Currently liking: my new bedroom–the ceiling is higher so it feels more airy and I have a closet and dresser again. A proper bedroom just makes life nicer! So glad I put the work into all that painting when I did–and see my wall of posters^^?! Also currently happy that I remembered the children’s mystery book series Nate The Great that I grew up reading. Nate dressed like Sherlock Holmes and ate pancakes with his dog Sludge and solved quirky mysteries that happened around his quirky friends. I put a whole bunch of the old books on hold at the library to read to Nathan. He’s at the perfect age for them!

Currently listening: to several songs on repeat: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift–because that song is just awesome–and Chandelier by Sia because it’s tragically gorgeous and rather hypnotic. Also lots of Ghibli movie soundtracks, because sweet feelings! This piano medley is especially relaxing and comforting.

Currently drinking: lots of water to help get the very last of this cold to go away!

Currently reading: Journeys of Four on Kindle by my friend Rebekah Jones; I’ve been enjoying it so far!

Currently writing: I got stuck in my blog writing this past week (you probably noticed it was quiet around here!) and you know what I did about it? I opened a word document, picked up a fan fiction story that I had dropped about four years ago and actually wrote something for it! It felt very weird but the words flowed and then I was able to write/finish several big blog posts afterwards! So, that is my current advice to my writer friends who are feeling stuck: flashback to something old you used to write and dabble with it–it will feel so new you might awaken your creativity again!

Currently sitting: in my new room!!!! I have my white board up in front of me telling me I need to hang up laundry and watch more anime after I finish this post. 😛

Currently watching: Psycho-Pass on Netflix. I’ve been a little obsessed with it recently. While I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone as it’s TV-MA, it’s a great watch for mature viewers so far. It reminds me a teeny bit of my sci-fi short story I’m writing right now, at least with the atmosphere of the city and the technology level in society.

Currently obsessed with: PC computer game Fate: The Cursed King. While I was sick I remembered that I used to like the old version and so I and my brother have been playing this new one together. I like seeing all the magical creatures as they’re giving me ideas for my novel-on-hold, The Twisted Book. 🙂

Currently tired: from staying up later than usual the past two nights. Friday night I stayed up till 1 watching Return of the King and last night I was up till 12 finishing my Studio Ghibli post. Hopefully I can get to bed at a decent time tonight so I’m fresh for tomorrow.

Currently excited: about tomorrow! The Hugh Howey Booktrack Contest Winner is announced tomorrow and I’m very excited! Much of my summer was with this contest, so it’s thrilling for it to be nearly over, especially since I’m a finalist! Looking forward to what tomorrow brings, no matter the outcome.

Currently failing: at getting to this Netflix DVD that has been sitting on my desk all weekend. I really need watch it and send it back…. I should write that on my white board…

Currently scaring myself with: I’m not scaring myself with anything at the moment–I suppose redoing the room mostly by myself was a little scary for fear of messing something up, but that was a couple weeks ago already, so I don’t think it counts any more.

Currently stuck in my head: Shake It Off, of course! That song is so fun and catchy!

Currently wishing: good luck to all the finalists, including myself, over tomorrow! There was some very good competition, so I feel blessed to have gotten this far in the contest!

Currently praying: that I don’t miss the contest announcement tomorrow while I’m at school! It would be my luck to be gone for two hours that morning and miss it! So, praying that it gets announced either before or afterward! 😛



2 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. Fun post as always!

    Currently listening: To Skyclad Observer. After watching the Steins;Gate movie that concludes the series, I am remembering why it is one of my all-time favorites! 😀

    Plus, Psycho-Pass’ second opening is just awesome. 🙂


    1. Thanks!

      Ooh, I like it! Listening to it now…Yes, I really like that as well, it’s really packed with energy and it’s longer than your usual 2 minute song, which is really nice. Ahhh, anime has some great music, doesn’t it?!

      Yes comic book style is ALWAYS awesome! 😀


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