Awkward But Awesome

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Awkward: Wanting to do a photo-a-day Instagram challenge but than forgetting for most of the second month.

But Awesome: Not feeling chained down to a schedule or heart-wrenched that I do forget.

Awkward: Not getting to see my best friend for a year and a half, not even once.

But Awesome: Getting to see briefly see him again even for just a few minutes!

Awkward: Starting a new crochet project with the wrong sized needle.

But Awesome: Figuring out the mistake before getting too far into the project


Awkward: Wanting to publish a new booktrack but feeling selfish for waiting for a contest to enter it in for a chance to win cash

But Awesome: Earning money with something I love doing is actually awesome.

Awkward: Starting a blog series that takes 100 photo uploads.

But Awesome: Starting an awesome blog series.

Awkward: Reality TV. In general.

But Awesome: Feeling a little better about myself after watching Reality TV. 😛



18 thoughts on “Awkward But Awesome

  1. “Wanting to publish a new booktrack but feeling selfish for waiting for a contest to enter it in for a chance to win cash.” Psst…call it a sporadic career venture! Nobody ever said this had to be a free-to-the-public hobby 😉

    Reality TV…oh my. What little I’ve seen always leaves me wanting either to hit some of the people, or sit them down and tell them nicely how to run their lives better! 😛

    1. Yeah, well, that’s how I feel sometimes though!!! 😦

      Some reality tv can be quite fun but sometimes not. I usually end up not feeling so bad about my own life, lol.


      1. Aww, don’t feel bad! Think of the Proverbs 31 woman: “she considers a field and buys it”, and “her family is clothed in scarlet.” You consider contest timing, your skills, and the likelihood of winning a contest, and you *hold onto that story!!*

        Do you know how many authors make money at their writing? Not all that many. If you have even the possibility of earning some income, DO IT!! I think it’s the coolest thing in the world that you’ve won a cash contest. I think it’s even cooler than the coolest that you’re going to try again, and I hope you win!! You’ve worked hard to write this! I write when I’m not being lazy, and I know exactly how much goes into revising, agonizing, deleting, creating…You share so much on this blog. So many posts, so many pictures, so many thoughts to make us smile. You want to hold back with a story? GO FOR IT. It’s yours.

        Tell you what, think of it this way: you’re being a wise stewardess with the gift God has given you. Rock on, pretty lady, and don’t ever listen to the “guilt.”

  2. Fun post!

    Waiting for a contest to enter a booktrack is an entirely valid reason to wait. Winning money is awesome! 😀

    A new blog series with 100 pictures? This intrigues me…. May I ask when we will be getting to see it? 😉

    The last picture is hilarious! And I definitely how that could be true. I will remember that. lol

    Depending on how you define reality TV, I watch quite a bit of it. My favorite, by far, is Survivor. I have been watching for about as long as I can remember and still love it. 🙂


    1. Good!

      YES IT IS! 😀

      It is the 100 movies post but I’m afraid I don’t know when I will be ready to post them. I’ve yet to start writing about the movies themselves, I’ve been searching for all the right pictures to use. 😛

      I haven’t seen Survivor but I’ll have to look into at some point!


      1. Oh yeah, I remember you telling me about that. I think I showed some of it to you, but I am trying to do that with my Top 100 Movies as well. 🙂

        I know what you mean about trying to figure something to write about each entry. That is the hardest part for me. Every time, even if I am on a roll in terms of writing well, it kills all creativity and I cannot think of anything to say. That is actually the problem that is holding up my list right. 😛


      2. Yes, that is where I got the idea and of course I’ll be giving you full credit. 😀

        Awww, I hope you can figure out soon, I’ve been looking forward to your revised version! I think it will be harder to find things to say about the less favorite movies than the favorite. I don’t want to have to justify why each entry is where they are but I also want to explain everything in a way that makes sense to people. 🙂


  3. Hey, just thought of a kind of humorous Awkward but Awesome thing that retains to me that I wanted to add.

    Awkward: Google Adsense showing me Japanese advertisements on YouTube that I can barely understand.
    Awesome: Because I am such an Otaku (anime-fan) that watches so many anime videos and Japanese music. 😛 lol

    But I am serious, I am getting Japanese commercials before even my normal English non-anime related videos. I guess Google thinks I speak Japanese, which is kind of funny.


    1. OH. MY. GOSH. That’s so weird but cool! Definitely Awkward but Awesome! You must watch a lot of anime on YouTube! 😛


      1. LOL! At first I had no idea why I was getting Japanese ads, but then I thought about for a minute it and it was obvious.
        Most of the actual anime episodes are from different websites, but I have been addicted to this band called “The Pillows,” particularly the song below, and so I have made a playlist of anime related songs that I listen to help me write! 😀 So, I suppose that is the reasoning behind the Japanese ads.


  4. Wait a minute. That is the entire playlist, but the one song I was referring to. Here is the correct link.

    I don’t know if you would actually that music though. Anyway, here it is. 🙂


      1. I am glad you kind of like it. 😛 Since we are on the subject of writing music, I might as well go on a tangent. Normally I cannot listen to song with lyrics while writing because it messes with my thinking, but since I cannot understand these Japanese songs, it is a lot more like beat than lyrics. Anyway, there’s my two cents. 🙂


      2. That makes complete sense about the language difference. I am just like that with my novel writing, it all has to be instrumental. Well, there are rare exceptions of course, but anyway. Next time we Skype, we’ll have to trade favorite songs back and forth for fun when we run out of things to talk about! 😛


  5. Yes! We will have to do that next time! Sorry for not being able to Skype recently. I got behind in school in after getting sick, so I have been working from 6:00 to 6:00 most days. 😦


    1. That’s okay, hopefully you will catch up with your work soon. I’m glad you’re not sick anymore, too. We will probably be able to see The Winter Soldier before we Skype anyway, which I think is a good thing since we’ll want to talk about it! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT COMES OUT THIS FRIDAY. I’ll be attempting to get to the theater as soon as possible to support the opening weekend ticket sales. 😛 It’s Marvel, after all!


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