Fandoms and the Fakes That Come with Them.


I love being a part of fandoms, like The Avengers, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural and Merlin fandoms. I love a lot of the people who join these fandoms and together love on the characters, the plots, the twist and turns, the character development, the wit, the sets and costumes, the hidden themes and cameos. There is so much to love and share with these shows and films that it makes it’s very exciting when they get a huge following.

The only thing I don’t like about fandoms are some of it’s “fans” and their behavior. I’m talking about different girls and their “OH MY GOSH HE IS SO HOT” fandom part. They are one of my biggest pet peeves. If you’ve been a part of a fandom on the Internet for any short amount of time, you know exactly what I mean. They’re usually a part of the fandom that is more popular (aka become mainstream) and come off as rather fake–probably because they are.

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Is it really necessary or appropriate for girls–especially girls as young as twelve and thirteen!–to be gasping and proclaiming how much they think certain male leads are stunning? Are they actual fans of a show when all their watching it for is because it’s popular and because the male leads are hot? I lean towards the no with that. I don’t think this behavior is appropriate or necessary behavior to throw out into the fandom at all.

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Mind you, I’m not saying you should never share which actors you think are attractive, ect. I think a little gushing every once and while is perfectly fine! We should acknowledge it if we think God did a great job creating certain people’s jawlines or hair or smirk. Have you seen Tom Hiddelston, for gosh sakes? A moderate spazz every once and awhile is great fun and is just as much part of the fandom experience as loving those period costumes that were so accurate or how much you love that part of the soundtrack.


But I find it very annoying when girls join fandoms and then only talk about the male leads looks, never balancing it out by discussing anything else about the show or film. I’ve been on fandom side of Tumblr for almost three years and I’ve seen this behavior very, very frequently, so I know what I’m talking about. It’s very hard to miss. It’s annoying when they respond to the question “Why do you watch Doctor Who?” with “Because Matt Smith is hot.” When all they can say about Supernatural is how cute and steamingly gorgeous Dean Winchester is. When all they talk about is Thor’s abs or Captain America’s handsome features  or Loki’s hair.

Taking time to watch a entire TV show just because you find the main character attractive seems like a waste of time when you’re not thinking, articulating and appreciating the rest of what the show is offering you to enjoy!


This is why I was so happy when it was announced Peter Capaldi was going to be the new Doctor and I saw his grey hair. I was extremely happy they did not cast another young ‘hottie’ in the role because I know a lot of the raving “fan”girls joined  the fandom when Matt Smith was The Doctor. Nothing against Matt but at one point it was almost overwhelming. It was after the Capaldi announcement that it was easy to pick out the fakes because of the complaints on Tumblr that went “What? He’s not hot!” and “Eww, he’s SOooo old!” I am very excited for Peter to take on the role of The Doctor; hopefully the fakes get weeded out of the population somewhat.

But to wrap this up; I think it’s important to look beyond the superficial beauty in media, just like in real life! And it’s sad that a lot of girls don’t seem understand this and I wish they did!


I love a great-looking guy in my TV shows and films. But it’s not what I consider important. Peter Capaldi will put a brand new spin on The Doctor and I’m so looking forward to what he will bring to the table with his upcoming performances in the role. It’s great that he’s not heartthrob material right now. I love The Doctor for the being who’s been hurt a thousand times and is still there for the human race. I don’t love Loki just for his incredible looks but for the fantastic character development and acting. Sherlock has amazing black curls and a mysterious attractiveness but what I love best about him is how his flawed character grows throughout those six episodes.


However, no matter how many times we share about the importance of looking beyond outward beauty, there is always going to be the fake fangirls who will latch like barnacles onto your favorite fandoms if there’s Dean Winchester-like handsomeness being featured there. This will always be one of my pet peeves, but what’s important to remember that not all fans are like this. Thank heavens there are real fangirls out there! And thankfully they’re not all that hard to find.


As real fangirls or fanboys of a fandom, fakes shouldn’t scare you away. It’s okay to be annoyed at them, like I am right now, but a real love for something will make all the fakeness around you worth it. I wouldn’t trade the love shared between real fan-friends for anything. I hope you feel the same!



41 thoughts on “Fandoms and the Fakes That Come with Them.

  1. Great post! I think I agree with everything that you said!
    It is so annoying that you Google something like images for Sherlock for instance and you end up with all this stupid (not to mention inappropriate content).
    I actually think that these are the girls who are just wayyy to obsessed. Like a certain T.V. show or character has taken over their whole time and energy and that is all that matters, and it has become unhealthy.
    I must admit that I have to make sure I don’t spend too much time on Sherlock. But I didn’t watch because it had Benedict Cumberbatch, I hadn’t even seen him in anything before. I wanted to watch Sherlock because my brother told me about it and when it came, it looked interesting and exciting. 🙂
    Okay, well I did watch Snow White and the Huntsman because Chris Hemsworth was in it. But that was after seeing him in the role of Thor, and I wanted to see what he would do in this role.

    Keep it healthy and don’t always talk or think about it, that is the best way!

    God Bless,

    1. I’m glad you agree! 😀

      I also find that annoying with the Google problem. That is an annoying problem.

      You’re in the clear; I watch movies for certain actors too; like you said, not because their ‘hot’ but because I love them as an actor and I want to see more of their work! That’s the whole reason I wanted to see Star Trek Into Darkness! Because Benedict Cumberbatch was going to be in it and I think it’s a fantastic actor!

      I agree with your ending comment: Keep it healthy! Moderation is everything! 🙂

      Thanks Vellvin!


      1. I actually got one of my other friends to watch Sherlock! She’s read the books and now she is watching the T.V. show and reading the books again! I can’t wait to talk about it with her! 😀

        Oh yeah and will there be any Sherlock blog posts coming anytime soon? Maybe what you want to see in Season 3? Actually that is a great idea! Perhaps I’ll do it. 🙂

        God Bless,

      2. That’s fantastic!!! Good for you; we need to spread the Sherlock Holmes love as much as we can; although I’m glad she’d already read the books. 🙂

        That is a great idea and I think I’ll attempt it! You should too, I would love to see what you’d like to see. 🙂


  2. One good way to find real fans is to post about a shared peeve 😉 My family has always discouraged rating people by looks, whether guys or girls, so I actually have difficulty with that. I mean, I can appreciate a handsome man (Cumberbatch, I’m looking at you!) but specifics tend to be eyes, smile, hair…not abs and butt. (My friend and I actually had a conversation about that the other day. What exactly makes butts attractive? I mean, it’s a butt. You sit on it. Voila.)

    Martin Freeman isn’t exactly *handsome* like the other actors, but he’s such a believable actor, he’s so good in all his roles! His farewell scene in Reichenbach leaves me in tears every time 😥

    Colin Morgan isn’t my idea of cute, but he’s quite funny as Merlin!

    1. LOL at your first statement. 🙂

      I also don’t really get the butt thing. I mean, I do for guys because they’re specifically wired to notice curves, that’s how they’re made. But girls are not at all so naturally driven to notice those things, so I really don’t get it either. Your statement about them made me laugh, though. 😛

      I actually find Martin Freeman quite handsome in his own way, although not like other actors, like you said. But I adore him because he’s really is a SUPER GREAT actor! Oh my gosh, when I first saw that scene it actually cracked me into sobbing. I wasn’t crying until John got choked up and I lost it. So I acknowledge it was Watson and not Sherlock that made me sob during the credit scenes. Which is, I think, fantastic. 🙂

      *teeny gasp* I do actually find Colin Morgan very cute and handsome (I am a sucker for guys with black hair.) But that’s only the icing on the huge triple-tiered cake of talent that he is. He was born to play Merlin. 🙂


      1. Oh, I definitely adore Freeman!! I was over the moon when I heard he’s Bilbo; he. is. perfect. as Bilbo.
        Usually, I’ll only cry the first time through a scene. Not that one. Nope. Tears every time.

        Normally, I *love* black hair and green eyes!! (LOKI.) But something about the way he smiles just doesn’t do it for me. Note, I said “not MY idea of cute” 😉

      2. I need to see The Hobbit; Martin seems perfect for Bilbo. 🙂

        Well, that’s personal preferences which is completely fine. 😀


  3. Yes! Amen, sista! You took the words right out of my mouth. I can usually tell when a fan is fake, and it does kind of annoy the heck out of me that they can only talk about the male characters glorious good looks.

    I was also super happy when they announced the twelfth doctor. it just wouldn’t feel right to me if the doctor just keeps growing younger to attract the female audience. That’s not what Doctor Who is, it’s a sci-fi show, and a darn great one!

    Anyway, great post. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you agree!!

      I know exactly what you mean; personally I loose perspective that The Doctor is a very ancient being when he looks like a strapping 35 year old young man (I’m afraid I’ve seen far too many gif sets of 11 on Tumblr and I haven’t even seen an actual episode with him in it yet but I’m already tired of it. It’s actually really sad.)



      1. It was really only with 10/11 that the Doctor started looking really young, so I was quite excited about Capaldi!
        AAAAAAHHHHHH JAMIE, don’t let Tumblr scare you off!! He’s fantastic as the Doctor! I need to rewatch his first season; I remember not liking it, but in retrospect I think that may have been left-over Tennant feels 😉 11’s first episode is SO funny.

      2. Yes, I should go back and watch some of the old episodes at some point..

        I will give him a fair chance to make me like him, don’t worry. It’s just he gets A TON of attention and I don’t seem to see as many gif sets of 9 or even 10 come to think of it…


  4. While I usually hesitate to call anyone a “fake” fan, from what you have described, I would agree. The only use for “fake” fans in the larger fandom is to raise TV rating or produce higher ticket grossing for a film. From my experience, there certainly seems to be a lot more “fake” fangirls that are obsessed with the look of the dudes, than “fake” fanboys that are obsessed with the women in fandoms. No offense, just saying. Very insightful post Jamie!


    1. I know exactly what you mean; I’ve really not wanted to do this post for a long time because I don’t want to offend someone, ect. But it just snapped in me last night that there really fake fans someone should talk about it at some point. But I’m glad you agree with my definition. No offense taken, I think you’re absolutely right. There a lot more fanboys out there who appreciate shows on their whole scale then fangirls do. Thanks!


  5. AMEN.

    Really, you are right and I know exactly what you’re talking about. Uh-huh. I’m not sure there’s much more for me to comment than ardent head-nods. 😉

  6. Every time I hear someone gushing over a movie for no other reason than that the main lead is a fine-looking chap, I get an overwhelming desire to say, “Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring!” And I can relate to the fangirl fake problem too since I’m in the Les Mis fandom, and there’s a lot of that sort of thing there with the character of Enjolras. So annoying. Trust me, though, you don’t know nuthin’ until you’ve been in the Man of Steel fandom. Yes, I know he’s good-looking–now can you give me another reason for liking him–is this too much to ask?!

    Hey, I’ll admit it, I like a handsome fellow myself, but that’ll never EVER be the primary reason why I admire a character. Marius/Eddie Redmayne, for example, is not all that good-looking but I love the character–and I loved Steve Rogers for his personality way before he got the great jawline. CHARACTER QUALITIES, peoples! CHARACTER QUALITIES ARE EVERYTHING.

    In conclusion, God bless this post 😉

    1. You poor thing; I’m not active in those fandoms at all but it’s not un-expected that there are fangirls like this in them as well. 🙂


      *stops screaming and looks around cautiously for a moment* Anywhooo… I think I have ranted enough for one day…. tooodle doo!


      1. When he took the pins out to get the flag down…I think that’s when I lost my heart totally and completely. Selfless, valiant…and SMART. 😀

  7. I agree with everything you said up there. 🙂 Also, to me it just doesn’t seem fair to the actors…they work hard at their roles, and then for that to go unnoticed by some who at the same time rave about…whatever it is. It just seems lowering for those people and it’s a shame. Plus, they’re missing out, a lot!

    Really great post, one of your best I’ve read. 🙂

    That last picture is beyond cool. 😀

    Oh, and the new actor for the Doctor looks really cool, his face is so interesting, you know? I’d like to watch some Doctor Who sometime…can you believe I’ve only seen one Christmas special!? 🙂 It was with Matt Smith, who I think is really fun – he reminds me of my brother, who also wears a Stetson. 🙂


    1. I agree with you, it isn’t fair to the actors. Just like it’s not fair for actresses like Scarlett Johansson who works very hard at her craft but then is in a magazine for credited for having the best boobs. It’s sad. Thanks for pointing that aspect of the problem out.

      Thank you so much!!!!

      You should really watch Doctor Who!!! But you MUST start at the beginning of the reboot! With 9 and everything. 9 is still my favorite even though I’ve seen two season of David Tennant’s 10. 9 was just… 9 was just awesome. 🙂


      1. I saw something like that on Pinterest, a reporter talking to Johansson and Renner. She asked Renner some philosophical question about his character and then asked Scar-Jo something about her diet. SJ wasn’t too pleased 😛

        9 is sadly underrated; Eccleston was HILARIOUS and he could pull off boss moments at least as well as 10. You know, the moments when the unrepentant villain tries to claim he’ll be merciful for no good reason, and he responds “NOPE!”

        9 is the Queen of England’s favorite doctor.

      2. SJ has gotten a lot of those questions, especially after The Avengers, it’s really ridiculous.

        AHHH I love you because you still remember 9! He IS underrated and it’s not fair. He should have had at least two seasons, not one! I think a lot more people would have gotten attached to him if he had had more then 13 episodes! Yes, he had so many good moments! AND HE HAS THE BEST GRIN. *sobs because the world is unfair*


      3. WELL OF COURSE I REMEMBER 9. I started at the very beginning!! I’m always a little staggered by how underrated he is; one season, BBC?? Come ON.
        “I’m so glad that worked; those would’ve been terrible last words!
        “I give you…air from my lungs.”
        I love it when he’d get really intense, staring villains down.

      4. Well, you can forgive my surprise because it seems like 90% of the Doctor Who fandom, at least among the girls, completely forgets about Ecceleston because they latch onto either Tennant or Smith. I feel extremely out numbered most of the time because 9 is still my favorite. 🙂

        LOL He does have some great quotes. GAH! Now I want to go rewatch Season One!


      5. Oh, it’s quite understandable. I apologize for all caps 😛

        On another note, I’m 9 episodes into Death Note. OH MY GRAVY.

      6. That’s okay; I’m glad you still remember him.

        I hope that’s a good exclamation. 🙂 I blew through that show so fast it was scary. 😛


  8. Everything you said was spot on. I very much get annoyed by all of the girls gushing over how attractive the men are. I love the shows for the emotion in them. Despite seeing certain episodes tons of times, I still feel every happy and tragic moment in them (especially Vincent and the Doctor).
    That being said, the male roles are nearly always someone attractive. Even though he’s older, Capaldi is an attractive man, as is all the other ones in the pictures you posted 🙂

    1. First off I’m so sorry I didn’t see this sooner, it ended up in my spam folder for some reason, so I am only getting around to it now. 😦

      I’m very glad you agree and I agree with you, I also love the shows for the emotion. Emotion is important, it will certainly keep me hooked to a show longer then a handsome man will keep be hooked on a crappy show. 🙂


  9. YES. Agree with you 100%. All of my life, I have been a Disney lover. Just something about the way that they tell the stories, and the feeling that you get while you’re singing one of those songs (Under the Sea), and thinking that those characters are really really real, and the ANIMATION. I love it. And whenever little sister got involved, and talks about how Prince Eric was “so cute”, I wanted to punch her. (She was 5 at the time.)

    I’ve thinking of getting into Doctor Who, because I think that watching a Time Lord and his companions on their adventures is really interesting. (That and David Tennant seems so gosh darn EPIC.) I’ve always wanted to be a time traveller. Never seen an episode, just clips, but I really really want to.

    P.S. What do you think Dwight from The Office would do if he was a companion of the Doctor?

    1. Disney is the best; I love Under the Sea too!! 😀

      You should watch Doctor Who (but you must start with Season One and Christopher Eccelston.) That show is so fun; I really liked the first four seasons (I did not like the fifth and I haven’t seen past that one.)

      Hmmm I don’t know but it’s a fun question! I think in a sense he wouldn’t want to be a companion since he’s very happy with his beet farm and being a paper salesman. I also think he’d treasure the role of companion a lot and would try to be helpful–Dwight is like that to people he respects. 😛

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