The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

the-amazing-spiderman-2-new-posterHOW HAVE I NOT TALKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE ON HERE YET?! I know why, because I was talking about it with James and Jordan for James’ latest podcast! Had lots of fun doing that; you should check out the links to the podcast if you have time! But back to the fact THAT I HAVEN’T BLOGGED ABOUT THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. SHAME.

I like to say that it was truly amazing. Do not believe the critics and the naysayers, this was such a fun, great film! I will question the sanity of those who say this was ‘a bad’ film. (I also can’t comprehend the people who hate Spider-Man. There is not even a section in my head to comprehend what it takes to hate such a fun and wonderful character!)

Some spoiler free thoughts off the top of my head: I absolutely loved the development we got from Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s character; that was certainly a highlight for me! We have an awesome new villain Electro and he did not disappoint at all! Gwen Stacy continued to rock as one of the best on-screen girlfriends ever because she was supportive of Peter while still chasing her own dreams–Gwen has found a permanent place in my top three Marvel women alongside Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanoff because of how healthy her views on relationships and life were! And also, the brand new take on Harry Osborn was a refreshing change of pace (I still love James Franco’s version, though!)

The movie was just overall well-paced, well-balanced between characters, well-acted and well-developed and in every way amazing. If you haven’t seen it, then what have you been doing? Go watch it! Everybody needs a dose of Spider-Man!



4 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

  1. I went and saw AS2 the other week with my sister. We were the only ones in the entire cinema room! It was really funny! 😉
    I thought it was a good movie, just not amazing. And there was a bit in the middle where it was rather slow. Harry was a great new character. I of course prefer James Franco version I think, but this new Harry was great as well. 🙂
    I am rather worried about ‘spoiler alert’ the fact that they are going to have Mary Jane in the next movie. I hated her in the original Spidermans!
    Overall it was a good movie just wasn’t what I was expecting I hope that the third was IS better though. 😛

    God Bless,

    1. I LOVE THAT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! You can be as loud as you want!! 😛

      Well, I’m glad you liked it to a degree! And yeah, I’ve heard their going to bring in Mary Jane but I’ll will dread that decision until the movie proves it works. 😦 I didn’t care for Mary Jane at all either. 😦


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