This Summer’s Bucketlist

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What I’ve already done:

Rewatched Death Note | Began watching Studio Ghibli films | Attended my first Comic Con | Gave Parks and Recreation a try (and it’s awesome!) | Read more books to my brother | Completed the 100 Favorite Movies blog series | Caught up with Doctor Who | Skyped with friends | Bought The Lego Movie | Learned lots of math for GED |  Discovered EOS Lip Balm | Discovered Adventure Time (also awesome!) | Entered another Booktrack contest |

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What I will now hopefully complete:

More math at school | Have an awesome birthday | Catch up with Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD | Finish the rest of the Ghibli movies | Learn Windows 8 | Play more music on the piano | Keep up my blog | Reorganize my bedroom shelves | Watch another movie at the theater | Hopefully host a giveaway at the end of summer | Give my blog it’s every-six-month makeover | Hopefully buy My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, and Arrietty (all awesome!) | Begin a rewrite to my futurist sci-fi short story | Read some books | Go swimming just once | Do something creative | Continue to figure out my life |

large (5)~Jamie


8 thoughts on “This Summer’s Bucketlist

  1. Congrats on completing those things on your list! 😀 And Studio Ghibli movies for the win! They make such amazing and delightful films. 😉


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