Because I’ve Been Sick…


Although I wanted my Studio Ghibli post to be next in line here, I haven’t been able to give it proper attention during my cold, so an update post will simply have to do.

If we want to go back to around my birthday; I had a smashing one but life as a twenty year old brings on more reminders that life is harsh and brutal–for example, I was stung on the shoulder in my sleep by a scorpion. My family has lived with scorpions in the house for five years–spraying them outside, smashing them or catching them in jars and sticky traps inside–but I’m the first to actually be stung.

If you’ve ever wondered what a scorpion sting feels like–when it happened it felt like I’d been shocked by electricity! There’s no mark left on the skin, which confused me when I jumped out of bed and tried to look at it in the mirror. My shoulder (and finger, as I’d tried to scratch myself in my sleep and disturbed the scorpion, who must have climbed on my shoulder) felt both hot, tingly, and numb, and it was very very painful.

Over the phone, poison control had me take ibuprofen and keep a cool washcloth on the area (no ice! they said, no ice!) Thankfully, outside of a lot of crying, some swelling, and hot pain, I did not develop other symptoms like swelling throat and tongue and I didn’t have to go to the hospital. It was a rather traumatic experience; Mom and I found the little devil under my bed the next night and did away with it. My room is full of fresh traps and my bed is pulled away from the wall so they can’t reach me that way. 🙂

tumblr_mdypj5nxC31qgzdhjo1_r1_500 (2)

My Lord of the Rings readers will be happy to hear that I bought the extended versions of the LOTR Trilogy after my birthday and so far have seen Fellowship of the Ring. Although I can’t say that film instantly turned me into a Ringer, I did enjoy it to a degree and look forward to watching The Two Towers. So far my favorite characters are Frodo, Gandalf, and Sam. I didn’t really connect with any of the other characters and I’ll be waiting for the next two movies to do their job and make me care about them. 🙂

I’ve been redoing my old bedroom upstairs so I can move back into it. Boy, after that scorpion in my room downstairs, I’m ready to leave the basement as soon as possible! I’ve spent several days preparing it for fresh coat of paint–mostly by myself! There was a lot to do, like stripping wallpaper, filling nail holes, washing the walls and baseboards, cleaning the fan, and picking new curtains for the windows. I would have started painting expect that 1) the upstairs air conditioning quit and would have made painting a misery and 2) I caught this wretched cold.

Summer colds are awful because it’s like, where did you come from?! It’s not winter-y and cold, why is there a cold going around?! I bitterly hate colds. Murder mysteries of Miss Marple and Hecule Poirot, Ghibli, and Youtube has kept me company in my room during the day and Finding Nemo and Peter Pan during the night. I even rewatched the two epics The Ten Commandments and Camelot. I will hopefully get to The Two Towers before long as well. I’m hoping to be better soon so I can get back to working on the room, school, and my normal schedule. Right now I’m past the horrid sore throat phase and in the even worse congested nose and hacking cough phase.


Because I’ve been sick, I have had a chance to watch YouTube and discover trailers for upcoming movies. Since seeing Guardians of the Galaxy (more on that later!), I’ve not really had anything to look forward to in the film world besides Age of Ultron and Mockingjay Part 1. Except, now I do; I’ve linked to each trailer below! While I will probably watch most of these at home with DVDs, I’m still very excited as the genres are wide in variety, from zombie, to several different types of thrillers, to WWII, to a vampire, a British spy thriller, to westerns, to Biblical epics, romances, to just movies featuring actors I know like Dan Stevens! I’m really pumped for many of these and I hope they hold up!

The upcoming films Fury (starring Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shai La Beouf and Jon Bernthall of The Walking Dead), The Homesman (starring Tommy Lee Jones and Hillary Swank), Horns (starring Daniel Radcliffe),  The Guest (starring Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey!), Dracula Untold, Life After Beth (starring Aubrey Plaza and Dane DeHane!), Kingsman: The Secret Service (with Samuel L Jackson and Michael Caine), A Walk Among the Tombstones (starring Liam Neeson and Dan Stevens again!), Exodus: Gods and Kings (starring Christian Bale as Moses!), and several others all have me very excited! All the trailers look great and appeal to me in some shape or fashion and I can’t wait to watch them all! It will be interesting if I like any of them enough to add to my DVD collection.

Speaking of my DVD collection, I was able to get some DVDs after my birthday that I’d been wanting and it was very exciting! Saving all my money really paid off. Besides The Extended Versions of Lord of the Rings, I bought My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, The Secret World of Arrietty, Porco Rosso, Whisper of the Heart, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Kiki’s Delivery Service so that my little brother could watch them whenever he wants to and have a proper childhood experience. Totoro and Ponyo especially have made a great impact on his movie life and he rewatches them all the time. I adore them strongly myself and look forward to playing them all often! More on them all soon!


And before I finish, as I said above, I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy on it’s first Friday in theaters! I went by myself and had popcorn and Sprite and propped by feet up on the chair in front of me. Outside of a few quibbles, I thoroughly enjoyed the film and highly recommend everyone who is interested to go see it while it’s still in the theater as it’s a fantastic experience! Chris Pratt as Peter Quill was my favorite character, along with Groot. The whole team, actually, was really great. Outside of my problem with some of Rocket’s dialouge, some of which I just couldn’t buy, it was overall incredibly hysterical, breathtaking, surprisingly emotional, and just fifty gallons worth of fun! Definition of an instant classic. 🙂

Well, I’m running out of things to say. So let’s end here on a strong note. GO WATCH THAT MOVIE. 🙂 And keep me in your prayers, I really do hate being sick. 😦


4 thoughts on “Because I’ve Been Sick…

    1. I believe you; I saw The Two Towers last night and it was way better than Fellowship. 🙂 Looking forward to Return of the King!


  1. Hope you get well soon Jamie! I knew most of the news since we talked about it, but I did not know the Exodus trailer has been released already! I really hope it is not as grossly inaccurate as Noah. The Horns trailer is positively hilarious! I love the part where Daniel’s character says: “How about you guys beat the heck out of each other and the winner gets an exclusive interview with me.” It cracks me up EVERYTIME! 😀


    1. Thank you! I am miserable today, I woke up hacking really badly. 😦 Hopefully I’m on the last leg of it though. Yes, you knew most of this already, lol (So glad we are able to regularly Skype, it’s always a highlight of my week!) I am also wondering how far they will stray from the original story, though I will see no matter what because I’m really curious to see Christian Bale as Moses! YES ABOUT HORNS! It looks really good and creepy and wickedly fun I’m so excited to see it! Thanks for commenting even though you knew most of this: oh, by the way, I saw The Two Towers the other night and really really loved it!! 🙂


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