Iron Man 3 For Free!


So, James and I have been Internet friends for roughly two years now; we’ve recorded a podcast together and I’ve guest posted for him quite a few times, among many other things. So, of course I am here to let you all in on something special that’s going on over at his blog J&J Productions:

He recently reached 1,000 posts and for celebration he is giving away a free digital copy of the phenomenal film, Iron Man 3. If you’ve not seen this movie yet, it was amazing. There was no better way to pick up after a story like The Avengers; I loved seeing how serious Tony became about his relationship with Pepper and the maturity he had gained since we’d seen some behavior of his from Iron Man 2. And it was just a fun ride all the way from beginning to end! AND IT’S BEING GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE, GUYS, IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO HAVE A CHANCE AT WINNING THIS MOVIE ALL TO YOURSELVES. 

So, I strongly suggest y’all jump through one of these links to go check out the many different ways you can enter. He’s using a Rafflecopter widget to take your entries and it was very easy to use and understand. So what’s holding you back? Go see how easy it is to enter to win this incredible addition to the Iron Man series. I’ll be so happy to have one of my best friend’s first giveaway be a roaring success. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Iron Man 3 For Free!

  1. Wow, you really sell the giveaway idea a lot better than I did! I might have get you to help me write something for my next giveaway. 😉

    Thank you very much Jamie for sharing my giveaway! 😀

    I did not know what I was doing earlier and I made harder than necessary to enter with the poorly written questions. I actually thought no was going to see those. 😛


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