Top 100 Favorite movies|50-41



50. The Devil Wears Prada | 2006 | PG-13

This is one of those popular chick flicks that one hears about and at least knows that Meryl Streep rocks the movie. When I finally got around to seeing this, I instantly fell in love with the film’s vibe and characters. So far, this is the only movie where I’ve really loved Anne Hathaway as a performer, as she played Andrea perfectly! This was my first film seeing Meryl Streep and she instantly won my fanship and respect by being fantastic! Her character Miranda Priestly was such a sharp yet quiet devil; it was just a delight to watch. Overall, this isprobably one of my most favorite chick flicks because it was funny (I absolutely adore the character Emily, she was hysterical,) it followed the world of fashion in an interesting way that didn’t drive the tom boy half of me crazy, and the end message was satisfying and didn’t feel cliche.


49. Finding Nemo | 2003 | G

My love-hate history with this movie finally won over to the love side! You would think that it being the first and only Pixar movie I saw in it’s entirety as a kid, I would have liked it right away but it took years before I was finally able to understand the film’s message. Although Nemo still annoys me, I better understand his character to the point where he doesn’t make me want to punch a hole through my bedroom wall. I also better understand Marlin and fully appreciate his journey from uptight timidity to fearless trust. The undersea setting is one of my favorites from Pixar because of how well the animation and soundtrack compliment it. Dory is one of Pixar’s best characters and her and Marlin create a hysterical duo in this film! The only thing I still don’t completely like are those gosh darn sea turtles. Just no. But otherwise, this is one of my favorite Pixar films.

48. Toy Story 2 | 1999 | G

The Toy Story trilogy is one of the only trilogies I know where each movie is better than the last. I love everything about this movie; Woody’s Roundup Gang, Star Wars references, the introduction to Barbie, the airplane scene at the end; the movie truly left the backyard and I absolutely love how much the world scale grew! The characters are as great as before, the animation is better, the plot is fantastic and the heart of the story still rings true to childhood. This movie makes it even harder to pick a favorite character; I would probably stand for ages trying to decide between Woody and Buzz, but I will say in a lickety-split that Mr Potato Head speaks to snarky soul within me. 😉


47. Air Force One | 1997 | R

This is one of my most favorite Harrison Ford films. He plays a fantastic United States President! The plot is fantastic, now probably overdone, but in this movie the plane takeover works great. The little twists and turns the plot takes are delivered perfectly, making the ride unforgettably thrilling. The relief from suspense to even more suspense delivered on top is perfect–plot, action and character delivery all remind me of Die Hard in a sense. The action and thriller aspects combined with international drama is great and it all delivers one very fantastic film.  This is one of those movies where I walk away feeling very proud to be an American and wishing President Marshall actually existed.


46. The Amazing Spider-Man | 2012 | PG-13

This was my first Spider-Man movie; I got to see in theaters without any knowledge of certain deaths or character turns, ect. Now, even though I dearly love the original trilogy, this one is my favorite Spidey movie for several reasons. I loved the dark modern feel of whole film, the deeper tones of blue and red in the suit, just the overall more serious tone. I love Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone together as Peter and Gwen. Their characters’ relationship has so far lacked the never-able-to-connect feel that Peter and Mary Jane seemed to have that always frustrated me. Speaking of Andrew and Emma, they are both great in this, especially Emma. I love Gwen’s character a lot more than Mary Jane’s; she helpful to Peter’s Spider-Man and I love how science-y she is. Also this movie has my one of my favorite Stan Lee cameos. Overall, Andrew Garfield plays a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man in this, so I’m very very excited for the upcoming sequel this summer!


45. Transformers | 2007 | PG-13

I don’t care what anyone says, I love this movie too much and very much. Shia LaBeouf plays the wonderful Sam Witckey–Sam is one of my favorite teenaged characters because he’s endearing and witty and has a normal imperfect life before getting caught up in an alien war. I love how hysterical this movie is, Sam is hilarious, his parents are hilarious; I just laugh really hard at this movie. Moving on, in regard to plot and characterization, one of my favorite parts about this movie is how the military element is actually flushed out. You know how in movies when some monster or supervillian starts destroying a city and the army shows up and they’re at risk but you don’t care? Transformers actually fixes this by getting us invested with these army men right off the bat in the beginning of themovie. I love that  they actually get us involved with the usual “background military” reinforcements! To cut down this already overly-long blurb, I’ll just say that I really love the first Transformers movie and it’s one of my favorite sci-fi films.


44. Toy Story 3 | 2010 | G

Picking a favorite Toy Story film is hard because they’re all just SO. GOOD. However I think I’ve settled on Toy Story 3 being my favorite. It’s hard to fight the whole “Andy’s leaving for college, oh my gosh, I’m college aged and my poor toys are in the attic all alone right now, oh no” reliability the film presents. The plot is once again great, the animation easily at it’s best out of the whole trilogy and the new characters are great additions to the family (Ken and Barbie are a stand-out pair of characters and one of my favorite film couples! lol) And once again, the connection the film is able to make to it’s young adult viewers is also fantastic. There’s not much left to say that the film wraps up the trilogy well and yet again succeeds at creating another great sequel for our favorite band of toys. Alsothismoviewillmakeanyonecry.


43. Winnie the Pooh | 2011 | G

How did Winnie the Pooh beat Toy Story 3? Well, I guess in a sense nostalgia does win in it’s own way. To go back to 2011, I was a little nervous when this movie came out because of how much I loved the original movie and original books. For Disney to revisit Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood and not screw anything up felt like a big deal to me. But they pulled it off! Not only did the movie have a similar if not slightly updated feel to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, but it used some book quotes and plots that I both loved and wanted to see put into animation! That was very thrilling! Anyway, I adore this film. to. freaking. bits. The music and songs are lifting and cheerful, the characters were all revisited perfectly, the humor was as funny and decent as always, and the animation beautiful. I love how well the plot flows, how absolutely adorable Pooh is in this movie and how wonderful the overall experience is. I want another Pooh movie if they could make it just like this one.


42. Alien | 1979 | R

Hey, hey, calling sci-fi nerdy girls like me? If you want to be introduced to the horror genre with something you already love such as sci-fi, than start out with this movie. I immediately knew I would at least like this because of the sci-fi outer space element; instead I ended up loving it! In regards to plot: you know the classic horror story “People trapped in haunted house being chased by supernatural who-knows-what”? That’s what this is except on a spaceship with an unknown alien form. 😀 Not only is the use of suspense and horror executed perfectly in this movie, it also introduces you to a fantastic female character who isn’t stupid, who’s smart and strong yet not an unbreakable wall with no emotion. Overall, I was on the edge of my seat watching this! The thrills and suspense are alone worth the time to watch, at least if you are interested in that type of movie.


41. The Prince of Egypt | 1998 | PG

This is pretty much an out and out review but there was so much that needed to be said that I’ve simply broken it up for y’all for easier reading. 🙂 Anyway, out of nearly all my favorite animated features, I would call this one the most epic and maybe even the most beautiful in terms of execution, heart and soul. Since I’ve eight or nine years old, this movie has stuck to my sub-conscious like a burr, coming back to haunt me. One of the biggest reasons is because of it’s unbelievable soul stirring soundtrack and musical numbers; I’m still captivated by Through Heaven’s Eyes, Deliver Us, The Plagues and When You Believe; the neat thing is, is that all the songs in this movie serve to move the plot forward instead of putting the plot on pause. To me, these songs can stand their ground up against anything Disney has to offer.

For an animated movie, the film treads on a darker side with only a few slightly amusing characters and moments sprinkled throughout a rather serious film, which I strongly appreciate. The film’s style of sweeping grandeur yet gritty backdrops of Egypt are some of the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to the animated mood and setting for the epic tale of Moses.Even though I grew up with and still love Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments, The Prince of Egypt is hands down my favorite adaption of the Exodus story. Through the dimensional leading characters, songs, and classic twisting moments of Moses’s life, the film brings out the Biblical tale without making the well known story boring. This includes the elements of brotherly love and loss, tragedy and triumph, and the full awesomeness of God’s deliverance of His people from slavery. I’m sure this movie will keep my heart captured for many more years and it is only topped by a few other animated films on this list.



8 thoughts on “Top 100 Favorite movies|50-41

  1. Haven’t seen The Devil Wears Prada or number 43 of course, but I have seen the rest of these.

    Finding Nemo has always rubbed me the wrong. I watched it when I was a kid in theaters for free since I took karate with the owner of the theater at the time, but even then, I remember not liking the movie. I tried watching it a couple of years before I became a film critic, but still didn’t like it. Sorry, but that is probably the Pixar movie I dislike the most, although I haven’t been able to watch it completion in quite some time.

    I haven’t seen the Toy Story movies recently either, but the first one was always my favorite when I was a kid, but I did watch the VHS quite a lot until I was about 10 or so. I do like the Star Wars references though; that is my favorite part, and I actually the movie better than I would expect considering that I have not seen it in the last 6 or 7 years.

    Air Force One was a lot of fun. It was basically Die Hard on a plan, except with Ford. “Get off my plan!”

    The Amazing Spider-Man was great wasn’t it? I can’t wait to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in the next couple of weeks. I should actually be able to see it as soon as finals are over around the 8th! 😀

    I am a bit surprised to see Transformers higher than The Amazing Spider-Man though. Transformers is still classic Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS type fun.

    Sorry to say, but I never particularly liked Toy Story 3 that much. I watched it once when it was released to rent, but I was underwhelmed, granted it was right before I became a critic. As with most Pixar movies that are not the Incredibles, it tries to be emotionally manipulative, but failed for me since I am a heartless person. 😛 I have been emotionally invested in characters a lot, but they have to be really great characters, which is a lot like the problems Gravity had. Sorry for my negative criticism about the movie. :/ I still liked it quite a bit for an American animated movie and I would definitely give the movie a positive rating. I did like the Halloween special though, that was actually funny, especially the Alien references. 🙂

    Speaking of Alien, that was a great movie! I knew who would live and who would die, so it was not as suspenseful as it could have been, like Aliens, but I loved the impressive special effects. Also, death by Facehugger/Chestburster is probably the worst death in cinema! 0_o But considering that you have seen more horror, you might be able to think of even worse ones. lol 😉

    The Prince of Egypt was a movie that I watched a few times when I was a kid, and I even had a action figure from it (not that I actually played with when I was a little kid.) I don’t remember much of the movie, so I can’t say much.


    1. I get your feelings for Finding Nemo, I’ve had pretty much the exact same opinion up until a few months ago! LOL.

      The Star Wars reference in Toy Story 2 are some of my favorite!!!! 😀

      I suppose we could say Air Force One is the Die Hard for Harrison Ford fans!

      I’m so glad you’ll get to see the movie soon!!! Can’t wait till we can talk about it and The Winter Soldier! 😀

      Yes, I know, I debated and debated over which I wanted higher, Spider-Man or Transformers and I finally decided to bump up Transformers. I DON’T KNOW WHY, I JUST REALLY LIKE THIS MOVIE. 😛

      That’s okay; to each his own. Most guys I know seem to prefer the first over second and third movies so it’s not a surprise to me. 😛 I haven’t seen the Halloween special but now I do for the Alien references! 😀 (While rewatching The Office, I caught Dwight making an Alien reference which had gone over my head before but it was really funny when I recognized it.)

      Alien was so good, thanks again for recommending it!! I actually agree, Facehugger/Chestburster is probably the worst death in cinema; that was terrifying!! I might actually want to get eaten by a walker rather than have a chest-bursting experience…

      I also only saw it a few times growing up, I wish my family had owned it so I could have rewatched it more. Of all my favorite animated movies, I think you would like this one the most because it is mostly serious and on the darker side of an American kids movie. 😛


  2. AHHHHHHH AIR FORCE ONE!!!! I just saw that movie last month and I absolutely love it. Wowza. Harrison Ford is amazing. I mean, he’s always amazing–but he was especially awesome in that one. Except we *have* dubbed it “That Movie where Han Solo Fights Commissioner Gordon.” LOL 😉

    1. LOL Yes, I didn’t even recognize Gary Oldman until my second viewing of the film!!! LOL But it’s such a good film, isn’t it!


  3. Ah, you just made me want to watch The Prince of Egypt again. I haven’t seen it in a LONG time, but it’s an incredible animation. And you are so right about the music — I’d never noticed that before. 🙂 Enjoying your list!

    1. I made myself want to watch The Prince of Egypt, in fact I’ll probably watch it tonight! 😀 I completely agree, it’s amazing animation, I’m so sad that it feels underrated. 😦

      I’m so glad! Thanks!! 😀


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