I’m refraining from, “wow, January flew by already?!”

My January was pretty much Pandora, horror movies, Post Christmas shopping, Skyping and a brilliant sci-fi story idea that refused to cooperate with me in time to enter in Booktrack’s New Years contest.


I learned that it was okay not to push myself on making a story work if it just wasn’t the meant to be written at that moment. I’ve filed “Extraction” away and will to let it boil in my mind for a little while longer. However, in other good news in regards to writing, Booktrack sent me an email that began, “touching base with you because your work on Booktrack stands out as some of the best on the platform.  To show our appreciation for our star authors we’re going to be creating author profile pages, and we’d love to include one for you.” !!!! I got to send in a short bio for my page! So, while I couldn’t get my story to cooperate with me, I was thrilled to be approached because of my past work that includes both writing and music/sound effect editing. 😀 That was just a big wow moment for me!


I got to Skype with my friend Rebecca twice during the last week of January; it was the first time we’d attempted it and it was very exciting to speak face to face. I especially liked it because it’s been ages since I’ve had a proper conversation with someone my age eye to eye. She’s a very sweet person with the prettiest southern accent and we have so many things in common! I finally got to talk to another girl who likes The Walking Dead and all sorts of other fandoms as well. She showed me an icicle from outside, too, which was really neat! I’m looking forward to Skyping more with her (and, of course, our mutual friend James!) throughout the next year!


Post Christmas shopping is one of the best parts of January, in my opinion; I bought some candles, Bath and Body Works products, which I’ve not had in ages, some new shirts, movies, which include the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, and accessories for my iPod. I feel set up for the new year and I’m now strongly buckling down to spend a lot less for the next six months until my 20th birthday. (I’M GOING TO BE 20 IN JULY GUYS IT FEELS SURREAL.)

large (56)

A big part of my January was my dive into the horror genre. It was a careful dive, I assure you, one where I went for the highly recommended films, the ones with a bit more depth than just a regular slasher film and packed a punch when it came to plot twists. Unpredictable plot twist that make sense are some of my favorite things when it comes to films and the horror genre is actually full of fantastic writing and plotting; the good ones are just as artistic and masterful–sometimes even more so–then a regular movie because of the emotions that needs to be properly communicated from screen to audience without being cheesy or forced. My respect for the genre, when it’s done right, is a lot bigger than it was a year ago. I’ve made it through the three Scream movies (first was the best and the third one was better than the second) and then got wowed by Shutter Island and Identity. I’m looking forward to watching more highly recommend horror films in the near future (and hopefully writing another one myself.)

Some of my plans for February will be studying for my driver’s permit again, re-begin trotting the neighborhood again after my Christmas break, watch some more scary movies and eat lots of chocolate. My sister and I also figured out how to iMessage each other so I’m sure there will be a lot of that this month too. 😛



4 thoughts on “I’m refraining from, “wow, January flew by already?!”

  1. Wow! Congrats on booktracks contacting you! That is awesome! Maybe you will be a pioneer of the new booktrack medium. 😉

    That’s cool that you got to chat with Rebecca. 🙂 We need to set up a time to Skype in a few weeks after The Walking Dead premiers!

    You have to watch Psycho! It is basically the original slasher flick, and it is one of my favorite movies in general. It starts out incredibly slow though, and I can’t remember if you said you watched Jaws yet, but definitely watch that, it is a classic. Alien is another great classic that you should watch, but beyond those, I have not seen many other horror movies, except for a few anime (*Obligatory Anime Reference* 😛 ) like Kara no Kyōkai, but that is more like a dark fantasy mystery.

    Good luck with the driving permit test! It is not as easy as you would think.


    1. Thank you; and maybe I will, I’ll certainly be submitting short stories as they come to me!

      Yes, it was lots of fun! OH MY GOSH THE WALKING DEAD; yes, we will have to do that–also so we can talk about Sherlock!

      I’ve seen Psycho, I saw it Halloween night last year with Kayla! It was good, the beginning was rather slow but I could see how it’s a classic. The ending scene with What’s-His-Name was intense, I remember having to drop eye contact with him because it was so creepy! LOL Yes, I saw Jaws, although I didn’t think of it as horror when I watched it. I just put the first to Alien movies on hold at the library, actually, and am looking forward to them both. I would recommend you see the first Scream (It’s a film classic, after all) and Identity FOR SURE because that film was fantastic!

      Yes, I will need all the luck I can get; they are not easy at all to take (I failed the first time! 😦 )


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