Thanks for tagging me, S! I love tags, so this was tons of fun!!!
1 How are you today? Pretty good. I’m feeling relaxed as I conquered some math today and am now rewatching Death Note. (it’s standing up to the rewatch so far; it’s one anime I’m definitely glad I gave this one a try!)
2 Who’s a favorite fictional character of yours? Well, outside of my usual favorites, a new favorite character of my is Rory Williams from Doctor Who. Could he please be my boyfriend? 😛
3 If you could go anywhere, where would you go and why? England. I want to visit Baker Street, if only once.
4 You’re on an island, doesn’t matter what type, and there’s a box. What’s in the box? Something magical that can make whatever I would need to survive. 😛
5 What’s a random word you like and how would you define it? I don’t know; that’s an interesting question but nothing is coming to mind right now…
6 When and why did you start blogging and what do you like most about it? Why do you keep on blogging? I started blogging at the beginning of 2011 (on this blog) and it was because I wanted to talk about things. Besides the reasons I listed on my last post, I keep blogging because it’s not only therapeutic and fun, but I like having a place where I can share my opinions and let people come and go as they like. I’ve met some very nice people through the internet, including my two best friends, so I hope I can find more great friends through my blog as well.
7 What’s your favorite dessert? Fool’s toffee, ice cream, brownies, AND DARK CHOCOLATE. ANYTHING DARK CHOCOLATE.
8 Cute, cool, or neither? What style(s) do you like? In clothing?–I go for a mixture of both, I suppose. Whatever feels like me and is comfortable and reasonably modest. 😛
9 What’s something you’re looking forward to doing or seeing or learning this summer? I look forward to getting through my math classes this summer and being able to learn math better. 🙂 And I’m looking forward to my twentieth birthday.
10 What’s something that, for whatever reason, you personally find hard to do? MATH. Also doing things longer than a few weeks or so. My personality pukes at the feeling of schedules, which can make some things tougher to stick out. 😦
11 What kind of movies do you like best? Why? (Sci-fi, romance, drama, comedy, oldie-goldie, etc.) I like sci-fi films because of the creative worlds that can be created. I like drama when it done well and not irritating. I like animated movies because the possibilities that can be put on the screen are endless I like a lot of different types of movies for all sorts of reasons. But kinda like with my music, I often only like certain pieces out of an entire genres. It all depends on my acquired taste, I guess. 😛

10 thoughts on “Liebster

  1. I totally agree with you on favorite dessert: anything dark chocolate! 😀 I loved reading your answers!


    p.s. You did this tag fast! Seriously, it’s impressive! 🙂

    1. Dark chocolate for the win!!! 😀 Thanks again for tagging me!

      Yes, I had a few minutes to kill while watching Death Note and some of my other posts felt too heavy to write while watching something at the same time–it was all perfect timing! 😛


  2. Death Note was brilliant–I loved L.
    RORY. The Last Centurion, the man who waited, the most adorable husband…can I has one too please??
    UK in general is an absolute must.
    YES to dark chocolate, especially paired with delectable flavors like mint or orange!! *swoon*
    Random word for you: frenetic. It’s fun to say. It means “fast and energetic in an uncontrolled way.” Don’t be a frenetic driver 😉

    1. YES! I also like L; he’s a great character!!!

      Awesome commentary! 😀

      Frenetic! I love it! Thank you for the new word!


  3. Rory is a cool character and one of my favorites from Doctor Who.

    LOL, I know you haven’t seen it yet, but the “What’s in the box” must be a reference to the Agents of SHIELD episode you have not seen. For me, it would be the TARDIS! 😛

    Good luck with the math!


    1. Yes, Rory is my favorite character from the Matt Smith era. 😛

      THE TARDIS, I DIDN’T EVEN THINK OF THE TARDIS. lol! I need to catch up on Agents of Shield. AND watch Firefly. AND finish the Doctor Who specials…

      Thank you!


  4. 20!! Yay! You’ll be a symmetrical number!!! 20! Ahhh! I’d like to be twenty 🙂 I like my age now better though.

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