Four Movies of Interest

I have four movies of interest to talk about today–they shall be all spoiler free, so have no fears of reading! 😉 (I felt rather clever with this post name so I might reuse it as more consistent type of blog series. :P) And while I’m using my new standards for writing about movies in posts now, please do feel free to ask about content for a specific movie if you would like. I’m open to any questions from people specifically! So just keep that in your minds. 😉


Catching Fire. I’ve not read the books and don’t plan to any time soon for my own reasons, so save your breath, peeps. 😉 And the first movie was quite good but I didn’t really enter the fandom from it. BUT CATCHING FIRE HAS CHANGED ME. This movie was so good. I’m still in shock from how fantastic it was. I believe it was twice as good as the first one and I now proudly would like to include myself with the Hunger Games fandom. It built so well on the first movie and just took everything to the next level. I don’t want to go into anymore details since it just came out but I highly recommend it! (Proper review from me will be a guest post over at J and J Productions in the near future.)


Clue. I randomly found this on Netflix and gosh, I fell in love with this movie. Made in 1985, it’s a movie adaption of the classic board game! I would love to see more movie adaptions of board games if they were done like this (to my movie-buff friends, please put this on your watch-list quickly; it’s a delight!) It’s got a wide range of hysterical characters adapted from the game; it’s clever, it’s full of comical slapstick humor that is just right and not overdone. As a lover of the mystery genre, I fully enjoyed the suspense of wondering who the killer was throughout the film. The ending is a pure treat and you will know what I mean by that when you see it. And unlike some mystery films, Clue is still very rewatchable even when you know how it ends! Highly recommended.


Finding Nemo. This was the first Pixar movie I ever saw as a kid and for the longest time I didn’t care for it that much. As a kid, I saw things very black and white, so I saw the story being about a rebellious child which didn’t seem right to me. Here in the present at 19 years old, I’ve rewatched the movie about 30 times because I’ve been using it to go to sleep at night; I’ve gotten a different perspective and opinion on it now. I came to the realization that it’s not about a rebellious child: it’s about a scared and over protecting father who tears down his handicapped child to the snapping point, and both of them suffering the consequences of Nemo’s provoked response of over smother ration and protection. It’s not really about Nemo! It’s about Marlin! Realizing this changed the entire movie for me and it’s become one of my new favorites. I mean, Marlin’s journey is fantastic, I love it.. It’s also made me do a lot of thinking about how I will want to raise my own kids so they feel safe yet let them expand their wings as they get older. So, having a change of heart about this movie has been interesting and I like it!


Pacific Rim. I didn’t know what to expect when I watched this movie because I didn’t see any trailers and I didn’t read that many reviews for it. I was a little worried it was going to be another robot movie, a wanna be Transformers rip off or something cheesy along those lines. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. I loved how human beings were actually at the heart of this story; traumatized human beings trying to protect their world for invading creatures. The set up to the story was fantastic and felt very real. I completely enjoyed the ride! The soundtrack was awesome, guys, it was awesome and there no romance or sexuality! I repeat, no romance! That was very refreshing. Also the effects were stunningly realistic. This was such an enjoyable sci-fi film that was very pleasantly surprising. It’s not quite up to Avengers/Captain America/Iron Man standards, of course, but it was still very very good!

So those are four movies I’ve really enjoyed recently! Have you seen any of them?



10 thoughts on “Four Movies of Interest

  1. I shall on each movie.

    Catching Fire: Wow, below me away! I can’t wait to read your full review as well as talk about it on Skype! 🙂

    Clue: They made a movie about the board game!? I did not know this. I love the Clue board game though and I really want to watch this sometime. It seems like fun. By the way, watch Ten Little Indians if you haven’t already seen it yet. It is not the most original movie ever, but it is a fun, classic, mansion murder mystery. 😉

    Find Nemo: I remember seeing this in theaters a long time ago. It was not my first Pixar movie, that was Toy Story 1, but I do remember finding it mildly enjoyable as a kid. But I have never really liked the movie. Sorry, but it is one of my least favorite Pixar flicks. :/

    Pacific Rim: That movie was so awesome and fun! It was not particularly smart or anything, but I had SO much fun watching it. I have a review written, I just need to post it. Pacific Rim is kind of a ripoff of Neon Genesis Evangelion, minus Evangelion’s seriously mind bending parts and mentally disturbed characters. I really liked Pacific Rim for the fact that it was basically an anime in live action.

    Great reviews! I really enjoyed them!!! 😀


    1. YES! CATCHING FIRE! AAHHHHH. I still can’t get over how good it was. I kid you not, I was in a mild form of shock afterwards for over a day because I kept randomly telling my sister, “I can’t believe how good that movie was!” LOL

      OHMYGOSH if you love the game you HAVE to watch the movie; I’m actually a little surprised you didn’t know about it! WATCH IT SOON, MAYBE WE’LL GET TO TALK ABOUT IT ON SKYPE! lol. But seriously, it’s really good and I think you’d really enjoy it. And I will see if I can find Ten Little Indians somewhere; thanks for recommending it! I love mansion murder mysteries!

      That’s okay, I can totally see wh it’s not one of your favorites. It wasn’t one of my favorites for LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. And there are EASILY better Pixar films. 😛

      Oh good, I’m so glad you’ve already seen Pacific Rim! I will look forward to your review. I have never heard of Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was a blast to watch, I actually put my iPod down after watching the beginning. I knew I was going to pay full attention to this movie just by the first few minutes!!

      Thanks I’m glad you liked them! I think I’ll do more posts like these in the future. 🙂


      1. Spoiler-free makes total sense! The books themselves were good, and I couldn’t put them down, but I remember thinking they were more shock-value stories than literature, like LOTR or Harry Potter. They were well-written, don’t get me wrong, but once they were done I could walk away from them more easily.
        I liked the first movie, but I wasn’t totally enthralled. I’m excited to see this one!!
        Reading in general?

      2. Mmm, I heard several people comment about shock-value. I’m so glad whatever shock-value that was in them hasn’t totally been translated to the movies. In graphic terms, anyways, I’ve appreciated the lack of blood they use in the films. 🙂

        Oh, I like reading in general. I’ve just not felt like doing it for a while. 🙂 I’m going through a strong movie phase instead. 😉


  2. I haven’t seen the first two, though I’m going to see Catching Fire in the next couple of weeks!

    I’m curious about your reasons for not reading the Hunger Games…may I ask? 😀


      Certainly; one of them is that I’ve just decided that I’m not into reading at this point of my life (for complicated reasons) and I would just prefer to go into these movies spoiler free. I don’t really like going into a movie knowing spoilers (and coming out disappoint that such and such was changed, ect) and so reading the books would make that problem for me. I’ve been careful to avoid spoilers, as I’ve chosen not to follow any Hunger Games pinterest boards, tumblr blogs, ect. I also tried reading the first chapter of The Hunger Games and I didn’t get sucked in like everyone else said they did. I ended up putting it down to accomplish other things and it ended back up on my shelf. So I just decided for peace of mind, that I just wasn’t going to read the books until after all the movies came out. All the fans might say I’m making a huge mistake but you know what? That’s just where I am in the fandom right now. 🙂 Sooo, I hope that answers your question! 😛


      1. Ooh, let me clarify what I mean by shock-value: a few people’s deaths didn’t feel strictly necessary to me…as if they died to illustrate the unpredictability of war and to mess with readers’ heads. Many chapters ended with a wham line–like the first book (SPOILER ALERT) ending a chapter with Peeta telling Caesar he can’t hope for the girl he loves because she came with him to the arena. In the movie, that’s still a shocking moment, but it’s not quite the same as the end of a scene.
        As far as blood and all, I don’t remember it being graphic.

        Hahaha, movies and books are both time-consuming mediums!! Well hey, I’m enjoying the fantoms posts, so you keep on truckin’.

      2. Ahhh, that’s quite interesting. I am glad you’ve liked the fandom posts, that makes me very happy.


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