I Taste Christmas In The Air


It got cold this week here in AZ! The air has gotten quite nippy and I’ve been loving my sweaters and hoodies. My sister and I kinda convinced mom to ditch the traditional Thanksgiving this year, so we’re making up new traditions. We’ll probably put the tree up on Thursday! Beware, my Instagram followers!

(I’m very glad right now that I did not attempt NaNoWriMo this year. Very, very glad. I knew I needed this break but I didn’t know I REALLY needed this break.)

IMG_0442This past weekend I climbed into the attic to find Christmas lights to hang on the house with my sister–it was quite awkward crawling around on my four limbs and of course I had just put on my white Joker hoodie which promptly got very dusty–can you tell I think ahead? 😉 First off, our attic is a disgraceful mess; very disorganized and junky. I, even I, who can live with a lot of messes, wanted to completely organize the whole space that minute. I spent way longer then needed trying to find the lights. But once I found them and some old stars and wreaths, the weekend improved.

IMG_0468Kayla and I had great fun seeing which lights still worked and Kayla made up a wreath! We trimmed the outside of the house with lights all by ourselves; the ladder kept wobbling and the nails kept bending but we took it all in humor and we laughed at the strange neighbors up the road who were arguing loudly at each other and we wondered if they could hear us laughing at them; it was just a great load of fun.

The lights have really brought the taste of Christmas into the air and I’m so excited to do more decorating/celebrating this year!! But, anyway, besides Christmas decorating, what else have I been doing?


I finally finished Season Three of Doctor Who and moved on to Season Four. I know, I’m so behind right now.  But I saw Silence in The Library and it’s counterpart and it was quite good. Although, I did not click with River Song, which is annoying because she is going to be such a big character and I already know so much about her from Tumblr. But I did not connect with her at all. So hopefully that will be fixed in the future. But everything else about that two parter was very exciting and thrilling. I then, of course, saw that creepy bus episode Midnight with Colin Morgan right before I went to bed. If you’ve seen that one then you know what I’m talking about. I think that episode is rather underrated because it was very intense but I never hear anyone talk about it. Anyway, that’s where I stopped and I shall probably continue watching more later tonight.


The only other interesting thing I’ve been doing is more exercise–or walking/running. The Walking Dead TV show has motivated me on tons of different levels, including the sobering thought that there is no way I could ever survive a zombie swarm because I don’t have the stamina I used to have when it comes to running. So, I finally downloaded Zombie, Run! 5K Training onto my iPod touch and have been going out listening to it. It’s kept me pretty motivated, which is great because I need to get into better shape all around AND THERE IS NO WAY I’M DIETING.

So, this has proved more effective to me than simply following a repetitive exercise workout at home. That bores me very very fast and I loose interest almost instantly, therefore not getting the proper exercise my body needs. Going out walking, though, and changing my route each time while my mind is involved with a ‘story’ keeps my interest. And I figured, hey, I should just start now and get into a habit of it before all the Christmas temptations start piling up. You know what I’m talkin’ about. 😉

Another great reason to make sure you can run? Fandom people, please look at this right now.


Well, that is all I have to talk about now; I’m going to work on a Sherlock post, so you can keep your eyes peeled for it in the near future. That and a Thansgiving post for Thursday. 🙂 Hope you all are doing well. I’m now off to go put on some Christmas music!!


9 thoughts on “I Taste Christmas In The Air

  1. We wait until Thanksgiving evening before we pull out the Christmas music, so at this point I’m in that nail-biting I-want-my-Christmas-music-NOW mood, haha! What are some of your favorite Christmas songs/albums? Steven Curtis Chapman and Josh Groban’s Christmas CDs are our favorites.

    It’s gotten cold here, too! Wet Louisiana cold: 43 degrees, rainy, and windy. I’m in oversized sweats today and hot pink fuzzy socks and having a hard time staying awake, the house is so cozy…maybe if I work out I’ll wake up.

    Oh, and let me shake your hand regarding workout. Diets are sooooo hard, and this is the worst/hardest time of year to be watching what you eat. At least we can feel better about ourselves if we work out, haha 😉

    1. We also used to wait till right after Thanksgiving to pull out the music but somehow this year it just started playing. LOL My most favorite Christmas song is probably Sleigh Ride, any instrumental version of it. 😀 Carol of the Bells and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlmen are some of my other favorites. I’m not sure which albums are my favorite, though, I’ll have to pay closer attention to them this year. 🙂

      Wow, that’s really cold (to me, though, lol, we’re shivering at 60’s weather.) I would complain about having no rain except that it rained all last weekend which was fantastic. 🙂 Wish I could have a sleepover at your house, it sounds so warm there! 😛

      Thank you. *Shakes hand back* I do feel way better about my snacking when I’ve gone walking for forty minutes that morning. 😛 Now, just to keep up the habit!


  2. Our attic was in a horrible mess, until my mother spent a couple of weeks cleaning it out with my and my brother’s help. I probably carried out a literal ton of stuff, no joke.

    Silence in the Library two-parter is one of the most memorable episodes for me since it was majorly creepy and suspenseful. One of the many fantastic Steven Moffat episodes! I remember watching that episode but River was not the memorable part for me. I actually forgot that she was in that that particular episode when she returned.

    I remember watching “Midnight” and how suspenseful that episode was. I was ready for something to jump out or something majorly creepy to happen.

    Cool! You finally downloaded that zombie walking thing. 🙂


    1. Glad my attic isn’t the only one that’s faced bad days. Lol. I shall probably help my mom get rid of somethings as well before we put the Christmas stuff back.

      What! Steven Moffat wrote that one!! No wonder it was fantastic! 😀 I really liked the aspect *spoilers* with the little girl and the ‘fake world’. That was mind bending. I would have consider that episode perfect if River Song had not be included. 😦

      Glad you remember Midnight! It was freaking me out, especially the woman’s stares. It was very intense for there being no action. Great psychological war! 🙂

      Yes, I have, I actually just got back from a run a half hour ago. It’s been very helpful and I can tell I’ve built up some stamina already. 🙂


  3. I am so tempted to decorate early this year too! Though, I’m not really ready to share my domain with a tree yet. Haha, neighbors can be annoying and funny at the same time! Your zombie app sounds amazing! Congratulations on the new exercise routine! 😀 When I get my Ipod I am SO going to get that app! It’s freezing here too, barely 36 degrees! 😦 I hate the period between the end of fall and Christmas, not fun.

  4. I know, and it’s weird too, Georgia is NOT supposed to be this cold! 😦 Oh well, I hope to get my iPod for Christmas! 😀 I’m really excited about it! 😀

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