I despise writer’s block. I have so many post drafts begun but nothing is coming to me to write. It’s extremely annoying, especially since I dislike letting my blog sit for longer than a few days. I also dislike dwelling on negatives–but that sentence sound so ironic now!

Anyway, the only big thing I have to share at the moment (that my brain isn’t trying to stop me from writing) is that I saw The Lego Movie on Friday! I took my seven year old brother with me since legos are his thing and I thought it would be a great way for him to re-experience the theater since seeing Winnie The Pooh in 2011. We both really liked it and I think we’ll be buying it when the price is right for the family film collection. But gosh, I can’t believe anyone was not looking forward for this film to some degree or another.


It was so fun! The animation was fantastic and the detail that was poured into the lego universe was mind blowing.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with such perfect casting as well–Chris Pratt’s voice was exactly what I would expect to hear from that familiar, regular yellow face! Will Arnett, who’s character from Arrested Development is hysterical, was perfect for the spoofy Batman. And how do you go wrong with Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson or Elizabeth Banks?!

The film’s plot took some surprising twists and turns and there were so many delightful cameos.  The dialogue and humor was ridiculously fun and yet the film was still able to get you attached to the characters and communicate a few good messages.


If you’ve ever had anything to do with legos in any part of your life, then you need to see this movie because you will love it.

Well, that is all that I can think to say right now… I need to find a cure for this writer’s block. Hey, maybe it’s a LEGO writer’s block, made of lego bricks! That makes for some fun images for the old noodle!



10 thoughts on “Blocks.

  1. Writer’s block sucks! The other day I just had to give up and watch “Spice and Wolf” because I could not think of anything to write for posts, even though I have been getting behind on my posts! At least watching stuff counts as “research.” 🙂

    Hopefully I will get to see The Lego Movie at some point! You already know that I am majorly excited to see the movie! Right now, we are about to get a few inches of ice, so I won’t be leaving the house for a little while. 😦 If you don’t hear from tomorrow, assume I lost electricity.


    1. LOL Yes, watching something DOES count for research and for that I am glad! 😛

      I hope you don’t loose your electricity!! 😦 I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Also, I hope you’ll be able to see the movie soon!


  2. Aw, I hope your block goes away soon!

    Y’know, this post inspired me to make a post on my own blog, blocked or no! (Sometimes I feel like I have permanent writer’s block and other times I realize that I’m probably just lazy. :P)

    Anyway, I haven’t seen the Lego Movie yet, and probably won’t for a while, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I do see it! (Tell me though: does Stan Lee make an appearance?)

    1. I’m so glad this was an inspiration!! I also hope my block goes away. 😦

      I’m sure you will really enjoy The Lego Movie! Sadly, I did not see any Marvel characters in the film and Stan Lee didn’t make an appearance that I noticed. It was pretty much DC characters, *cries-although-Batman-was-hilarious*. Hopefully any future sequels will feature some Marvel heroes!


  3. I want to see the LEGO movie very much! Unfortunately our family decided to save our money and not see it in theaters; we are going to wait to rent it on DVD when it comes out later 🙂 But I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about that movie. I also played with LEGO’s a lot when I was young, so anything having to do with LEGO’s has my attention. Even watching clips and trailer from the movie made me cry happy tears of nostalgia. LEGO’s!!! ❤ Anyway, I am glad you got to see the movie with your brother and here's a big punch in the wall of your writer's block!

    1. I’m sorry you can’t see at the theaters right away but hopefully you’ll be able to see it as soon as the DVD comes out! You should REALLY love it!!!!


  4. I JUST REALIZED THE TITLE ‘BLOCKS’ IS NOT ONLY FOR WRITER’S BLOCK BUT FOR LEGO TOO. Sorry, that was random. But it’s cool and I’m excited and had to share my euphoria. (Which is rapidly deteriorating because it’s bedtime)

    1. ROFL I’M GLAD SOMEONE GOT IT! *high fives!* Thanks for commenting again, it makes me so excited when my readers are excited! 😛


    1. Hey!!! 😀 Yes, as you can observe from my very sad blog, my block hasn’t let up that much at all. But I WILL SO COME CHECK OUT THE TAG BECAUSE I LOVE TAGS, THANK YOU!!!!


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