Movies of Interest

I have another round of Movies of Interest for today! Again, any specific questions about the films I am completely open to answering if you have them. (I cannot always recommend the movies I highlight.)


The Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger was an enjoyable film, which I saw New Year’s Eve. While it was more about how The Lone Ranger became the masked rider, it gave a decent back story to the character. Johnny Depp was fantastic as always in the role of Tonto, who had some back story too, which was neat. The action and cinematography was well done and there was several humorous moments. I liked hearing the theme song during the climax of the movie. As a fan of the old show, I enjoyed this movie a lot, although I think it proves to be on the less memorable side.


Murder by Death. After being so pleased by Clue, I decided I had to watch more mansion murder mysteries, so I found this satire from 1976. The movie plays and makes fun of the whole murder mystery genre; you really can’t take any of the film seriously. The five detectives are based after such famous detectives like Sam Spade, Hercule Poirot, Charlie Chan and Miss Marple. Being a big fan of Charlie Chan and Hercule Poirot, the satirical versions of them in the film were hysterical to me. However, unless you are familiar with at least a couple of the characters in this film, you will not find it as amusing. The movie’s plot was interesting enough with some fun plot twists and jesting, but no slapstick humor that Clue has, so in that area they differ. The end really surprised me and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride it provided, even though it is not for everyone.


Upside Down. This was a unexpected gem. I’m talking visually stunning, guys! WOW! This could be called a science fiction-romance and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it’s plot isn’t the strongest. If you can except the gravity theory and not try to make it logical in your head, you should be able to fully sink into this fascinating and original world. The plot follows the love story of two people who are separated by the prejudice of two different worlds… and gravity. I was so surprised by how enraptured I was by the film, it’s so visually gorgeous and one of the sweetest romances I’ve seen in a while. Recommended to all science fiction/fantasy/romance-loving gals.


The Cabin In The Woods. I’m going to admit that I had the end spoiled for me online, long before I thought of watching this movie. But I decided to watch the film for three reasons; since writing my own horror story, I’ve become more interested in watching highly praised horror movies, such as this one; it has Chris Hemsworth in it; and then I found out Joss Whedon, the genius behind The Avengers, was behind the movie. Even though I knew the ending, I still got an awed feeling as the film began to wrap things up and it all pulled together at the end. It was quite horrific, especially at the end, not just the amount of blood but what it all came down to being all about. I was really impressed and it made the hour and half of sitting at my computer worth it. (This film is rated R for good reasons.) The heart of this one is that Joss Whedon rarely disappoints. It was certainly a fantastic horror/thriller/mystery experience that I can’t really recommend in good conscious to most of you. 😛



4 thoughts on “Movies of Interest

  1. I saw the Lone Ranger recently too! Welllllll…more like my family watched it and occasionally I took breaks from blogging and editing to watch bits. What I saw was okay. I thought it was very interesting, and I agree with you on the backstory. However, I personally was dissapointed with Johnny Depp’s performance. He was brilliant, true, but some of his mannerisms seemed more suited to a certain drunk pirate than a slightly insane Indian.
    I really want to see Murder by Death and Upside Down now! The first looks hilarious, and the latter looks like it has the potential to be very thought-provoking.
    Have you seen Ender’s Game? Both the movie (and the book moreso) are very thought provoking.
    I don’t like horror stuff (I had to read one of Poe’s short stories for school and once was almost on the verge of crying I disliked it so much) but I’ll take your word for it that The Cabin in the Woods was brilliant. 😉

    …since I’m so scared of horror stories sometimes I wonder why I ache to watch Hitchcock films and am reading Dracula.

    1. I wasn’t really reminded of Jack Sparrow while watching Tonto although I suppose I can see how you saw the similarities. 🙂

      Well, you’ve read Hercule Poirot, so I think you would get it! It was very funny if you recognized a few of the characters and went into it expecting it to be silly! I thought it was hilarious! 😀

      I have not seen or read Ender’s Game but I would like to watch the movie at some point. Thanks for recommending it!

      LOL Well, Dracula is one of THE best books I have ever read so I’m glad you’re reading it. I have not seen that many Hitchcock films; I watched Psycho with Kayla and it was almost a little boring. The end shot with the killer What’s-His-Name was nerve racking though but it’s hard to explain. 🙂


  2. Alright! Another movie review post. 😉 I will comment on each movie.

    The Lone Ranger: While I wished I did not watch the movie in theaters since I could have spent the money on Gravity or Pacific Rim or something, but the movie itself was fun for the most. But as you said, Depp was fantastic and easily the best part of the entire movie. Also, I agree the original theme song during the final action scene made it a lot better. Since I also liked the old series when I was a kid, the movie was certainly more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise.

    Murder by Death: I remember watching this movie several years ago and even though I was not as familiar with the characters at the time as I am now, I found the movie enjoyable, especially Peter Sellers as Chan, which was hilarious since he isn’t even Asia!
    *Spoilers* Yeah, that ending is still memorable as being odd, but different. If you want to watch some great classic mystery noir movies watch the Maltese Falcon, which is a Sam Spade movie, and the Big Sleep, which is somewhat similar but based on different material. Both star Humphrey Bogart at his best. I love those movies. 🙂

    Upside Down: Somehow I haven’t even heard about the movie until now. It sounds interesting enough, maybe I can find it and watch it sometime. 🙂

    The Cabin In The Woods: Before I couldn’t say I was particularly interested in the movie, even though the great Whedon wrote it, but since you enjoyed it I will have to give it a try sometime as well.

    Hopefully I can start watching more movies again, but that is unlikely for a while. At least I am been able to have anime escapism (I think I am addicted 😛 ).

    P.S. I hope to reply to your e-mail soon, but school just hit me like a ton of bricks…. 😦


    1. Yes, I think you would have enjoyed Pacific Rim a lot more in the theaters then The Lone Ranger. 😀 I myself wish I had gone to see Pacific Rim in theaters. 😐

      Oh yes, that redition of Chan was hilarious; there were soo many references to the original Charlie Chan too; the references is what made it so enjoyable to me but I’m glad you were able to enjoy without being familiar with the characters. I will have to look into The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep for some Sam Spade, since I have not seen anything with that character.

      I hadn’t heard about Upside Down either and it came out in 2012! It was just in Netflix and I randomly watched one evening because it looked interesting and it really surprised me–effects and science-fiction/fantasy-wise.

      If you do watch Cabin in the Woods I will be interested in hearing what you think of it. 😀

      LOL about anime; sad face because of lack of movie watching. 🙂 Hopefully sooner then later!

      That’s okay! Reply when you have time! 😀


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