Top 100 Favorite Films|30-21



30.  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl | 2003 | PG-13

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors because he is so versatile. He can play so many bizarre roles and not even look like the same person, which I consider really really neat! From Edward Scissorhands to Willy Wonka to The Mad Hatter to Tonto, he’s fantastic. But the role I love him most in is as Jack Sparrow–Captain Jack Sparrow. The Curse of the Black Pearl would be a lot lower on my list if it were not for everyone’s favorite shambling pirate Captain Jack. The movie itself is very very fun, very adventurous, full of great characters and an amazing soundtrack. But I only care for this movie so much because of Depp’s unpredictable, ever lovable Jack. (Also swashbuckling is awesome.)


29. Shaun of the Dead | 2004 | R

The first film of my new favorite film series–The Cornetto Trilogy–this is easily one of the funniest movies I’ve seen since the beginning of 2014 (I’m actively checking out new movies.) Although I’ll be reviewing The Cornetto Trilogy in a separate post soon, I’ll speak briefly here on how this movie became an instant favorite. Shaun of the Dead won my heart in spades for the dry British wit, the empathetic main character Shaun, and the poking fun at the zombie genre while at the same time paying homage to it. Because the film delivers a balance of both dimensional characters along with it’s whacky story, the film gives emotional punches alongside it’s fun plot. This creates an overall fun yet genuine heart-felt movie experience for anyone who’s willing to try a new film flavor every once in a while.


28. Rambo: First Blood | 1982 | R

It’s strange that I have a soft spot for this movie, especially since it’s an action packed typed movie aimed at the male audience. However, the message on the veterans is very touching, executed and delivered well in sadness and truth, even with all the gun fire, motorcycle shots, and explosions. I’m a big fan of Sylvester Stallone and he was fantastic as Rambo, a very empathetic character who’s both a bad*ss yet also emotionally and mentally damaged from war. Overall, the movie is engaging, exciting and yet respectfully sad. If only they made action movies like this these days…


27. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | 2013 | PG-13

THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD. This movie made me a Hunger Games fan! I love how even though the plot is almost the same as the first when you boil it down to a sentence or two, everything feels new and invigorated. The stakes are higher, the characters are even more damaged than before, the clothes, the arena and the country Panem is realized even better and darker than before. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen continues to be an amazing actress. Peeta cemented himself as one of my very favorite characters as he proved himself to be a honest to goodness true friend to Katniss by being there for her. New characters were great additions. Twists and turns in the plot were effective and surprising. The film does a great job being it’s own film while setting up for the Mockingjay Part 1. Overall, I really really love this movie, will hopefully own it someday and definitely give it credit for making me a true Hunger Games fan!


26. Terminator 2: Judgement Day | 1991 | R

*Dun dun, dun, dun dun.* 😀 The reason this movie didn’t rank higher than the original Terminator is because I find John Connor an incredibly annoying kid. To me personally, he weighs the film down a little. However, Sarah Connor’s character development into a kick-butt take-action heroine is awesome and I liked the tables turned around with the Terminator being on Sarah’s side of the fight. The last half of the film with the explosions and constant action is also extremely exciting and awesome.


25. The Terminator | 1984 | R

Can you hear theme song yet?! I haven’t seen this one in ages which calls for a rewatch sometime soon. Time travel and thrills are combined to create this fantastic film. The intense chase scenes are thrilling even during rewatches. Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese are great characters; I love Sarah’s roller coaster journey throughout the movie and I consider Kyle a really neat hero, especially opposite Sarah and The Terminator. Although the effects might seem outdated, I don’t find that it hurts the film at all. And forget Doctor Who, The Terminator and it’s films have some of the most confusing time paradoxes ever. However, it’s sold so well that I don’t mind a bit. And how does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back” line never get old?! 😀 Overall a fantastic action thriller!


24. The Dark Knight | 2008 | PG-13

Nolanites, don’t loose you pants, The Joker is the only reason why I love this movie and placed it so high. In fact I won’t even talk about all the plot holes and how awful Rachel Dawes’ character fell, ect ect ect ect ect. No, this movie is one of my favorites because of the malicious, the twisted, the clever, the ever hysterically dark, dark villain, The Joker. I keep it no secret that I absolutely adore The Joker as a fictional villain. Heath Ledger’s performance is amazing in this movie. He steals every single scene he’s in and it’s glorious. His purple outfit is fantastic, his perspective on life is extremely buy-able, he’s funny without necessarily cracking jokes like other versions of the Joker do, and he’s just plain awesome. But besides him, this movie is actually kinda sad…


23. Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street | 2007 | R

I myself still don’t quite understand how Sweeney Todd actually beat The Dark Knight and both Terminator movies when I ranked my list. But I just don’t like the look when it’s all said it done when I lower it either. There is something darkly wonderful about this film to me; murder, music, gritty gothic London and Johnny Depp: it all makes one very ghastly yet beautiful period horror film. If we’re not counting animated movies, this would be my highest ranked musical. The anti-hero Todd is a great main character with a story of loss and revenge that makes a great plot device. Besides Johnny Depp of course, I absolutely adore Helena Bonham Carter in this film as Mrs. Lovett and Alan Rickman as The Judge is fantastic. And artistically speaking, the movie is gorgeous with it’s sets, costumes, near B&W coloring and overall setting of dark bitter London. Overall; dark, bloody yet beautiful, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street remains one of my most favorite musicals and films and I highly doubt it will drop anytime soon.


22. Captain America: The First Avenger | 2011 | PG-13

I will never understand the people who didn’t like this movie. In fact, people who hate Captain America are on my “do not trust” list because… that’s just scary if you hate the most lovable, gentlemanly, most heroic little guy from Brooklyn.  I absolutely love The First Avenger. I love the 1940’s setting. I love the superhero serum. Hyrda is a great villainous organization, so I love them too. I love Bucky Barnes. I love Peggy Carter. I love Howard Stark. I love the Star Spangled Man song. And I LOVE STEVE ROGERS YOU GUYS BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING. But really, you all should know this already! 😛 Browse my Captain America tags and category if you haven’t already! 😛 The First Avenger; my first superhero movie and first superhero love. Definitely belongs just below Empire Strikes Back!


21. Empire Strikes Back | 1980 | PG

What is there left to say that hasn’t been said already? Of all the movies on my list, this movie needs the least bit of explanation about the awesomeness of it. I mean, if you are scratching your head than YOU NEED TO GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY RIGHT NOW–QUIT READING THIS AND GO DO IT NOW. … end scene.



12 thoughts on “Top 100 Favorite Films|30-21

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl is definitely my favorite of the Pirates movies. 🙂 It is so such fun to watch! And I agree, Depp is the main reason to watch the movie.

    I still need to watch Shaun of the Dead!

    Wow, you really did like First Blood! It was one of my favorite action movies when I was a kid and I still enjoy it today! It also makes my list, albeit it a little lower. Have you seen the sequels? They are not nearly as good, but they are really dumb, but still fun, action movies. 🙂

    Even though Catching Fire did not hold up quite as well as expected on my second viewing, it still convinced to watch Mockingjay in theaters! I am still surprised by how good it was! 😀

    Interesting, T1 over T2… Considering how much I despise children in movies, I have never found John particularly annoying, at least compared to most children in movies. Newt in Aliens was much better though. 🙂

    The original Terminator is still great! And I agree, the time travel paradoxes are more incomprehensible than Doctor Who! I have been thinking about it since I was a kid, and it is still all screwy. lol Also, I wish James Cameron would go back to making good movies instead of cliched romances and complete rip-offs of Dances with Wolves and Princess Mononoke with blue people! 😛

    Rachel Dawes was such an annoying character! I know you like Lori from TWD, but she was like her times one million! 😛 I cheer every time I watch the Joker kill her. Somehow, The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies still, but I love ripping it apart. 😉 I have seen like eight times, and it was on the fourth or fifth time that I actually started liking it a lot.

    I need to watch Sweeney Todd. 🙂

    Haha, yep, those that dislike Cap are not trustworthy folk. 🙂 I assume I will be seeing The Winter Soldier somewhere in the next two parts. 😀

    Honestly, I do not believe there is anything that I can say about the Empire Strikes Back, because my opinion of the film really cannot be expressed in words.


    1. Yes; actually you need to see the entire Cornetto trilogy but do start on Shaun of the Dead because the other two movies have references to it!

      Yes, I dearly love First Blood. 😛 That’s neat that it was your favorite as a kid! I have seen the second sequel–it was okay, but I enjoyed the first one a lot more. We have the third movie but we haven’t gotten around to watching it yet.

      I love how Catching Fire took everyone by surprise!!!

      I agree, Newt was a lot better, I loved Newt!! And it’s funny–Original T2 was going to be higher but as I was writing up the two blurbs I kept finding more and more things I liked more about T1 so I decided to switch them. 😛

      ROFL about James Cameron!

      It’s a easy movie to love because of The Joker, in my opinion! I am tired of Nolanites making it out to be “The Supreme Movie” or something! I still really love it though! 😛

      Yes, I think The Winter Soldier is in the next post…

      EXACTLY! 😀


  2. Shaun of the Dead may be edging onto my to-watch list, even though I’ve got low tolerance for zombie stuffs. Simon Pegg and British wit? Hmm….

    Agree on Catching Fire, Empire Strikes Back, Captain America, and The Dark Knight. Ledger was MESMERIZING as the Joker!

    Y’know what, if you’re looking for movies to watch, I have a couple I really like. Have you ever seen “How to Steal a Million”? Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole; it’s a rom-com caper film. And for visuals, I really liked “The Secret of Kells.” It’s a movie animated in the style of 12th century manuscripts, so it’s very different and rather beautiful.

    Also, have you seen Skyfall?? I rewatched it the other night! I think it’s my favorite Bond movie, purely for the gorgeous visuals! ….and Q. Q is adorable.

    1. I consider it a must see for the humor–and you might appreciate it coming from the angle that they’re making fun of the zombie genre throughout the film…

      Ooooh! Thank you for the recommendations, I will check those two out!!

      And I saw part of Skyfall and frankly was confused and bored and wandered off from it. It is the second Bond film I have walked away from–I think Bond isn’t really my thing, at least not now. But thanks for recommending it! 😀


  3. Oh, oh….oh, dear. I must not be a trustworthy person because I really hated that movie’s portrayal of Captain America/Steve Rogers. His strengths as a character are good, but, he has no real flaws other than his physical ailments which are cured. He is indeed “flawless” and I don’t see that as a positive trait. And the historical inaccuracies of that movie are terrible. I could say more about my opinion of The First Avenger, but I won’t. I’m sorry!

    But anyway, I love your other choices on this list. Pirates of the Caribbean is a great trilogy! Catching Fire was AMAZING. I adored Sweeney Todd and of course, The Empire Strikes Back was the best of the original trilogy and I love it so much (even though it gave me nightmares when I was little). Great post and I look forward to seeing more of your top favorites! 🙂

    1. While I can see where you are coming from, I’m afraid I disagree with you pretty much on a whole to different degrees, but that’s okay. You make up for it by loving Sweeney Todd; I can’t seem to find many gals who got past the gore to love the story and characters and music, so high five!

      Thanks for commenting; I’m glad you are looking forward to my last two posts! 🙂


      1. I love being able to disagree about something with someone without it becoming a huge deal. You are the best. 😀

        😛 YES! The gore is a factor of the story; revenge is messy and that was very clearly communicated!! 😀


  4. Sweeny Todd is tragically beautiful sort of. It’s like depressing but it draws you in and 🙂 yeah. Glad you got me to watch that movie too and told me when not too look 😛 Hee hee, I’m not even ashamed about that XD

    Cap is so great!!

    Oh! Catching Fire was like the best!

    Shaun of the Dead was the start of all that… Hot Fuzz wouldn’t have been the same without seeing this one first I think.

    1. I’m glad you liked Sweeney Todd! It’s such a good movie! 😛

      I’m glad to hear you say that about Shaun of the Dead! 🙂 I still need to write my triple review of the three movies; I’ll be sure to insist one should watch them in order. 😀


  5. I want to watch Sweeny Todd again, but it feels like a movie to watch with you now, because that’s how I’ve always watched it before. (That’s me doing my tradition thing that my personality does. Ugh) Do you own that one? I can’t remember. We should watch it again sometime though!

    1. Yes, I have Sweeney Todd. We should watch again sometime, it was a good one. My gosh, you’ve gotten way back here in my posts, geez! LOL 😀 I’m going to bed, goodnight see you later! 😀


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