Top 100 Favorite Movies|60-51


Anne-of-Green-Gables-The-Sequel60. Anne of Avonlea | 1987 | G

Growing up, I always found young Anne in her first movie to be a rather bizarre character. She seemed to get into trouble too much and her flighty spirit didn’t appeal to me. That was until my mom let me than see the sequel Anne of Avonlea, where she was more grown up and her spirited ways felt more exceptable. This amazingly long movie (224 minutes!) is still one my sister and I rewatch quite often. It reminds me of when I was younger while at the same time I find more and more to relate to as I get older. Anne’s engaging spirit is lifting, her determination to push through trials is encouraging and her adventures as a teacher, writer and good friend are both fun and heartwarming to watch.


59. Say Anything | 1989 | PG-13

I have only seen this movie once which is sad because I need to rewatch it. It’s very easy to understand why this film is so popular and why I fell in love with it before the first 30 minutes had gone by: it’s because Lloyd Dobler is, in essence, what every girl wants from a young man. Lloyd Dobler is easily the best part of the movie because his perfectness is absolutely realistic. He’s not a cutout ‘Prince Charming’ or the annoying goody two shoes. He’s unafraid of being different and of owning who he is and what he wants out of life. He has eyes for only one girl and his spirit of determination to love and be with only her is very endearing. By the end of the movie, Lloyd Dobler had made his way onto my list of best movie men, very near Rocky Balboa and Captain America. 🙂 And the movie kicked “Goblet of Fire” to the curb. 🙂tumblr_mc7gv0g6l11rf97m1o1_500

58. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh | 1977 | G

I HAVE SO MUCH CHILDHOOD LOVE FOR THIS MOVIE. If you were to ask me what the definition of innocence was, I would say Winnie the Pooh and point to this film. This movie is so beautiful. At first glance it may feel simplistic but it’s actually a fun ride. The emotional spectrum is wide: it’s has some very laugh out loud moments from Pooh’s bottom being stuck in Rabbit’s residence to Piglet sliding about Owl’s house with a teacup on his head; and there are scary and sad parts, like when Tigger promises never to bounce again. The cast of characters are broad and dynamic; they drive the stories together. The songs are chirpy and cheerful and the animation is good old hand drawn magic. I like to watch this movie when I feel sad or want to feel safe or nostalgic as it’s the perfect spell to make one a child again.


57. Toy Story | 1995 | G

How did Toy Story–a movie I didn’t even grow up–beat my childhood love Winnie the Pooh? Hmm, I don’t know, maybe because it’s just simply brilliant? What I hope you all understand is that I often predict how I’ll feel about a movie before I even watch it–if I’m skeptical, it’s all up to the movie to change my mind. After I was seventeen, I decided I wanted to see Toy Story because of how popular it was. I didn’t think I would like it all but the interesting plot, witty humor, clever characters and spirit was able to change my mind. Toy Story was brilliant and I’m very bitter for not getting to grow up with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Thankfully I gave it a chance and it won my heart. (DARN YOU FROZEN FOR YOU COULD NOT DO THIS AND LEFT ME MISERABLY IN MY ORIGINAL PREDICTIONS OF DISAPPOINTMENT.) Toy Story truly rocks.


56. The First Wives Club |1996 | PG

A girl flick with depth, The First Wives Club stuck out to me because of where my family is with my parents separated and a (much needed) divorce pending. The film is a comedy about three old college friends who, when reunited by another’s death, decided to band together to bring revenge down on their exes who they gave everything to and are now getting crap from through their divorce proceedings. The movie not only made me laugh quite hard but it was also a good feeling to see them turn their predicaments around to their benefit together. Besides that, the film delves deeper into how important support from friends is for women both in and out of relationships and how getting revenge just isn’t thinking big enough. I recommend this movie to all girls for both a laugh and a reminder to find friends who will be there for you through the most heartbreaking moments of life.


55. Despicable Me 2 | 2013 | PG

This film is so adorable, nearly as adorable as the first one. Steve Carrel is still fantastic as Gru. The girls are as adorable as ever; Agnes is still the cutest animated girl since Boo in Monsters Inc. The minions are just as hilarious and become a bit more essential to the plot in this film, which was really neat. Although the movie is not quite as good as the first one, it’s still extremely lovable and hilarious (there’s a plus because there is no Vector, who I didn’t like from the first one. :P)


54. Monsters University | 2013 | PG

I was so excited for this movie when I heard it was coming out and I was not disappointed. The movie is exciting and makes you want to pack a bag and head to college to learn all you can so you can do your very best. The plot was fun with the expansion of the monster universe and new types of monsters to see which was really cool! The back story of how Mike and Sully met is great and I love how their friendship formed. I really appreciated the character development that was given to Sully as well. Mike’s story progression was also very interesting as he wanted to prove himself scary. The film is funny and upbeat with some heartwarming moments that I completely enjoyed. A very good prequel to a fantastic Pixar movie.

Pacific-Rim-poster-1384x2048 53. Pacific Rim | 2013 | PG-13

I regret not seeing this at the theater because it was just so darn good! I originally figured this was going to be one of those dumb-fun-for–23-year-old-guy-in-crummy-shirt type of movie with not substance. I’m happy to say that the film was able to prove me wrong almost right away and provided not just great action and amazing CGI but also an interesting plot and characters with just enough depth for me to care about them. Oh, and the soundtrack is to this is awesome; very similar to the original Iron Man music! Overall, a fantastic summer flick that must have been amazing in 3D and I will be forever bitter that I didn’t get to see it that form!

Poster - Rio Bravo_03

52. Rio Bravo | 1959 | NR (a light PG from me.)

I haven’t seen Rio Bravo in ages but it still stands out to this day as my favorite western of all time. A small group of flawed–and one perfect *cough*Colorado*cough*–and realistic characters who band together to uphold the law in a western town taken over by gangsters. The film isn’t about thrills or action (although there are great moments of such) but  is more about the characters and their progression from their flawed pasts to a united group who stand against your classic bad guys. If you can become invested in the characters, like I did, the long film will be well worth the watch (this rather pitiful review for this fantastic film is making me want to rewatch this!! Ahh! Who wants to watch westerns with me? :D)


51.  Rocky III | 1982 | PG

The third Rocky movie somehow found its way to pretty much right in the center of my list after 51! The movie is so high because of how well it wraps up the journey of the first two movies. Even though there are six Rocky films, the series would have been just fine if it had ended here in a trilogy because of how good this one was. Rocky’s rise to fame, then need for a moment of soul searching honesty,is really neat to see in this film. The build up to the ‘final’ fight is fantastic and doesn’t loose it’s power with multiple rewatches and Rocky continues to be one of the best stand up guys of film history (only to be matched in my book by Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers/Captain America.) That’s pretty good to come from a boxing saga, of all places! 😀



6 thoughts on “Top 100 Favorite Movies|60-51

  1. Of the posts thus far, this is probably the one that I know the least of the entries.

    I haven’t seen Anne of Avonlea, Say Anything, The First Wives Club, Despicable Me 2, or Monsters University. So I can’t say about them, but I do want to watch the Despicable Me.

    I m sure that I watched that Winnie the Pooh movie when I was like 2, but obviously I don’t remember it. lol

    Toy Story is actually a movie that I grew-up watching and I loved it as a kid. I had the toys and everything for it. Oddly enough, the Toy Story movies are my mother’s favorite movies for the most part. Because of that, they are the only Pixar movies other than The Incredibles (Sam L. Jackson is awesome!), that I almost kind of still like to day. My problem with basically all Pixar movies is that they are just not that funny, at least to me. Anyway, even though the movie killed the superior 2D animation, it is still a landmark in animation.

    Pacific Rim, OH YEAH! You know that I enjoyed this movie! As I said before, I loved the anime homages and the general awesomeness of the movie. Oddly enough, it does not quite make my Top 100. It was a ton of fun, but a lot of the classics just beat it out. Maybe I will change that. 🙂

    Rio Bravo, great movie! I am glad you convinced me to watch it! 🙂 One of Wayne’s best.

    Is Rocky 3 the one where he fights the Russian or Mr. T? That’s basically how I remember all of the sequels. lol

    Looking forward to the rest of the list!


    1. Ahhh. Yes, you should at least check the Despicable Me movies, they are quite fun.

      That’s interesting about your Toy Story history, I actually don’t think I knew most of that! 😛 I find most of Pixar funny but I think in an overall sense they are a little overrated. 🙂

      WHOO FOR PACIFIC RIM! That’s funny about it not being in your top 100, but that sounds about right for your list I guess.

      Oh yeah, Kayla and I told you to watch Rio Bravo, that’s right! LOL

      He fights Mr. T, Lolol! The Russian was the fourth. 😛


  2. Most of these films I was already familiar with, even if I haven’t actually seen them. The only ones I hadn’t heard of were “The First Wives Club” and “Say Anything.”

    “Anne of Avonlea” is a great blending of several books in the Anne series. I’m not crazy about the third movie, though…they completely changed her character and the whole direction of the original stories. Toy Story!!! So much more funny when you’re old enough to get all the grown-up jokes. My sister Anna just watched “Rio Bravo” and she’s gone on and on about Colorado, so I’m going to have to see what all the fuss it about 😉

    And of course, “Rocky III.” (*claps hands to heart in delight*) Love that movie.

    1. Yeah, that third Anne movie was… blah, like a bad fan fiction or something. 😛

      Rio Bravo is such a good movie, I think you’d like it a lot! Yes, Colorado! Although I have always had a crush on Dude, too.


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