Currently liking: not being sick! I was pretty much bedridden for about four and a half days. While it was rather nice to watch a lot movies and catch up on Sherlock and move through the entire fifth season of Doctor Who, my back got really tired and unbelievably I got tired of so much entertainment. So, I’m really happy to be feeling a lot better.

Currently listening: At this second, I’m listening to I Won’t Say (I’m In Love) from Hercules. I recently discovered the Pandora app on my iPod and have been checking out the different ‘stations’. I’m playing the Disney Children’s Radio right now for a dose of Disney. 🙂 Other stations I’ve been frequenting on Pandora includes Electronic For Studying, Solo Piano, Big Band, Film Scores and the Club/Dance Radio.

Currently drinking: water. I’ve been dying for a glass of milk but I’m keeping away from as much dairy as possible right now until I’m completely better. Thankfully I really love water so it’s working out.

Currently reading: nothing. 😦

Currently writing: this post. Posts in general. I’ve been kicking around a science-fiction/romance tragedy for several weeks now, so I might break down and attempt to write that out…

Currently watching: Well, I would say Doctor Who but I’m between seasons. Genre speaking, I’m viewing a lot of murder mysteries, horror, and some science fiction.

Currently obsessed with: well, I’m in between obsessions right now… The closest thing to an obsession at the moment would be the show Family Guy, as the episodes are short and I can squeeze a couple in any day if I really need a laugh. And some days I just really need to re-watch one of Stewie and Brian’s time traveling escapades again because those are the best episodes and anyone who’s seen that show knows that. 🙂

Currently tired: of almost everything in the Matt Smith Doctor Who world. I’m saving my ranting for after I see another season or so, but I honestly disliked most of Season Five. It doesn’t help that most Doctor Who merchandise is Matt Smith era, I therefore see it everywhere. So. I’m tired of that. (For everyone who will be clamoring to know if I liked anything from Season Five: I did like Rory. I actually really loved Rory. And the episode Amy’s Choice was really neat. But other than that…)

Currently excited: to go to Hot Topic; my 15 dollars off coupon just became valid and I’ve been waiting to use that coupon since before Christmas! So I’m very excited to use it within the next week! Ahhhh!

Currently failing: at lots of small things, like wearing my watch consistently. *grumble grumble*

Currently stuck in my head: it was Gangnam Style a little bit ago but it went away when I started playing Disney on Pandora so…

Currently wishing: I could skip all the steps it takes to be a completely stable and independent adult without all the drivers tests and GED lessons and job hunting. Can I hear an amen?

Currently praying: that the rest of this cold gets out of my throat and that my sister will be safe as she drives more. 🙂



10 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. I’m glad you are feeling better. 🙂

    Short 20 minute animated shows always great to watch when you don’t have a lot of time, especially on mobile devices.

    Gangnam Style got stuck in my head before, but for some reason I actually kind of liked the song, although I haven’t heard it in a while.

    Oh, it sounds like you are not a fan of Matt Smith and season 5… Well, that post will be… interesting…

    Currently listening: To Death Note soundtrack. It is one of the only soundtracks that I can listen to from beginning to end with wanting to skip anything, and it is the best study music. I listened to this when I needed to ace my math exam and ended up with an A.


    1. Thanks!

      Yes they are, it’s the perfect amount of time to pause life without feeling guilty about it. Lol!

      I don’t hate Gangnam Style myself; it’s just really repetitive so it does have a tendency to remain in your mind. 😛

      Yes, I probably won’t write up a post till after I see Season Six but I might crack before then, so we’ll see…..

      DEATH NOTE. I think I should re-watch that again, that would be really fun…


  2. Sorry you’re sick! 😛 😛
    Whenever I’m sick and I start to feel better, I always think of that scene in Fellowship of the Ring when Frodo finally woke up in Elrond’s House after being stabbed by the poisoned blade.
    🙂 I agree…. there’s something about a good mystery to distracts you when you’re sick.

    I so agree with your “what I’m wishing now.” You get my hearty Amen. 🙂

    Oh! By the way, I’m reading The Hunger Games. At last. And it’s really compelling reading.
    I’m reading it aloud to my sister, and my mom. Oddly enough, it was Mom who first said “This is a good book!” 🙂

    Hoping today you feel even better!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad that I am doing much too. 😛

      Haha! but seriously! 🙂

      Oooh, sounds fun! I used to read books out loud to my Mom and sister too! 😀 I’m glad you guys are liking it, that’s better than disliking it! 😀


  3. Season 5 of Who didn’t capture me, but the first episode “The Eleventh Hour” was pretty great. Rory was definitely the best part; the perfect straight man to the Doctor’s madness. I’ve been meaning to watch that season again. I suspect I disliked it partly because I had trouble moving on from Ten.

    Disney!! I spent part of today listening to Pandora Disney! I was so delighted they’ve started playing Frozen songs; have you seen Frozen yet??

    1. Rory was the best part, his character had some of the nobility and dignity of spirit that I love about 9 and 10’s Doctor that 11’s just seemed to loose. I actually didn’t really like the first episode that much. So far, my biggest problem is actually more with Amy than 11, although I didn’t like 11 that much at all either. But I have a lot of bones to pick with Amy…

      DISNEY! AHH! I just bought a couple Disney clothes a few hours ago! 😛 No, I have not seen Frozen yet. I can’t say I’m in a hurry to see it either; I will probably catch it when it comes to Netflix or the library. I have heard a couple of the songs on Pandora, though! 🙂


      1. Hmm…I kind of liked Amy, maybe because her character has a lot of strength and a lot of potential for growth…I definitely agree that Rory has nobility and dignity 🙂 11 gains more gravitas as he goes along. His goofiness is more of a facade than we initially realize.

        ….it’s actually one of the few movies I’d recommend seeing in theaters. It doesn’t release to DVD till March 18th, which IS SUCH A LONG TIME TO WAIT!!

      2. Well, I’m saving what I have to say about Amy for my post, so I shall not rant here. 😛 I knew 11 got a little more serious which is why I want to hold further judgement till after I complete Season Six…

        I will have to keep it in mind if the family wants to go to the theaters sometime. Since I’m not excited for it or anything I can wait till March. 😛


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