Top 100 Favorite Films|90-81



90. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkban | 2004 | PG

I liked this movie a lot once I got to the end of it. In many ways, it felt too predictable during the first half for me to really get invested in it. However, it had some fun moments and the end definitely made it worth the watch to me. I loved Buckbeak, the Hippogriff creature Harry rides at the beginning, that was really cool. I didn’t recognize Gary Oldman at all as Sirus! I also really liked seeing Harry learn what he is capable of near the end of the film, too.


89. Murder by Death | 1976 | PG

First off, I’ve always wanted to see a film in which some of my favorite detectives were thrust together in one story. So you can imagine my delight in finding an actual film in which spoofy versions of Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and Charlie Chan are all together in one film. Combined with the other detective types and a silly set of circumstances makes for one very amusing and ridiculous movie. Mystery/detective films being one of my favorite genres ever, it was hysterical to see the stereotypes of the genre being poked at and the spoofs of famous fictional detectives done perfectly. 😀


88. Avatar | 2009 | PG-13

Yes, I actually liked Avatar once I got around to watching it. The world of Pandora was beautiful. It’s one of those worlds where I would love to go explore. The plot is on the weaker side as it really feels is like the story of Pocahontas. At least, in a general sense. However, I got more invested in the story than I thought I would and would like to see more of Pandora at some point in the future.


87. Back to the Future | 1985 | PG

I knew nothing about this movie when I watched it; I don’t even remember what made me decide to even give it a try but I’m glad I did. I love time travel tales and this one was really neat! It was funny, it was clever and it felt like a classic. So of course I was happy to find out afterward that, hey, it actually was a classic! I’ve only seen it once and I really need to watch it again at some point.


86. We Bought a Zoo | 2011 | PG

This was a very touching story. I really loved the characters and their story of growing together. If you didn’t know already, I’m a huge animal person and working/living with a zoo has a very strong appeal to me and it makes for a interesting plot. Scarlett Johansson was fantastic as always and the child actors were actually pretty good. I love the strong theme of family throughout a lot. And of course, I love the tigers. They are my favorite animals and I liked them a lot.


85. Paranorman | 2012 | PG

I actually liked this movie quite a bit. Norman is a likable, sympathetic character who sees the ghosts of deceased people and is given the task of stopping a curse from overtaking his town. Stop-motion animation fascinates me because of all the hard work that must go into creating each sweeping movement and facial expression. This is one of the better stop-motion movies I’ve seen; the characters are goofy but fun, Norman is a dear, and the movie is perfectly creepy yet funny at the same time.


84. Stardust | 2007 | PG-13

I really like this movie because the magical setting. It’s a lighthearted story, a little like The Princess Bride, but with dark elements woven throughout and it’s all done very well. Tristan made a great protagonist as he discovered the hero within himself and the rest of the characters were fun. I especially liked how everything all tied together at the very end; the film actually has a very satisfactory ending which I appreciate.


83. Edward Scissorhands | 1990 | PG-13

Another touching story. Johnny Depp is fantastic because he can just morph into any character and just be them. He was perfect as Edward Scissorhands, who was a very sweet and innocent character. The one thing I almost can’t stand from this movie was the intense, overdone 90’s style throughout, which I really don’t like. But once I work around that, the movie is a very different and touching story.


82. Beetlejuice |1988 | PG (I would actually rate this a PG-13)

BEETLEJUICE. BEETLEJUICE. BEETLEJU– wait, you’re not supposed to say more than three times. 😛 Okay, I like pretty much everything in this movie outside of Beetlejuice himself. Beetlejuice himself was a very creepy and disgusting character. But besides him, I love everything. The couple we follow throughout the film are so cute and sweet together, the plot is intriguing and interesting, and that soundtrack. The soundtrack alone is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Danny Elfman is one of my ultimate favorite composers and his score really helps make the movie.


81. The Adventures of the Robin Hood | 1938 | PG

I love this movie so much. I love Errol Flynn as Robin Hood, I love Basil Rathbone as the Sheriff and I love Olivia De Haviland as Maid Marian. The tales of Robin Hood are some of the best and this is my favorite Robin Hood movie by far. The sets and costumes are gorgeous and acting is fantastic. Robin Hood and his merry men are so lovable. The romance is perfectly sweet. The villains are the type you love to hate, except that I’ve had a very long crush on Basil Rathbone so that makes it’s harder to hate on the Sheriff. If I was to be in movies, I would love to be in a movie just like this one!




12 thoughts on “Top 100 Favorite Films|90-81

  1. The Prisoner of Azkban was the first Harry Potter that made me think: “This franchise has some real potential.” The first two were OK, but still kids movies, but I loved the look and feel of the third one. However, it ranks as only my 5th favorite Harry Potter movie because all next movies except the Goblet of Fire were a lot better. 🙂

    Murder by Death was a fun movie. It was not particularly memorable, but it has been at least two or three years since I have seen it.

    Avatar is a movie that I liked quite a bit the first and second time that I watched the movie, but on the third time, I actually started almost hating it to a degree. The special effects are good, but the story ripped off Dances with Wolves too much. However, for someone that had not seen that movie, I can why you would enjoy it more. I have really not been a fan of James Cameron’s work since he made Titanic. I wish he would go back to making really good movies like T2 and Aliens again! Okay, I will stop ranting now. 😛 lol

    Back to the Future! I love that movie! So much fun and so hilarious! Easily one of my favorites. 🙂 It is a great movie to re-watch. I actually re-watched just a week after watching it for the first time, which is something that I do not usually do!

    We Bought a Zoo was fun movie. I love Scar-Jo’s part in the movie! Damon was good too.

    Haven’t seen Paranorman, Stardust, or Edward Scissorhands either, but do want to watch Edward Scissorhands sometime.

    Beetlejuice was a lot of fun. I liked the art direction of the movie.

    The Adventures of Robin Hood is a lot of fun, and the action was top notch for the era. I really enjoyed the movie a lot more than I ever expected I would when I first watched it.

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the list!


    1. Hey, I actually liked Goblet of Fire! 😛 Just teasing. I agree Azkaban is lower among some of my other favorite HP movies too but somehow it stayed within the top 100!

      I understand it not being that memorable, as a lot of the charm from the film comes from really getting the references of the different characters. They are excellent spoofs, down to the many catch phrases, ect.

      Yes, I haven’t seen Dance with Wolves but I take your word for it. T2 and Aliens are definitely way better than Avatar!!!

      Back to the Future is fantastic and I need to rewatch it desperately. It is probably too long on my list. 😦

      I’m glad you liked The Adventures of Robin Hood, it’s a great movie especially for it’s time!! They actually don’t make many like that one anymore. 😦


  2. yay! Robin Hood is one of my favorites, too. Errol Flynn and Olivia de Haviland are awesome. And Basil Rathbone is too, of course 🙂

    1. YAY! It’s SUCH a good movie, I love everything about it! I actually should rewatch it sometime, I haven’t seen it in years. 😦


  3. I really like Stardust and We Bought a Zoo. 🙂 Have you seen Captain Blood? I like it a lot too. The Adventures of Robin Hood reminded me of it. (Ugh. That that rhymes.) 😀


    1. Yay, someone else who’s seen Stardust!! Yes! I have seen Captain Blood, but only once and it was several years ago but I really liked it! 😀


      1. LOL well, we don’t have to if you REALLY don’t want to give a try. We can watch Scream instead. 😛


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