All About Doctor Who

{includes discussions about verbal abuse, the Matt Smith era, and thoughts on Season 8.}

Doctor WhoI haven’t talked about Doctor Who on my blog in quite awhile, and with Season 8 finally here, I think I need to get around to discussing it again. The reason I haven’t talked about it in awhile is because I didn’t enjoy Seasons 5 through 7 and that saddened me. I love Seasons 1-4 very much, and wanted to keep liking Doctor Who. As it turned out, my opinions on the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who is a very unpopular one–everyone seems to love 5-7 a lot.

It’s uncomfortable when my opinions form on the unpopular side; it makes it harder to be true to myself. I’ve struggled merely writing this post for about two months because of fear of hitting the publish button.  However, I’m going to stop feeling uncomfortable for being different and share my thoughts just as I need to. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything as there is one serious issue in particular that needs to be addressed and I hope everyone reads at least that part of this post.

tumblr_mi8217YrC51r5pjkqo3_500Before I begin, I want to address everyone who’s thinking I carried prejudices into these seasons because I didn’t want to like anything after David Tennat’s leave. This is not true. Although I was hesitant, I gave them an honest try and left it up the writers and actors to win me over to their side. That’s their job, after all. It simply didn’t happen that way.

I hated almost everything about Seasons 5-7 of Doctor Who. A lot of that stems from the fact that I couldn’t stand most of the characters that populated the show.

Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor was awful and almost ruined the character for me. Eleven’s silliness and rudeness was very distasteful; I could neither take him seriously and I couldn’t respect him. He wasn’t whimsical or lighthearted; he became a blundering, smart alec-y, catch phrase-spouting fool. The gravity of the character was gone and the attempts for gravity in the last season was a hit and miss. On top of that, we as the audience were told “The Doctor lies” which waters down the moral compass that is The Doctor. The Doctor was someone I could trust before Eleven. But suddenly, I’m supposed to believe he’s a liar? Why?!? Just so the writers can change some time traveling rules? Overall, Seasons 5-7 were incredibly hard to watch because of the main character’s drastic and distasteful personality change. I never warmed to Eleven and am very glad Peter Capaldi has taken over at last.

dr-who-s6-01I disliked River Song a lot. River  never came off as a “strong woman” to me. The actress attempted to make her come off strong-willed and smart but she was only ever over-dramatic and annoying. I couldn’t connect with her. She was also a know-it-all, which I absolutely hate in almost any character. Although that was her whole character’s thing–knowing the Doctor’s future–it was not pulled off well, at least not in a way that made me like her. I also didn’t care for her romance with Eleven as it felt very forced and not at all natural. Overall, I sighed very hard whenever she appeared in an episode and I will be glad when she stops appearing on the show.

fab59890a76b9426a8e8b80555ad61bcRory Williams was the only character I liked from the Matt Smith era, even though he had his own faults. He was a very sweet, adorable character and had a fantastic growth from a insecure boyfriend to a strong adventurer who could roll with the punches. His faithfulness to Amy–who I will talk about in a moment–was endearing, but only to a degree. Overall, Rory was the one bright spot in these three seasons and is definitely one of my favorite companions. The only thing I didn’t like was his relationship with Amy.

Amy Pond. Wow. What an abusive woman. The show attempted to show her as a “strong independent woman” but that was not at all what she was. A strong woman does not need to whip-lash people with her tongue and this was a huge problem in these seasons. Amy put Rory down all the time–in fact, the few times she seemed to care even a little bit about him was when his life was in greater danger then usual. This was very off putting. Her “witty” comments were not at all funny but merely rude, unthoughtful remarks. I do not consider this an aspect of a strong woman. And sadly, I didn’t see any character development in the character throughout the seasons at all! This was disappointing.

tumblr_mjpd9wcRK41qksmhwo1_500I did not appreciate how verbal and emotional abuse was shown as normal and “funny” in Amy and Rory’s relationship. Amy did not want to do the work of building proper trust in their relationship, and insisted that Rory just “trust” her when he had doubts, WHICH IS NOT AT ALL HEALTHY. People. Please understand that this is not healthy. I know this from first hand experience. I come from a family that has suffered from verbal and emotional abuse and it is wrong and needs to be talked about more and it is not funny or healthy. What does a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship look like? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN AMY AND RORY’S RELATIONSHIP AS THAT IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE. I plead all of you, both men and women, please learn from my own suffering from this abuse and do not be Amy in any of your relationships. And either sex, men or women, if you’re in a relationship with someone who is treating you like Amy–GET OUT. Now! They do not truly love you, what you see on the screen is not going to play out so great in real life. 

This is a serious problem and it made many of 5-7’s episodes very hard to enjoy when they were saturated with abuse. Sadly, I’ve never seen anyone else even have a problem with Amy’s behavior and that simply reinforces the fact that very few people are aware of what verbal and emotional abuse is or understand that this type of behavior is very dangerous and harmful. It makes me sad that so many girls see Amy as a positive role model.

Clara-D-doctor-who-32962678-933-1280There is one last character I should cover quickly and that is the current companion to The Doctor, Clara. As of right now, I still do not really care for Clara. She’s okay at best, but usually she comes off as overly confident, in a way that I can not relate to, and the actress annoys me. It’s also annoying that now, each new companion The Doctor meets is suddenly, unbelievably important to the entire ticking of the universe to some degree or another. To quote Syndrome from The Incredibles, “When everyone is super, no one will be.” Come on, writers of Doctor Who. This is getting old. What happened to just having ordinary relate-able companions go on adventures? Those are characters I can personally relate to best! (This is why Rose will forever be my favorite companion.)

Overall, because of unlikable characters, bad writing that led to the show trying too hard to be funny, and some very obvious rule changing to time travel that made me very mad, I found that I did not enjoy the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who. The show seemed to be caught up in have “smart” fast dialogue and overly complicated story arcs rather than delivering solid, likable, healthy characters and strong simple stories.

To round off my thoughts on Seasons 5-7, I will highlight the only episodes I manged to enjoy from the three seasons. There are only eight of them, and I will keep my thoughts brief.

Doctor Who 1

Doctor Who 2I liked Flesh and Stone a lot for the Weeping Angels. They’re cool. I liked Amy’s Choice as the plot was actually fascinating and enjoyable. Day of the Moon with the Silence was great; they instill some great terror. 🙂 And Rory was awesome in A Good Man Goes to War. Night Terrors was all around great; it had some fantastic horror elements and was a nice simple story. The God Complex reminded me of old horror films as well, as while I didn’t enjoy some of it, the first half was good. Hide, again, had the horror/scary element that I enjoy. Finally, The Crimson Horror I really enjoyed for the period setting and creepy element. And, yep, those are the few episodes I ended up enjoying to certain degrees.

Before wrapping this post up, I want to touch briefly on the fact that Doctor Who is back on the air! As most Doctor Who fans are aware, Doctor Who has finally returned to television this past Saturday with Season 8’s first episode, Deep Breath. I ended up enjoying it! Capaldi was great as The Doctor, although what his Doctor will be like is not completely clear as we’re still meeting him. So far I like this version; some gravity to the character seems to have returned and I hope that remains because that was sorely lacking from Eleven’s personality. I had some quibbles with a few things about the episode but nothing to warrant conversation as of now.

About time … Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who and Jenna Coleman as Clara.I look forward to the future season with hope! I’m really hoping the characters will be less annoying this time around, which should make watching the show more enjoyable. I really hope I can get back to loving DW again. I dislike disliking Doctor Who. 🙂 Here’s to a brighter chapter in the future of this science-fiction show! Please don’t disappoint me like that again.



10 thoughts on “All About Doctor Who

  1. Okay, first of all, your regular encouragement: I always have such mixed emotions when you preface a blog post with “I’ve sat on this for a while because I was scared to publish it.” On the one hand, it saddens me that you have, now or in the past, been belittled and made to feel that your opinion is invalid. On the other, kudos to you for overcoming your fears and publishing anyway! You are entitled to your own opinion, whether or not it’s popular. And if you choose to disagree with the popular reaction, such as disliking Frozen or seasons 5-7 of Doctor Who, you know what that means? It means you’re an intelligent person who reacts thoughtfully to shows and movies. It means you’ve considered them and you’ve decided they’re not for you. Keep shining.

    On to the actual post! I didn’t *hate* these seasons…Matt Smith’s acting is good enough that I kept watching. But they certainly didn’t have the oomph of the earlier seasons, and yours is the second blog post I’ve read lately criticizing these seasons. I think you and the other blogger are both right.

    A major difference between these seasons and Tennant’s run (and Davies’ direction) is the “important” characters. As you and the other guy pointed out, every character winds up being majorly important to the universe…and their lives revolve around the DOCTOR.
    Donna Noble didn’t revolve around the Doctor. And when Donna turned out to be hugely important, it was because she stepped up and did something, not because Destiny Says So. I think the show has really lost touch with its human characters, with the exception of Rory. Rory reminds me a bit of Mickey Smith, which probably explains why he’s your favorite: he hearkens back to seasons with character development, with characters who run with the Doctor and roll with the punches, but who have their own lives and their own goals.

    I’ve always been aware that Amy is a rather lousy girlfriend (snogging the Doctor before her own wedding??), but I’d never really picked up on the verbal abuse. You’re right. You’re completely right, and I’m staggered I didn’t recognize it. But then, why would I? I’ve never had the misfortune (or the God-directed pain) to experience something like that. Thank you for bringing that up.

    I haven’t seen Capaldi’s episode yet, but I’m curious about it. He’s described as darker, and that’s intriguing. I sincerely hope they get back in touch with the themes of repercussions and responsibility. “The Waters of Mars” is a far cry from “the Doctor always lies”, and the constant resurrections have made character deaths a joke on Doctor Who. I’d prefer an emotional punch in the gut to folding my arms and saying “wait an episode, he’ll be back.” I’ll remember the emotional punch. I’ll forget which resurrection we’re on.

    (there’s some strong language, be warned…)

    1. First off, I want to say thank you very very much for you kindness and support, Rachel. Your comment was very thoughtful and touching and I feel a lot better about taking that leap of faith with the publish button. Thank you for having a wonderful online presence. *hugs* I am glad to hear that I am not the only person in the world who disliked these seasons, I will go check that blog post out as soon as I’m done typing this reply. 🙂

      What you pointed about Donna is so spot on! I’m glad someone else noticed that (my sister has pointed this out as well but I’ve not really heard anyone else notice the new trend in DW.) And I agree completely with what you said about Rory; he definitely did hark back to the older seasons where the characters had more depth and dimension. Thanks for pointing that out!

      I’m glad I was able to bring some light on the verbal abuse and that I wasn’t crazy or seeing things. It is a serious topic with serious danger and sadly a lot of people unknowingly suffer from it or dish it out because, like here on the show, it’s depicted as being witty and strong and normal.

      I hope you can give Deep Breath a try. I wouldn’t have called his depiction ‘dark’ but I suppose compared to Eleven’s almost slap-happy and idiotic like personality, it would be considered darker! Haha! Ah, and the resurrections, that’s another problem I’m having with TV and movies in general. When death is watered down so much, the effect is greatly lessened and as an audience we’re left caring less. That’s terrible. I want to care when a character dies not try to guess when he’ll return. Hopefully that becomes less of a problem. *fingers crossed.* 🙂

      Thanks again for you very thoughtful comment, I appreciate it more than you’ll probably ever know! I hope you have a great day!


  2. I think it’s awesome of you to share your thoughts even when they may not be the most popular, and that you share them without being aggressive. The verbal abuse of Amy did bother me. Though not as much as it did you. So I appreciate your pointing out that that kind of language isn’t just irritating or rude but also dangerous and very hurtful. I didn’t care much for River Song either. Eleven is my favorite Doctor but I can understand your reasons for not liking him, and agree about them at points (his rudeness).

    Again, kudos to you for being true Jamie. 😀


    1. Thank you so much for your words, S! I appreciate it! I’m glad I wasn’t aggressive; I know I was harsh but I didn’t want to come off mean spirited either. I’m glad I was able to bring awareness to a more common place abuse so more people can be aware of it and can identify it for their safety. I’m glad we are able to agree with certain points and still disagree with other points; I like that. 🙂

      Thank you so much for sticking with me!!! ❤ *hugs*


  3. I did not know you disliked Matt Smith specifically that much, but we did discuss a lot of the other parts in the past. While I did not mind the “the Fate of the Entire Universe” plotlines the few times, I really do hope that there will not be another one. This new season should be smaller in scale, with more episodes like Blink and the Girl in the Fireplace. 🙂

    *Random Tangent* One thing that I do absolutely love about one aspect of Smith’s run is his final speech, which I quoted in my speech, about being different people all throughout our lives, because that is how I feel sometimes. Before I started the blog, my thought process for almost literally everything was completely different. I feel as though I am an entirely different person in how my mind works, and that speech really connected with me.


    1. You are awesome for still being my friend even when you found out I didn’t care for these seasons at all. 🙂 I know you really liked them. Oooh, on a smaller scale would be nice as Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace were fantastic episodes and very powerful!

      I ultimately agree with his final speech, although I think I understood that about myself before watching that part of Doctor Who. But it is very true and I’m glad you connected with it. 😀


  4. I don’t know or watch Doctor Who but I have heard a lot of mixed feelings about the Matt Smith Doctor, but from what I’ve read I would not like him either.

    On that note, I COMPLETELY agree with you. One thing I cannot stand is when a character is made out to be “strong” and “independent” – especially a female character – by treating everyone else like dirt. It’s disgusting. That same sort of behavior messed up some of my family too, and even though it was many years ago we still feel the effects to this day. It’s sick to see that made out for comedy relief. I just hate seeing characters verbally abused or pushed around 😦 One example I can think of is Matsuda from “Death Note” because I think I read that you watched Death Note some time ago…I hated how he was constantly picked on by the other characters. They treated him like he was the comic relief of the gang – comic relief being the person who is the butt of every joke and no one apologizes for it – but in reality NOBODY is the “comic relief”. Treat a person like they are long enough and it does serious damage to their souls, they start to believe they’re inadequate and they might just give up on life altogether, and then it’s too late to apologize. And they even showed that a little with Matsuda how he got darker towards the end of the series.

    So even though I’m not a “Whovian” I do agree with what you are saying. Now if I ever happen to watch Doctor Who sometime – probably not, but all the same – I will just avoid the Matt Smith Doctor altogether.

    1. Thanks for chiming in even though you’ve not seen Doctor Who. 🙂

      I am glad to hear from someone else that they are aware of this problem in entertainment. I remember that from Death Note; not to excuse it away, but to give you an idea: it is ten times WORSE in Doctor Who than it is in Death Note. You are right, verbal and emotional abuse leave VERY long lasting effects! I’m sorry that it has happened to a part of your family. 😦

      While I won’t say you should or shouldn’t, I will say it is something to be aware of before you watch it in case you are sensitive to the topic. I don’t think you would enjoy these particular seasons all that well, so I think you’re on the right track for you personally! But for the record, of the reboot, Seasons 1-4 are BOUNDS better and definitely worth a try!!


  5. Yeah, it’s annoying how much the show changed so quickly after season 4. I can enjoy it on one hand, but on another hand it makes me mad too.

    I feel bad for Rory, because I think I can relate to his personality more than the others. (Sometimes I get Rory when I try those ‘which companions are you’ tests. I’m the same way as him where I want to be loyal but can be taken advantage of and get stuck in a bad relationship that is hard to get out of. 😦 So I feel bad for him.

    Which character do you relate with personality wise? Besides like, Donna, because I think I already knew that one.

    1. I can’t enjoy at all. Not when the main character is a flipping idiot. But I get what you mean. 🙂

      I know what you mean about you and Rory, I’ve always felt bad for Rory.

      Personality wise, I’m closest to Donna and I don’t seem that similar to any of the others, at least, that me looking me. I relate to Rose because I feel like I’ve lost several good friends very tragically her whole story there at the end—I really connect with here there. 🙂 You know what I mean. 😀


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