Christmas Aftermath

(aka, because today is kinda the only day when showing off my gifts is reasonably except-able. Yeah, I went there.)

I hope you all had good Christmases! Let me recap my Christmas.

In the morning, I got to see my brother and sister’s reactions to the tree, which was great fun. Mom put the traditional orange rolls in the oven and then we all made our own piles of presents where we wanted to sit. I got one half of the couch and that’s where I put my presents.


I LOVE the selection of wrapping paper that many of my gifts were wrapped in; lots of red and white! Among my gifts, I was given a poster of Loki, a poster of Daryl from The Walking Dead from Kayla, Toy Story 3, a very nice Disney watch from Nathan, Doctor Who notebooks, a gift card for the movies, a Sherlock Holmes pillow case, a USB power wall adapter for my iPod, and all sorts of sweets and candy! Cotton candy, whoppers, nerds, marshmallows, chocolate and so much more! Oh, and cash. Some very nice cash. 🙂 I plan to spend it wisely but happily! My dad gave me some things a few days before Christmas, too, which included the entire rebooted collection of Doctor Who, Seasons 1-7.


I felt very blessed by all my presents on Christmas Day because I didn’t ask for that much this year because I really couldn’t think of anything. I did ask for the two posters and was so happy to get both of them! But I loved being surprised by what I got-and I love pleasant surprises!

I gave Nathan a lego set of a car, I bought Mom her favorite candy and helped Kayla buy her one of our favorite movies, The Help. I really wanted to get Kayla some special things, so I got her a gift card for Wal-Mart, Taylor Swift guitar music to play on her guiatar, a music poster and movie she really wanted! It felt so good seeing her open her presents and loving them! I put more thought into buying presents this year so it felt a lot more personal. It was nice. 🙂


We spent the day taking it easy; we decorated gingerbread men, watched Christmas movies, played Christmas music, ate candy and leftovers. Did I happen to mention it was really nice?

Christmas Day this year was certainly different from any past Christmases, but it was a good different. The kitchen didn’t become a mess. The opening of the presents in the morning was relaxed and didn’t feel rushed. I felt very peaceful and content before seeing any of the presents, which I credit to growing more mature throughout this year. This was my first year with my iPod and Instagram so I was able to take some nice pictures throughout the day. I also liked seeing my friends’ Christmases on Instagram, that was a lot of fun! I love social media and how it’s kept me somewhat ‘social’. 🙂

Overall, this was one of the best Christmas’s I’ve ever had!

Okay, who’s looking forward to the New Year now?! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath

  1. Cool! You got that awesome Loki poster! And a very cool Daryl one. Cash is always a good present. It is an extremely underrated gift. 😉 lol I’m glad you had a good Christmas! 🙂 I am somewhat looking forward to the next year, but at the same time, school is starting again….


    1. Cash is an underrated gift! I’ve already spent some of it on Amazon. 😛 Gah, school, that’s annoying. I’ll be doing more studying this year myself; I NEED to get my driver’s permit and GED; not quite teh same as college but I understand the feeling. 🙂


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