Currently liking: that I got to go to the Phoenix Comic Con! Kayla and I went together and had lots of fun! We got pictures with cosplayers, got lost among tshirts and posters and so much merchandise and saw John Barrowman from a far, lol. It was so exciting to at last get to go to something so big for the people with nerd and geeky love. You can check out some of my pictures and their captions on my Instagram. 🙂

Currently listening: also watching–Doctor Who Season 7’s episode A Town Called Mercy. I’d like to plow through a disk by tonight if possible. I’m multitasking. 😛

Currently drinking: Shasta’s Kiwi Strawberry soda. There is something magical in that soda because it’s my new favorite.

Currently sitting: in the living room, on the love seat, across from the tv. I like this seat because I can rock back and forth.

Currently reading: lots and lots of kids books from the library, to Nathan. It’s THE BEST fun to find new books to read to him. It also makes me happy that he likes to hear me read. I’m still trying to get him excited about finding the books when we’re at the library, however, once at home he brings me the books to read aloud. It’s lots of fun!

Currently writing: it’s more like currently trying to avoid writing the last two parts of my top 100 favorite movies list. I’ve had lots of fun doing this but it’s been full of it’s own struggles.

Currently watching: Doctor Who Season 7, Parks and Recreation (really fun show, I recommend!) and a variety of movies.

Currently obsessed with: The Cornetto Trilogy. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg write amazing films. And Nick Frost is awesome.

Currently tired: from all the walking on Friday at Comic Con and… tired of other things related to Doctor Who but I’m saving that with everything else for my post once I finish up Season 7.

Currently excited: that I got to go to Comic Con. I wasn’t even going to go originally because I didn’t have enough money from what I’ve been saving, but my mom offered to help me as a treat. I feel very blessed to have gotten to go and have the experience! I want to cosplay something next year if possible!

Currently scaring myself with: a very big Booktrack soundtrack competition right now. It’s kind of a big deal but I will have to talk about it another time. It’s just a little scary but you can’t do anything unless you try, so that’s what I’m doing.

Currently stuck in my head: nothing at the moment, thank heavens.

Currently wishing: well, hey, wait a minute, a wish has come true; COMIC CON WAS AWESOME!

Currently praying: for some rainstorms to come visit me. It’s already very hot and I am already tired of it. GO AWAY 108 DEGREE WEATHER. I DON’T LIKE YOU.



6 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. It is still majorly cool that you got to go to Comic Con!!!!!!!!! 😀 As usual, I will answer a couple of these.

    Currently drinking: Water.

    Currently listening: THE BEST AND MOST EPIC SONG EVER!!!!!!!!! 😛


    1. Yes! I hope we can go to one together someday; that would be majorly awesome!

      Water. My favorite beverage!

      That actually is incredibly awesome; I want to go take down an empire or something now! 😛


  2. Phoenix Comic Con! That sounds awesome! And really enjoyable. 🙂
    108 degrees? So that is like 42 for us. Currently it is very cold here. Like freezing. 😉 So we are direct opposites.
    God Bless,

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Also, OH MY GOODNESS IT’S A REAL TARDIS. So jealous. I need to rewatch the most recent season of Who…gah! Have you watched Firefly?

    1. You’re so welcome; thanks for commenting here! 🙂 I have seen only a couple of episodes of Firefly but all my friends keeping telling me it’s amazing! 😀 I shall hopefully get to it after I finish Season 7 of Doctor Who. 😀


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