Brrr: Cold Hard Facts


I’ve spent the last couple days walking about the house shivering. It’s gotten rather cold and I’m having a hard time adjusting to it.

I wish I could give you a poetic-like line about how I curled up with hot chocolate and a favorite quilt to read a book and just delighted in the crispness of winter but alas I cannot because I didn’t think to do that. I instead moved from room to room stating how cold I was while I wore a thin, over sized sweater and fretted about my Catching Fire review which I struggled to write for two days.

It’s so easy to wish I had the perfect-sounding life. One where I had a fireplace sit by and where I layered my clothes just right so I wasn’t cold and I still looked really cute in my Instagram pictures and went mall-shopping with friends. The truth is that real life just doesn’t work out as perfectly as we’re able to make it sound on paper. And it’s easy not to include the sloppy sounding parts of life on our cyber-networks, creating a grand illusion of a fantastic life. And I’d hate to think anyone became deceived that I have a grand life.

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Here’s some cold hard facts with no embellishing for you: I have not friends in real life anymore; I have pretty much no social life at all. My clean clothes will sometimes sit in piles for days because I hate hanging up laundry, making my room look a huge mess. The house is barely decorated for Christmas this year, my keyboard is layered in dust because I’ve not felt like playing any music even when I found new music to play and it’s so cold I’ve not gone running when I should have (plus the pair of sneakers that were comfortable for running literally fell apart and the other pair just aren’t working out.)

Was it hard to share those things above? No not really, because that’s just life. I have a feeling that similar, sad stories are behind a lot of people’s perfect, embellished peaks into their lives because no one has a perfect life. And no one should try to make their cyber life look better than their real life. Because sometimes real life facts can be more encouraging to someone, like me, than perfect ones.


The trick of dealing with real life, to me, is turning cold hard facts into warm ones; look at them as positively as possible. I have no social life right now but I still have my internet friends and I will hopefully Skype with a best friend next week! The less Christmas decorations we put out, the less there is to put away in a few short weeks and that sounds great to me. I shall find new, comfortable running shoes and start training again when my body has adjusted to the temperature drop.

And a new year is coming. I will really work on sorting out how I feel on all the hard things that happened this year and reorganize my room and attempt to start fresh again. And maybe some of my inspiration will come back to me.

See how that works?


Please just remember; let’s not wish we were other people. Because no matter how great their lives might sound and look sometimes, it’s as full of struggles as our’s probably is. Simply learn to include the positive side of things when you feel your life doesn’t seem that grand.

Hey, we can practice together!



8 thoughts on “Brrr: Cold Hard Facts

  1. Dear Jamie,
    We have good days and then we have bad days. Only since about September 2012 have I had the opportunity to get to know other people my age. Before that it was just me and my siblings. Not that that wasn’t bad but it was a little depressing not to have any close friends who I knew in person who weren’t siblings.
    Can’t say that I would be able to live with dirty laundry living in my room, but we all have our good and bad points. And sometimes on our bad days we just need to look at the brighter side of life. 🙂
    Also I think I do that a bit as well, going from room to room and complaining about how the weather should be hot when it is not. And I stress about blog posts sometimes, too. 🙂

    God Bless,

    1. I know what you mean about siblings and friends. I love my siblings but I do like having friends outside of the immediate family and think that’s a good thing. 🙂

      Haha, well, it’s actually clean laundry that lies around, not dirty, but that’s also kinda the same thing. 😛 LOL, glad I’m not the only one who roams the house complaining about weather conditions! 😉


  2. Yup, I totally get what you are saying. I can’t afford car insurance or a vehicle so I’m stick without a driver’s license for a while, which means I don’t have a social life either! The people I do know outside my family I either hardly get to see, or they think I’m a conniving freak which I’m not. We don’t have room in our house for a tree, and also plus windchill it is in the negative twenties and thirties where I live. I wish I had more time to watch my anime and some tv shows like The Walking Dead which I really want to watch, but taking care of my sister and college makes it near impossible!!

    OK, I’m going to stop complaining now. Sorry! I’m just saying, my life is far from perfect too, and I identify with a lot of what you talked about in this post. I think a lot of us use our Internet image to hide all the messes in our real lives, and then people start to think we’re perfect and they wish they had it made like they think we do. So for me, it’s almost comforting and uplifting when someone online is honest about their life. I’m not brave enough to be honest about EVERYTHING, though, and no one should have to be. There is a place to not talk about personal stuff, and other times when it’s good to come out and say, “hey, I’m not perfect. I got problems, too.”

    I really liked this post, oh yes, and the one you did at J&J Productions. Like I said I REALLY want to watch The Walking Dead but it’s hard to find the time and a good copy. But when I get to it I am sure I will love it a lot since it sounds like a show I would enjoy! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your long comment, I’m glad someone else understands. 🙂 I also agree about not sharing EVERY GOREY DETAIL online, though. I want to open and honest, but I didn’t even cover all the stuff going on because my parents are separated. I’ve not really talked about that on here, but I think it’s just because of timing. When the divorce stops pending and it finally goes through I’ll probably have a lot of things I want to share about what I learned through the whole process (and that will be a long way off.) So, I get what you mean.

      I’m glad you liked my post and my Walking Dead one, too!! I’m going to link to it and my Catching Fire review tomorrow, I think. Let me know when you do get around to watching it, I’ll love to hear your initial thoughts and reactions to it! 🙂


  3. Your comment about the piles of clothes scattered through your room reminded me of something that happened just this morning. My sister walked into our brothers’ bedroom, took one look at piles of clothes lying about, and said, “Well, looks like we have a bunch of dead Jedi in the house today.” 😉

    Anyway, great post. Honesty is always the best policy. My life is just as kooky and full of messy tribulations as that of anyone else…but praise the Lord, we’re all moving farther up and further into His grace that extends even to your cluttered room, my equally-cluttered writing nook, our primarily internet-based social lives (haha), and icy Christmas weather! 🙂

    1. LOLOLOL that’s really funny!!!!!!! There are dead Jedi all over my room right now. Aww, now I’m sad. Hey, this could be a fun motivation to get me to hang my clothes up! 😛

      Completely agree! Further Up and Further In! 🙂 Even if it’s by an inch. 😛


  4. Social life? What is a social life? LOL 😛 On a more serious note, I had thoughts like this a years ago as well about being sad that I did not have any social life, but then I discovered blogging and then became content being a “shut-in” or whatever you would call it. I have only met two people in real life who actually like a some of the geeky things that I like, but on the internet there are so many people with similar interests. I have decided that a “typical” social life is majorly overrated because I doing other things a lot more.


    1. That is sad that you’ve met so few people who share similar interests in the geeky stuff. 😦 But I totally understand what you mean; the internet and the people on it does make a good substitute to the real thing when it’s just not possible to have a proper social life. Because, hey, we socialize!!! 😛


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