Top 100 Favorite Movies|10-1

The levels and elements of personal enjoyment, surprise, personal attachment/nostalgia, stand up to rewatches, and personal connection were fundamental in selecting these ten films. I include some personal connection in these reviews so they may look a little longer to read. 😛 Finally, a big thank you to my best friend James for inspiring me to attempt this list in the first place.croods-poster-emma-stone

10. The Croods | 2013 | PG

To everyone who assumes that once I’ve made up my mind that I will hate a movie and thinks “of course she didn’t like it then!”: let me present to you The Croods. I blame most of my first hate on the absolutely horrible advertising the film recieved–the films itself has so much more heart and deeper content than just slap-stick humor and modern family jokes. I liked it enough to rewatch it several times. Ultimately, what connects this movie to me so strongly is the story of Eep and her family leaving the cave and “never being afraid.” Almost literally my parents kept my sister and I in a bubble where “everything new was bad” and that everything in the world would result in our deaths. With my mom now trying to give Kayla and I freedom as young adults, I really feel like I’m finally leaving the cave and truly getting to live instead of “not dying.” 

Although this movie is pretty temporary here at the bottom of my top ten, I am positive that I will always love this film for it’s message and special-ness to my personal story. (Also the movie features a lot of great elements like meta modern family humor, a teenage guy who isn’t a oily or slick but is actually decent nice person, beautiful animation, Emma Stone, and a creative prehistoric world!)


9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 | 2011 | PG-13

Considering my history of being opposed to Harry Potter, for one of it’s movies to hold position 9 is pretty darn good if you ask me. This movie is exactly how you want to end a big franchise. It is the strongest Harry Potter film, extremely powerful with emotion, action, and satisfying conclusion. Even though I knew of several deaths, I was very surprised by how much I was moved by them and the ending was so beautiful that I cried during that too. The great battle of Hogwarts is one of the best adventures I’ve seen on screen as well.

On a personal level, getting to the position where I felt free enough to watch Harry Potter without feeling like a bad Christian was big all on its own, so to get a great ending to a beautiful saga is like double the blessing. Although I’m not completely free of fear of what people might think of me, on the other side there is still something very freeing to be able to own my love for Harry and not let what other people think hinder me personally. It’s for these reasons Deathly Hallows Part 2 made it to my top 9 movies!Ben-Hur-1959-movie-poster

8. Ben-Hur | 1959 | G

My most favorite classic epic, Ben-Hur has been one of my favorite stories since my early teens. The themes of revenge and forgivness have never been caputered on such a scope of epicness to me before or since. This is my favorite story tied into Biblical events as we see how Christ’s touch on Judah Ben-Hur’s life eventually effects him in the end. The build to the magnificent and raw chariot race is one of my favorite moments in cinema history. I have always loved Stephen Boyd as Massala and Charlton Heston truly owns Judah Ben-Hur in a way that completely makes the movie. The soundtrack is one of my personal favorites, the cinematography is amazing, and the story and characters are timeless. Truly one of the best epics ever created.beauty_and_the_beast_ver1

7. Beauty and the Beast | 1991 | G

Easily my most favorite fairy tale of all times, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has been a favorite of mine since I was small. The magic of it’s heart, music, animation and characters has yet to die from my soul. Just like The Prince of Egypt, the songs are not only emotionally moving but they also move the plot forward or really give you a great glimpse into a character’s dimension that will help build the story at the end. I consider this the ultimate princess Disney feature and easily one of Disney’s best, most unbeatable works of art. The animation is flawless and the atmosphere never fails to fill me with intrigue and bated breath. To me, this is the ultimate love story and the impact it still has on me today when I think of heroines, love, selflessness, magic and animation itself is truly special to me.hot_fuzz_ver4_xlg

6. Hot Fuzz | 2007 | R

Easily my favorite comedy of all time (sorry, 21 Jump Street, but the Brits take it.) Hysterically clever, the film delivers laughs that are strongly balanced by fantastic characters, a strong mystery and lots of metaphorical moments that completely respect but laugh at the action genre on a whole. Simon Pegg perfectly captures Nicholas Angel’s rigid love for justice while Nick Frost plays the perfect sidekick Danny Butterman who isn’t too silly and perfectly compliments Angel’s personality—these two characters and actors are one of the most ultimate duos in cinema and TV history. Yes, I just said that. However, the one thing I love best about this movie besides the humor, action spoofy-ness and characters, is it’s Miss Marple/English Village flavored mystery. It hearkens back to my first love–a good old fashioned who-dun-it! Rolled together it creates truly one of the best comedies/action/mystery flicks of all time.Star Wars - A New Hope (1977) Style A by Tom Jung

5. Star Wars: A New Hope | 1977 | PG

I know everyone loves Empire Strikes Back; I love it too. But whenever I think of my love for Star Wars, I always think of A New Hope. There’s just a special place in my heart for the very first Star Wars film and that’s how it beat Empire. This movie is just about the definition of the word ‘classic’. The soundtrack is amazing, the effects still hold up well today and the story’s plot flow is perfection. I love the introduction we receive to Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker , Han Solo, Chewbaca and of course the droids. Everything plays a role in the film with a solid opening and a conclusive ending which I prefer to the big cliff-hanger, even if that had a great impact on cinema history with Empire. There is so much to love in A New Hope but I really shouldn’t need to go on much longer here :P. There are few movies that can even come to rival the greatness of Star Wars and the impact it’s had on pop culture and intimate lives–myself included! All hail the great sci-fi film of the ages!posters12/11/08

4. Rocky | 1976 | PG

I love a great underdog story and this easily my favorite of them all. However, to me Rocky is more than just an excellent boxing story with a fantastic delivery of one man’s personal struggles in and out of the ring. To me, Rocky presents a strong representation of true manhood. Coming from a spiritual background where outward perfection was strived for more than a humble spirit in many of the men around me, watching Rocky was like a breath of fresh air and a strong reminder to me of what real men are made up of. Strength of body and mind are nothing in a man if they are not clothed in a gentle spirit. Rocky is one of my personal heroes because he is a very gentle man, shown by how he approaches people, goes out of his way to help others in his own way, and steadily attempts to win Adrian’s heart. For these reasons (and the simple fact that this is simply a stunning film) Rocky will always mean the world to me.tlk-new-poster

3. The Lion King | 1994 | G

The only reason The Lion King managed to beat Beauty and the Beast was because of my emotional connection, which even I find strange since I didn’t grow up seeing it a million times or anything. Recently playing the movie in the background of my day, I choked up about six times and got chills at least five and I wasn’t even paying that much attention. These are not even your classic moments like Mufasa’s passing; this is moments like Rafiki speaking to Simba and the log bridge scene during Hakuna Matata. I can’t explain my connection to this film, I only know it’s there. The songs and soundtrack, voice talent, and animation strongly combined with the grown up themes of throne-stealing, murder, and fear, creates one of, if not maybe Disney’s best animated film of all time.0103074_big

2. Thelma and Louise | 1991 | R

One of the best female-oriented films I’ve ever seen; this spoke to me and my own personal situation which is how it became my second favorite movie. I’ve always knew of the names Thelma and Louise; they’ like Lucy and Ethel or Lewis and Clark. 😛 But when I finally got around to watching the movie, I was so happy and surprised to discover it was a masterpiece must-see. Themed with timeless invaluable friendship and taking control of one’s own life and choices, Thelma and Louise both empowered and uplifted me as a woman and human being. Humorous and delightful while also being dark and somber, the film delivers a well balanced plot and character journey which I strongly related to because I myself am just beginning to make my own life discions. For more amazing reasons why this movie is fantastic, head over to my latest guest post on J and J Productions when you’re done here!5k8lv1eXe7vbeJ57eXLIKxFamAQ

1. Clue | 1985 | PG

Out of all the genres that could compete to win my number one film, my love for the who-dun-it mystery genre won out, and it actually won very easily. From the beginning of this list, I never had a hard time deciding that Clue would reign at the top. In fact, during the construction of this post, I rewatched Clue with my sister and about twenty minutes in, she turned to me and said, “This feels like it should be your number one movie, Jamie.” I definitely knew then that this movie was truly my cinema soul-mate.

It’s everything I want from a murder mystery; quotable dialogue, a fantastic period setting of the 1950’s, lovable slapstick humor that isn’t too over the top, continuous plot twists, a sly self-awareness of it’s genre, and truly quirky characters (all of them gems but my favorites including Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, and Tim Curry as Wadsworth the Butler.) The multiple endings hearkens back to the game board where you can get a different murderer each round; however there is an official ending that wraps up the film perfectly. I’ve rewatched this film countless times and continue to catch little things, expressions, or moments that add to the atmosphere or plot!

Interestingly, I’ve only played the board game a few times and my attachment to the film does not come from the game itself. Growing up, 80 percent of the books I read were mysteries, so it should be no mystery (HA!) that my personal attachment to the genre should transfer to films. Overall, Clue is simply a fantastically enjoyable mystery film. While one will either get it or not get it, either way I highly recommend it, because, after all, it is my number one favorite film of all time.


11 thoughts on “Top 100 Favorite Movies|10-1

  1. Congrats on finishing this series!! I won’t lie, your blog gives me like 99% of my movie recommendations. Even above Tumblr. I plan on watching Hot Fuzz and The Croods while on vacation this week!!!!!! ❤ Love you Jamie!!

    1. Thank you! OMG that makes me so happy and glowy!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 I think you’ll ADORE The Croods and I hope you enjoy Hot Fuzz! Oh, and have a great vacation!! Love you too!!! Thanks for commenting!! 🙂


  2. I love how unique your top ten list is. 🙂 Star Wars. ❤ Well, you've caused me to add a few things to my 'to watch' list. 🙂 I hadn't realized how much you like the clue movie! I should go look it up! I love Beauty and the Beast too. 🙂


    1. Thank you; I was going for a genuine unique as I don’t like to be too predictable! 😛 I hope you like Clue, it’s obviously my favorite, lol! 😛


  3. So sorry for the late reply! :/ On the bright side, I have had a lot of time to think what to write for each one. 😀

    I understand why you like the Croods, although I am afraid that if I watch it, I won’t like it.

    HP8, an epic conclusion to a very cool franchise. For years, we all, as in my entire family, thought the Harry Potter movies were terrible, but after watching them, they were bad at all. I am glad that I did not watch them as a kid, since I probably would have stopped after the first or second movie, because they were weird and kind of dumb.

    That chariot race in Ben-Hur is just classic! 😀 It is definitely Charlton Heston’s best film too.

    Haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast in quite some time, but I do believe I owned the VHS back in the day and watched it a few times, granted, we had quite a few of the Disney movies when we were little kids.

    Hot Fuzz has the smartest plot of any comedy pure comedy that I have seen (Back to the Future does not count), and it is my third favorite comedy! It is so much fun, and the mystery is actually well crafted. I am so glad that you got me to watch the movie. 😀

    STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MAKING ME WANT TO WATCH IT AGAIN, FOR THE 50+ TIME RIGHT NOW!!! Even though Empire is my favorite, Star Wars is so incredibly close in second that I almost love both equally. There are no words that can describe Star Wars for me. 😀

    There isn’t a lot that I can say about Rocky. It’s one of Stallone’s best movies, and that foreign poster is weird but cool.

    Of course, I’ve seen The Lion King, but again, it has been a long time.

    Thelma and Louise, very good movie. The acting was great in the movie, and the plot twists were unexpected. By the way, you misspelled Louise. 😉

    While I did not play the board game Clue as often as I wanted to, since you had to have three people, it is actually my favorite board game. I have never played a lot of board games, but Clue was definitely my favorite, so I am really looking forward to actually watching the movie. 😀

    Congrats on finishing the list Jamie! 😀 😀 😀 😀 It has been fun. 😉


    1. That’s okay; I knew you would comment sooner or later! 😛

      No, I KNOW you won’t like The Croods that much! LOL!

      I’m not sure what I would have thought of Harry Potter if I had seen it when I was younger. I probably would have enjoyed it, I guess. But, I know what you mean.

      Agreed on Ben-Hur!!! 😀

      YES on Hot Fuzz! It was very very smart and did not water anything down for it’s audience, assuming we were all adults who could keep up and be amused at something other than crude humor! Just one of the many reasons why it was JUST SO GOOD! Lol, I know, I make you watch a lot of great stuff, hahahaha! I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!

      LOL! I would say me too but the family and I just rewatched the Originals not that long ago. BUT THEY’RE SO AMAZING AAAAAAAAHHHK. 😀 I’m so glad Star Wars helped us become great friends!

      Rocky is amazing; yeah, I really liked the poster because it was different and I couldn’t find other posters that I liked in good quality.

      At some point you’ll have to rewatch some of the classic Disney films like The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast and see how well Disney’s best hold up to Ghibli’s best; that would be really neat.

      AHk, thank you, I will go fix my spelling mistake, lol! I’m glad you enjoyed Thelma and Louise, too. 🙂

      WHEN YOU SEE CLUE I’M GOING TO FREAK OUT SO BAD BECAUSE NOBODY ELSE EXCEPT FOR KAYLA AND MY MOM HAVE ACTUALLY SEE IT TO TALK ABOUT IT AND IT WAS SO FUN AND I NEED A FRIEND TO SEE IT SO I CAN START QUOTING IT. 😛 Don’t let me overhype it though; it’s not the best film in cinema history, it’s just a really really fun, smart who-dun-it. 😛 BUT YOU NEED TO SEE IT ASAP SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT. *catches breath from inwardly screaming*

      Thank you very much! It has been a lot of fun, I’m glad I gave it a go (even though it’s already really outdated. *happily frowns at Studio Ghibli and others.* :P)


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