Addressing Six Pet Peeves (the last one being the most important)


Why oh why oh why do people do these things?

Auto Playlists: I’m starting on one which I think we all can agree with right off the bat. I don’t know anyone who likes to visit a website or blog and be greeted by an automatic orchestra… or Owl City. Thankfully this has become less and less a problem over the years and automatic playlists have become a no-no if you want your blog to be welcoming to a visiting audience. And I’m not banning playlists completely; I think it’s cool if you have a playlist on your blog that I can play myself if I’m A) interested in finding out what you like because I like what I see on your blog and music is a great way to get to know someone’s personality and tastes; B) bored of my music and want to find new music or C) I happen to be in a open and curious mood that day. 🙂

Fake Fans. I covered this in a post already but it is such a pet peeve of mine that I had to include it on this list again. Click the link to read more.


The Blocks of Hastags on Instagram: Oh good gravy. I love Instagram but these drive me IN-SANE. I personally made it a rule of mine not to over more then ten hashtags per post. It looks attention seeking when there are fifty two hashtags under the image. This includes talking through hashtags under your image. It’s not easy to read. At all. Hopefully, overusing hashtags will die out one of these days, but I won’t count on it.

The Misrepresentation of Sherlock Holmes’s Feelings Towards Women In Movies. (I’m trying to scrape a post up on this one.) Seriously, the movies seem to get it wrong most of the time. They either portray Holmes in love with Irene Adler, WHICH DID NOT HAPPEN, or they portray him as a jerk to all women, which he was nothing of the sort in the original stories. This drives me mad but I shall save my raving about this one for later.


Snapbacks. You know those hats that guys wear; they look a little like baseball caps but are NOT baseball caps? They’re called snapbacks. And they are awful. They automatically make guys look like they have no intelligence whatsoever–I’m sorry, but it’s true. Ugh; does anyone want to have bonfire with me and we just burn as many as we can? BTW: Baseball caps are cool. Please go back to baseball caps.

People telling other people what they can and cannot feel: This is of a more serious nature and bothers me a lot more than snapbacks do. I really, really dislike this. I have two examples for you:

I’ve seen this behavior a lot on Twitter recently, now that it’s become cold across the nation. Someone makes a status saying, “Wow, I’m cold, it’s such and such degrees outside!” and someone else comes along on their tweet and says, “It’s twice as cold where I’m at, you have no right to be complaining, I wish I had your weather” ect. Excuse me? What’s warm for someone might be cold to someone else-they weren’t speaking for you in the first place, were they? Short Version: if someone is cold, let them be cold! I find this type of behavior incredibly rude–and that example is on a small scale.


What’s even worse, is that people, especially Christians–ESPECIALLY ADULTS– do this with things like feelings, which are intimate pieces of a human’s soul. Someone might express that they are fearful about something and half a dozen people will come along, with big gasps, exclaiming, “Don’t say such things, you can’t be afraid! Living in fear is a sin! Hmm, you must not be trusting in God or living by faith!” Excuse me?! Where has the real Christainity gone; where’s the encouragement, the empthay, the “I’m so sorry you’ve been facing fear, I know how that feels, is there something I could be praying for you while you experiencing these traumas/insecurities/ ect.” It’s takes a lot of courage for someone to confess that they might be struggling with something as big as fear, and it makes me so mad when they’re beaten over the head with it by the people who are supposed to love and support them through their storms.

For gosh sakes, stop telling people how they should or shouldn’t be feeling by downsizing what you think their relationship with God is and instead show them that you actually want to take their feelings into consideration, whether it be trivial or soul-wrenching!


Short Version: Christians, stopping Bible-Beating people who are actually being honest about what they’re struggling with. You’re making us all look very, very sad.



11 thoughts on “Addressing Six Pet Peeves (the last one being the most important)

  1. Hehe. 😉 Auto Playlist can be so irritating! Especially if you are looking at blogs and it’s at night and your younger siblings are asleep, and then you have this music come one and you are like ‘Where’d that come from?!’ And then you get really annoyed because you can’t work out where it is and also why people would do that.

    Okay, well, as a new Sherlockian, in SIB seeing as I haven’t seen it, well everyone who has seen it, like my Mum and Sister-in-law, said he was either in love with Irene Adler or sort of in love, is he? Because I really hated it that he had a girlfriend in ‘His Last Vow’ and I can’t really stand her, or the fact that they were a couple. After all, Sherlock doesn’t get married or anything.
    And he’s not exactly the most chivalrous guy in BBC either. 😉

    If people say stuff like that on Facebook for instance, I usually do a lot of hahas and say how it’s warm where I am, because I’ll usually be the complete opposite. 🙂

    The best advice is from your parents, I know you don’t have such a good relationship with your Dad that you might ask him advice, but if you’re having trouble, ask your Mum. The amount of wisdom that parents have is amazing. And pray about it. 🙂

    Anyway, I’d better go.
    God Bless,

    1. I’VE HAD THE PROBLEM!-at least when I shared a room with my sister. Now it’s just a problem for me. The worst is when you’ve opened up a bunch of blogs to let them load and two playlists start playing at once! Ahhh!

      I think it was meant to be lightly implied but I didn’t think he was in love with her at all in SIB, which is why I still love the show so much. It is implied that he saves her from death, but I believe it was out of respect for her mind. LIke in the original story, the feelings he has for her is simply a respect because she actually beat him–but the respect is always turned into, “oh, he must have loved her!” Grrr. 🙂 No, he’s not he chivalrous guy in BBC’s but I forgive it because it’s a modern adaption and I think Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be as kind to women being raised in modern times then where he was originally put. I have so much respect for BBC, they’ve handled everything so well when it comes to adapting, in my opinion. That’s why I’m such a huge fan of them. 🙂

      LOL that’s funny; I don’t mind it when it’s said in a fun way between two friends but that’s not always how it goes down. 😦

      Well, I wasn’t speaking about myself personally necessarily; I was commentating on behavior I have seen often online and at actual churches or from the past. But you are right, parents are great resources for wisdom if they are safe people (which my dad is not.) I’m so blessed to have my Mom though! 🙂

      I love your comments, thanks for dropping by Vellvin! 😀


  2. I hate auto playlists too! It always makes me jump when a loud song suddenly starts playing while I’m visiting someone’s blog! 😦
    Blocks of hashtags also annoy me. I mean, I agree–it just looks like you are trying to get attention. No more than ten please. As for Holmes’s feelings, I agree there too. I still fangirl about SherLolly, but to be honest–Holmes is pretty uninterested in women in general. I always hate it when a new movie comes out and they absolutely HAVE to pair him with Irene Adler or someone of the sorts. Why can’t we have movies like the old ones? Where Holmes and Watson solved crimes and the focus was on the story rather than a romance that really shouldn’t be there?
    Hey, if you’re burning snapbacks can I join you? Whenever I see a guy wearing one the first word that comes to my mind is “Thug”. They are unattractive, and as you said, make them look like they barely have two IQ points to rub together. The very fact that they exist (and that people wear them) makes me begin to question the absolute necessity of human contact (and said luxuries) and perhaps I should just colonize Mars. Really, they are all over my college campus and it drives me insane!
    Yes, again, on the last one I agree with you too. Don’t comment on a post and tell someone that they can’t feel something! Especially if they are admitting that they are fearful, lonely, depressed, or angry. I recently saw this with someone I knew, and it made me angry because I was once in her shoes. I knew that TELLING her she can’t be lonely or angry wasn’t going to help her–it would drive her further into it. I mean, you confess you are lonely and then someone tells you DON’T feel lonely–not because they are there for you, but because you just shouldn’t feel that way because it’s silly. Well, thanks…that just pretty much just confirmed her feelings. Great.

    Wonderful post, Jamie! 😀

    1. I don’t think anyone likes auto playlists! I’m so glad that they’re used a lot less more recently. 🙂

      I KNOW. I WANT SHERLOCK AND WATSON TO SOLVE CRIMES TOGETHER AND HAVE ADVENTURES. The old ones are so good like that *cough-Basil-Rathbone-cough* While I don’t ship Sherlolly myself, I find it a forgiveable ship since it’s pretty much one-sided in that she likes him but he just appreciates her as a person–at least that’s how I see it. 🙂

      I WILL SO MOVE TO MARS WITH YOU. AND THEY WILL BE BANNED. 😛 They definately look Thug-ish and like their pockets are full of illegal drugs or something. Guys, seriously, they do not make you look cool. Trust me. 😛 🙂

      I’m glad you agree and see the problem; that’s sad it happened to your friend. It happens to too many people. 😦

      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀


  3. As usual, I am going to number each part of what my comment is commenting on. 🙂

    1: On yes! I despise auto playlists! But, I have also noticed a fortunate dissipation of the wretched things! Owl City (Fireflies X( ) music is horrible annoying when it clashes with my Death Note soundtrack while trying to read a blog. lol 😛

    2: Yeah, fake fans are never good. Maybe something superficial can get said person interested in a fandom to begin with, but if that is the only thing that person likes about it they aren’t really fans.

    3: I don’t use Instagram, but Rebecca did show me your comment about the time we played that named game that Sherlock and Watson played in “The Sign of Three”! 😀

    4: So, do you believe that the BBC Sherlock got that aspect correct at all? Just curious. 🙂 Jeremy Brett’s and Rathbone’s versions did the best job of representing that aspect of Sherlock well. Too bad the RDJ movies had to start the craze. :/

    5: I second the stupidity of snapbacks! (I didn’t know what they were called until you mentioned them) Yes, burn the snapbacks! Okay, where are you having the bonfire? 😉

    6: Cold? What is coldness? I’m just kidding, but my family thinks I’m crazy because when it is below freezing outside, I am inside with a short sleeve shirt completely comfortable. Of course when I go outside in temperatures less than 50 I wear a jacket, anyway. 😛 On a more serious note, I did not know that people said that, that is terrible!


    1. I like your comment system! 😀

      LOL Fireflies is the only Owl City song I like, hahaha! But I don’t really like his voice or any of his other songs–he’s quite overrated in my opinion. 😛 Ouch, I can imagine the noise that would be when mixed with Death Note! Blah!


      LOL I’m glad you saw it! That was hilarious! 😀

      Yes, I’ve been very very pleased with how BBC Sherlock has portrayed Sherlock Holmes; I think it’s a good modern adaption. I don’t like the same behavior with the period Holmes’s though. 😦 I KNOW, THAT WAS WHY I DIDN’T LIKE THAT FIRST RDJ MOVIE. UGH. But I think I told you that already. 🙂

      Bonfire at the closest mall; we’ll tackle every hat we see sulking about! 😛 I didn’t know what they were called either until I heard them being called that on Teen’s React and I was like, “what’s a snapback” and Googled it. Even the name is stupid. 😛

      ROFL, Wow, that’s pretty great… skill set? for indoors. But at least you wear a jacket outside! 😛 Yes, it happens a lot all over the place, especially on the Internet and it makes me so mad. I hurt for the people that get treated like that on a regular basis. 😦



    Like: a) it’s really between them and God. If they’re opening up to you, it means they love/trust you alot and/or REALLY want help. B) *sarcastic voice* oh sorry I didn’t know temptations/struggles/emotions were sins.

    ERGH it bugs me.

    Another random pet peeve of mine is people eating food loudly OHHHH it drives me nuts. (Even/especially when I do it.)

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!!!! This is a no brainer but so many adults don’t seem to understand what their doing…

      LOL, that one is annoying as well! 😛


  5. Yay! This is a favorite post XD Though all your posts are awesome like this.

    Yes, yes, yes about everything you said!!!! And hey!!! Baseball caps ARE cool!!! I LOVE baseball caps!!!! XD

    Your weather scenario was so perfect! That’s actually happened to me I think. You’re so right!! People suck. They just suck so bad sometimes. Ugh. They just suck!!!!!!!

    LOL, okay wait- that might have not come out how I meant it to. People suck when they try to control other people.

    I loved this post. I always feel so UGHGHGH trying to comment about how much I like your posts, because I can never express well enough how good I like them. 🙂

    1. 😛 Thank you very much for saying so!


      I witness teh weather scenario all the time. I’m sorry it has happened to you though. 😦 And I know what you mean. People do suck when they start telling other people that they’re wrong because they have a different opinion than their own. 😦

      😛 You can always come tell me in person, but comments are great too. 😛


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