6 Reasons Why I Disliked Man of Steel


Well, I saw Man of Steel in December. And I wanted to like it; some of my closest friends really like it, after all! But, alas, at the end of the movie I sat there feeling like something had tried to happen and had failed. And the more I thought about if afterward, the more I disliked it. To me, this was a two star movie.

So, here are 6 reasons why I disliked Man of Steel.

(For obvious reasons, I shall refrain as much as possible in comparing Man of Steel to the Marvel universe because they’re made by two different companies and that seems unfair. I shall be referencing to fellow DC superhero Batman instead.)


1. The romance between Lois Lane and Superman felt very forced. The couple is a classic, yes. But don’t tell me that! To me, it felt like the romance happened because it had to happen and it felt really weird. They barely knew each other for most of the film and all of a sudden they’re making out at the end as if they have this connection! I wanted to see them fall in love but all I got was “They’re a classic, look, they’re together in our reboot! See, see??!!” It was an overall weak romance that felt forced and I didn’t care for it at all.

2. The film felt detached and impersonal. I didn’t feel connected to a single character throughout the entire film and as stated above, none of the characters seem to connect either. I saw the pain of Clark but I didn’t feel it. I should be able to connect with at least the main character of any film, I mean, is that too much to ask? In Batman Begins, I actually felt for Bruce Wayne, I connected to him! That’s something I really loved about Batman Begins. But since I didn’t connect to Superman, I felt nothing when he first flew, first learned who he was, first anything. Same with Lois. (My Mom and sister also felt unconnected to the film, so I am not alone here.) On an overall character scale, I understood and liked the villains best out of everyone, which I don’t think is a great thing. So, it felt very impersonal to me and that was a big letdown.


3. The beginning kept me in the dark for too long. For the first part of the movie, I was literally saying out loud, “What? What? What’s happening?” Things where happening and the film didn’t provide answers for why things where happening for too long a time. I do not like being kept in the dark about what’s going on in front of me for that long nor do I like feeling stupid. That’s not a pleasant feeling.

4. The battles began too soon and lasted way too long. It felt like middle of the movie was the actual beginning of the big climax, therefore all the fighting went on for waay too long. Something was done poorly in writing the script because there wasn’t a proper story flow to me. I’m sorry, but this one is short and sweet; fighting began too soon and lasted too long!

5. Were they trying to break a record of how much glass could be broken?! There was an excessive amount of property damage, SO MANY WINDOWS WERE BROKEN; it felt so overwhelming that it took me out of the movie altogether. Kayla and I noted afterward that the special effects people seemed to go out of contro and decided to see how many building could get demolished like pins at a bowling alley. It was too much and rather painful to watch.


6. Superman actually didn’t seem that ‘super’. I feel cruel, but I was unimpressed with what “Superman” could achieve. He got knocked about too much for comfort and it was kinda weird. I wanted to see something SUPER not something ‘super’. Black Widow has more impressive fighting skills than Superman and she could have wrapped it all up a lot quicker, too. I’m sorry that that sounds harsh but that’s how I felt watching Superman be his version of ‘super’.

I will stop at six things, as this is a negative response to a film and I don’t want to dwell on negatives for longer then is needed. I also shouldn’t have to list twenty different reasons to justify how I felt the movie failed. I got to the end and just had to shake my head. It was a wanna-be-amazing-look-at-me-and-not-at-Marvel feeling I got from the film and that was distasteful (and I have to just say, Marvel is King. They know what they’re doing and they’re amazing at it. So, although I love Batman and The Joker, DC still hasn’t compared to Marvel by a long shot.)

I could tell what they were wanting to accomplish but it was poorly communicated to me and to my family. And that’s sad, because I really like superhero movies and there’s enough flops already out there.

New Man of Steel Poster

What were some things I liked about the movie? Um. It had some stunning visuals; though I’ve not seen any of the old Superman movies, so I can’t personally go on and on about the jump in effects. Costumes were great…

While I generally disliked this film, I’m not condemning any of my friends who happen to like or love the film. I’m not going to bombard you on Twitter or judge you because you came away from the movie giving it five stars. That’s your opinion and I will respect that about you. I only ask that you respect my personal opinionin return. 🙂

Because, hey, I’m glad someone came away from the film with a positive response; sadly, I just wasn’t one of those people.


12 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Disliked Man of Steel

  1. (*tiptoes into the comments section to extend an olive branch as a humble peace offering, a firm assurance that Jamie’s personal views are TOTALLY respected, and a thank you for not unfollowing my Tumblr 😉 😉 😉 *)

    But I do agree the battle scenes are too long; I got really peeved at the battle scenes in the Desolation of Smaug too. “Okay, okay, yes that’s cool, that’s pretty, now let’s get back to the story please and thank you.” 😛

    On a completely different and technical note, how do you put GIF sets in a post? I know how to do individual GIFs but I’ve never figured out how to do something like that one up there. Can you just save them all as one file and insert them into a post like any normal file? (This question may not be making sense, sorry.)

    1. *accepts extended olive branch with very happy smile* I love you, Maribeth!!! *HUGS*

      I saw you mentioned that in your one post. They were just too long. 🙂 Seemed rather aimed at a male audience in that regard, since guys have a higher tolerance of such things.

      I have no idea, I ‘stole’ that pic off Google search because it was so cool. I myself would love to know how it was accomplished. 😛 Sorry that I am of no help there. 😛


  2. Cool, I just posted my review of this movie today too, and I agree 100%! Those are definitely the reasons I also gave it two stars and my brother dubbed it “Derp of Steel.” Ha. Great post! 🙂 I really wanted to like it too, but I was asking what was happening for not just the beginning, but pretty much during the entire movie, and it was all I could do to not leave the room during the action scenes out of boredom. It was just so heartless. It was like I was watching it in slow-motion, through a fog — and when it ended I was almost too relieved to be disappointed. Still, it’s the sort of movie I can understand some other people liking.

    1. Thank you, Sarah, I am glad I am not the only who disliked it. It was hard realizing so quickly that it was going to be a disappointment but at the same time DC doesn’t have all their game together that well. I also can see why some people like it, although only to a certain point. 😛 Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked my post. I will have to come read your post!


  3. I agree with you on most points about Man of Steel. For one, my initial review score was stupidly high. About a week pr two after I watched the movie I wanted to punch myself for being so dumb. It is a movie that the more I think about the less I like, however overall I still enjoyed it quite a bit as a fan of the character. MOS is kind of like the Dark Knight trilogy for me in that I agree with every criticism about the movie since I cannot stand the rabid fanbase of Nolanites that insists that anything he touches is pure gold, MOS being a prime example.

    I agree about the characters being flat and dis-interesting. That is mostly because Zack Sndyer, the director, can’t direct movies with good, well-developed characters. He took Watchmen, one of the greatest comics ever, and turned it into a lifeless one-dimensional piece of paper with some good visuals. I really wish someone would fire him before he directs the Batman/Superman movie!

    One huge problem I had with the movie was after Superman and Zod destroyed the entire city they really did not show anyone dying or any after effects of the conflict. It was just like hey, Clark’s working at the Daily Planet, COMIC BOOK REFERENCE! And that was it. The Avengers showed the aftermath of the battle at the end of the movie showing all of the people how died and how they have inspired people. That scene gives me chills every time I watch it.

    When I rewatch the movie I plan to also write a post about the major flaws of the film.

    Well, that was a rant, but I already know that you are cool with me doing that by now. 😉


    1. I’m glad you were at least able to enjoy the movie while watching it even if it’s not the best. I’m afraid I just was never pulled into the movie enough to enjoy it over the flaws (plus I’ve never read the comic books. 😦 )

      I’m glad you agree that the characters were flat. That is sad another comic book story got ruined; it makes me irritated that the comic book adaptions have been handled so poorly throughout the years, as they are full of wonderful material!

      Now that you mention it, that is problematic. I liked seeing all the people in the Avengers too, it made it seem very plausible, especially the news reports at the end!

      I’m totally cool with rambling away in the comments; I live off of conversation and the energy of people, being an extrovert, after all. I really like your rants, especially because you always have something good to add to conversation and you have a good sense of humor! 😛 I am now looking forward to your next MOS post, too! 🙂


  4. I always enjoy your reviews {and the cool gifs that you find!} even when I’ve never seen the film or the show. I’ve never seen this film, but the way you write your reviews with both what you liked and what you didn’t like makes me want to look it up. 🙂

    I can sympathize with you on one point: action scenes with too much glass breaking and too many things blowing apart. 😀 The special effects people can’t be allowed to run out of control. 😉

    Hoping your day us full of unexpected happy moments {because those are the best kind!}

    1. That makes me so happy that you enjoy my reviews!! I’m glad they are enjoyable for people who’ve never seen the movies in question. 🙂 You should check MOS out if you’re intrigued, you may enjoy the ride the movie gives you at the very least! 🙂



      Thanks for the wishes!! I hope your day is just as bright!


  5. I haven’t seen Man of Steel, and I’m sorry you didn’t like it ’cause I love superhero movies too (as you know 🙂 ) and would be so happy to love this one! 🙂 Right now the main reasons I’d like to see it are 1) Amy Adams and 2) red capes. So, yeah. 🙂


    P.S. Your opinion is, of course, very highly respected. ❤

    1. I hope you enjoy it more than I did; the cape action was awesome. 😀 Capes are always awesome. 🙂

      ❤ Awww, thank you for saying that!!! 😀


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