONNA DO IT YES!) | Give my blog it’s every-six-month makeover | Hopefully buy My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Arrietty (all awesome!) | Begin a rewrite to my futurist sci-fi short story (getting sick and switching bedrooms was very distracting from everything but blog writing.) | Read some books (another fail) | Go swimming just once (no pool available)| Do something creative (I painted a room by myself I think that counts!) | Continue to figure out my life |

I feel like I did pretty good! I even freaking won the Hugh Howey Booktrack Contest, that’s pretty good for one summer! Still so excited about it; that was such a big deal for me and I still feel very blessed. ALSO, since I won the big cash prize, that does mean that I’ll be throwing my giveaway soon! I’m very excited and will be planning rules and running length for an upcoming post! So, keep tuned in, especially you Doctor Who/movie fans!

f1b5eb257e629d778201a0abecbe1795I am really looking forward to cooler weather! It means a couple of things for me:

I want to do NaNoWriMo this year! I skipped it last year because of stress from the last several years (non-writing related.) This year, though, my mind feels a lot better and ready for the rigorous work which NaNo demands if I want to pull through a winner. Since my account has been under a pen name, I’ve decided to start a new account with my real name this year. I did go through my writing buddies to make sure I bring you all over to my new account, though! Getting ready over a month prior is great, but I think I might keep writing plans vauge because I seem to write better when I really don’t know where the story is going… In fact I’m pretty sure I’m going to use my inspiration writing dice this year just to see what can come from “chance”. (IF YOU WANT TO BE WRITING BUDDIES JUST TELL ME AND I’LL COME FIND YOU BECAUSE I LOVE WRITING BUDDIES ON NANO.)

I want to pick up fast walking/running again this winter. I’m sorry, but it’s just way too hot to attempt anything like that during the summer. However, I enjoy doing it in cooler weather; it can be lots of fun with the right music, too!  I hope I can pick up the habit again! (Also early morning runs while pretending there are zombies behind you is literally the greatest motivation, at least if your a Walking Dead fan. Wait for me, Daryl, let me ride the motorcycle with you!)

7cac6ba68ddfd2d086b1c33d1b7bb8eeCurrently, I’m looking forward to the weekend; I have to say hi to the dentist but thankfully he doesn’t scare me that much. The longer I stare at the tools the less scary they look. Haha! I’ll probably pin more funny Lord of the Rings pics on Pinterest (to see them check my board, I won’t be posting many here) and watch more anime. Yes technically I like to start my ‘weekend’ on Thursdays because no school after Wednesday! I’m such a kid…



23 thoughts on “summers, giveaways, and winters

  1. I can’t wait for The Walking Dead. For Halloween this year my boyfriend is going as Rick & I’m going as a zombie. < 3 I love that LOTR picture it made me laugh so hard.

    1. Me either, it’s so close to be back on TV!!!! That’s sounds like an awesome couple costume idea! I would love to cosplay a zombie bride someday, it sounds so tragic and awesome at the same time! I’m glad you liked the LotR picture, it is my favorite find of basically the month! 😛 Thanks for commenting!


  2. Good job! 😀 And anime FTW! I’m really glad you have been watching more! Can’t wait for more Walking Dead. Hopefully it will be a good season.

    Random thing, here is a song from the anime Captain Earth. It sounds really familiar, and I am not sure why. Do you recognize it?


    1. Yes, me too, I’m glad I was able to warm to it. Yes, I hope the new season is good and a little more action packed. 😛

      Gosh, that song is REALLY pretty! But I’m afraid it’s not really reminding me of anything… 😦 BUT IT’S REALLY GOOD. 🙂


  3. I love your writer warning picture lol, the last part made me laugh out loud 😀 And I might like to do Nano this year, I tried it once when my writing teacher made us do it in high school but I don’t think it was the real thing lol. So thanks for giving me something to think about! 😀

    1. Haha, yes, isn’t that such a relevant warning!?! 😛 Oooooh, if you decide to try it this year you’ll have to tell me so we can be buddies on the website, that would be awesome! Glad I thought to mention it. 🙂


      1. YEESSS!!!!! I’m so excited too! What’s your username?! I’m now under Jamie Terry but if it’s easier for me to find you let me know so we can be buddies!!


      2. Okay, I searched for you in their search bar and you didn’t appear–is the spelling correct? I copy and pasted it.

      3. It’s right, my page is acting a bit odd, it took six hours for my confirmation email to arrive and now it doesn’t want to let me really fill anything in on the page, so I’m hoping maybe their website is just extremely busy today or something. But just in case, here it is again: Tara Studivant.

      4. You did! I will now buddy you! YAY! I’m so excited for this November, it’s going to be lots of fun!


  4. Even though you didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to, you seem to have been very productive! 🙂
    Ooohhhhhhhh Giveaway? I’m intrigued. Rather looking forward to finding out what you’re offering as prizes. I hope it’s international. 🙂
    Write a blog post on your Nano story when you’ve got the plot line figured out, please! I can’t say I’ll be doing NaNO (not that I do it that often anyway) as November is a busy month. But who knows? If so, i don’t know if I’d do 50,000 or young writers program. 🙂
    Will you be writing much on LOTR in the near future? Because if you didn’t know I’m absolutely a Ringer! 🙂

    God Bless,

    1. Yes, I did get a lot done! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

      I’m still decided if I can do international; I guess we’ll have to see. I do appreciate my international readers! 🙂

      I’ll be sure to do that, since you are interested! If you decide to try it this year be sure to tell me!

      Yes, I hope to have a post with all my thoughts on both LotR and the two hobbit movies soon! 😉


  5. You reused that first picture twice. Like it’s at the beginning of this post and the end of the post above it. Not criticizing or anything I just noticed that and thought it was funny.

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