tumblr_mihio53mJR1r6uijdo1_500Well, I would post the next addition to my 100 Favorite Movies post but I’ve been sick with a cold nearly all week. After a couple of days of trying, I gave up writing altogether as my mental energy had slowed waaay down (this is also the reason why I haven’t been commenting this week; I’m so sorry everybody.) *Sigh* I’m a complete baby whenever I get sick, I’m afraid. 

Anyway, I’m feeling a little better today so I decided to write this up so I don’t break my blogging streak.

Pretty much all I’ve done this week besides cough and take medicine is watch stuff on my laptop. I decided to finish Season 9 of The Office just so I could say I’ve seen it all. Season 9 was not that great up until near the end. It wrapped up very well and I’m glad I finished it. I also went back to the original UK Office, which I hadn’t been able to finish the first time I tried watching it, and blew through the two seasons in under twenty four hours. So that was lots of fun. 

Movies I’ve watched this past week include Mamma Mia! (didn’t like,) The Good The Bad and The Ugly (too slow overall,) August: Osage County (dysfunction at it’s craziest = not really a happy movie,) rewatched a Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes (no shame that I’m still crushing on him,) and watched Shaun of the Dead WHICH WAS SO FUNNY AND HYSTERICAL I WANT TO ADD IT TO MY TOP 100 FAVORITE MOVIES BECAUSE I WATCHED IT TWICE IN TWO DAYS WHICH I NEVER DO; HONESTLY BRITISH COMEDY WITH ZOMBIES IS THE BEST. It’s rated R, but if you already watch R rated movies anyway, then you need to watch Shaun of the Dead because it’s my new favorite movie.

Besides watching my laptop, I’ve also played my Happy Farm app religiously, listened to audio book dramatizations and helped my mom by sorting through our children’s books so we can downsize. And I’ve been sleeping. So there’s not much else to talk about except that I’m looking forward to not being sick. 😛 Hopefully if I keep improving like today so I will be able to get back to writing my movie posts, commenting and functioning like a normal human being. Until then, I shall be watching more movies on my laptop in bed. (I’ve marked my Skype profile as “away” but if anyone wants to IM I would enjoy that a lot. I miss human interaction.) Hope you all are doing well.



12 thoughts on “I DIDN’T MEAN TO GET SICK. *cries*

  1. I watched Shaun of the Dead on TV to avoid the super gross “R” stuff, but yeah, it’s a fantastically hilarious movie isn’t it? If you haven’t seen it, you should also watch Hot Fuzz, also starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but spoofing action flicks instead of zombie ones. I liked that one even better! (Though it’s a bit grosser too I think.)

    Sorry you’ve been sick, I hope you continue on to a speedy recovery!

    1. Glad you liked it!! Oooh, I’ve heard of Hot Fuzz but it’s nice to have it recommended! I’ll totally have to watch it soon!

      Thank you!


  2. Being sick sucks… XP I know from experience, a lot of experience. lol 😛 For some reason, unless I feel like I am going to die, I tend to enjoy writing some blog post when I am sick, but maybe that’s because I am hopelessly addicted to blogging. 😛

    I am glad you watched The Good The Bad and The Ugly, even if you were not a fan of it so much. It is a long movie, and I guess I tend to have a longer than normal attention when it comes to classics. 🙂

    I need to watch Shaun of the Dead! I have been wanting to give it a watch sometime, but you have confirmed that I wanted to watch it.

    I pray that you will get well soon!


    1. LOL!!! 😛

      Yes, I am glad I watched it too since it is a classic. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much!

      YOU NEED TO SEE SHAUN OF THE DEAD I THINK YOU WOULD LOVE IT. Watch it soon so we can talk about it!!!! (and Clue too! :P)

      Thank you!


      1. Yes, I like the option WordPress gives of people needing to use emails to leave comments because it keeps off most haters–they’re traceable with an email! It’s very nice security! 😀


    1. Thank you very much!! Being sick IS the worst. 😛 I’m mad to have a cold in the middle of spring. D: Thankfully it is starting to go away!


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