Soundtracks||Thanks to the Movies

Thanks to the movies they’re featured in, I was introduced to these fives songs, all becoming favorites of mine!

Hooked on a Feeling in Guardians of the Galaxy

This is very obvious and expected because EVERYONE is loving Hooked on a Feeling right now. It was the perfect song for Guardians of the Galaxy’s trailer and it’s been stuck in our heads for months! Need I say more? 🙂

Beyond the Sea in Finding Nemo

I love this song now, from playing Finding Nemo so much when I can’t go to sleep. The rare times I’ve not actually fallen asleep before the end credits, this song finally hits my eardrums and sends me off to dreamland. So now I just really really like Beyond the Sea.

Day-O in Beetlejuice

Absolutely loved this song after watching Beetlejuice and it stuck in my head for hours! (In fact, the whole Beetlejuice soundtrack one of my big favorites.) On my “nearly impossible bucket list” is to have a crazy creepy dinner party and reenact the dance from Beetlejuice. From this movie, the song could have very easily been Shake Senora too, if Day-O hadn’t been more memorable to me. 🙂

Happy in Despicable Me 2

This song got extremely popular when it came out but I didn’t hear it until I watched Despicable Me 2 and absolutely loved it. It’s so upbeat and happy! I can get lost in the song very easily, especially if I’m listening to while walking the dogs–I sometimes can’t tell when the song loops and I really like that in my music selection.

Sh Boom in Clue

Even though Shake Rattle and Roll would have been the more obvious and likely song to stick in my head since it plays during the end credits, I found Sh Boom to always be the song stuck with me after watching Clue. It played during a darkly humorous part of the movie and now whenever I hear this song playing on my mom’s Pandora stations, I instantly sing along. Easily my favorite out of this whole list, I adore the swaying rhythm and the singers’ voices and just the happy feeling I get when I hear it!

(I was not planning on posting this one so soon, but I had nothing else ready, so this will have to do. 🙂 )



6 thoughts on “Soundtracks||Thanks to the Movies

  1. Cool post Jamie!

    Hooked on a Feeling…. LOVE IT! Almost all of the songs in the Awesome Mix Tape is just awesome (well duh)! 😀

    Beyond the Sea is a pretty good song. 🙂 I don’t remember it from the movie, but I haven’t seen the movie in years (I have tried).

    Day-O is such a fun song too! That scene is absolutely hilarious!!!!

    Happy is a fun song. Jacob showed it to me a while back, and I liked it well enough. 🙂

    Sh Boom is a song that I have heard before, and I really like it too. It is a lot of fun to listen to.

    Great picks Jamie! Here is my favorite movie song ever. 😉


    1. Thank you!

      I need to get around to really listening to the Awesome Mix Tape but I remember loving all the music when I watched the movie. 😀

      Beyond the Sea plays during the credits, that’s probably why you don’t remember it. 😛

      Lol yeah! I need to watch Beetlejuice this October. 😀

      I’m glad you liked Happy. 🙂

      Sh Boom is my favorite, it’s a great song!



  2. Did yah know That sh-boom is in cars as well thats were I heard it fist
    great list bye the way 🙂

    1. Yes, I remember Sh Boom is in Cars, that is where my little brother knows it from, lol! 🙂

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my list! Thanks so much for commenting, too. 😀


    1. Omgosh thank you for that link! I’m listening to it now! These songs are fantastic and they were used so perfectly in the movie, too! 🙂


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