Of teeth and vampire thoughts and booktrack

tumblr_mgu6tjtVoV1rvs8rno1_500Well, I’m feeling up to writing up an update; I had my wisdom teeth out Wednesday morning and have been in recovery mode since. It was quite the interesting experience since it literally felt like no experience— a blink of my eye. The surgeon was so nice the two minutes I saw him before going under and I felt pretty at ease getting in the chair and watching him put the tube in my arm (which was actually really cool and barely hurt at all–so now I also know I don’t have a fear of needles). My mom said I was back there for an hour and fifteen minutes but I feel like I just blinked and was then getting propped up in the car!

Mom got me on the couch and was off to get my medication, which I really really needed because I was in tears once I realized how much my mouth was hurting. I then watched movies (Anne of Avonlea and The Sound of Music!) and drank a lot of water that afternoon but I wasn’t really able to walk around without feeling light headed. I was on the couch all day so my little iPod was very handy (I played a lot of Temple Run).

8c5f92b17cd55961ebb8ea12dc1bde69There was a funny moment that I clearly remember when I got home while still half asleep; I noticed in a nearby mirror I had drooled blood all over my lip and chin and what I instantly thought of was that I looked like a awesome vampire who had just had just ripped out someone’s neck–like Dracula. Seriously, that was the first thought in my mind! (Dylan, if you are still reading my blog, the next thought I had was that you would be quite proud of me for having that be the first thing I thought of. :P)

I did get good news that day, though; besides my surgery having no complications whatsoever, I received Booktrack’s newsletter on my iPod and discovered that I had won third place for the Halloween competition with my entry of “A Holiday Nightmare! Third place!!! I was hoping to make it to honorable mentions but I got third place instead! I couldn’t get up and run around the house like last time but I was very happy to have another successful contest entry.

candle-63754_640_Fotor_FotorThursday I’ve most of the day in my room watching Disney movies and older movies like Charade and Singin’ In The Rain and eating ice cream and playing more Temple Run. I’m now getting ready to put another movie in and try to get to sleep early so my mouth can do some more healing. You are all probably reading this Friday morning though, so this is no longer accurate. Now I’m confusing myself. It’s certainly time to close the laptop and head off to dream land.

Thanks again for all the prayers the past few days, guys, they’ve been a big help! 😀



6 thoughts on “Of teeth and vampire thoughts and booktrack

  1. Congrats again my friend! 😀 I told that the story should win something, it was majorly creepy, and suspenseful.

    I’m glad your teeth surgery went well. 🙂 That’s funny about the blood though, you must have been bitten by a vampire while you were knocked out….


    1. Thanks, and thanks for all your encouragement, too!

      LOL Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think of it that way! *gasps* *searched neck for bite marks* 😉


  2. So glad to hear you’re doing so well! I laughed over your “Dracula” experience!

    I know I congratulated you on your win via Twitter already, but I offer my hearty congratulations to you again here 😉

  3. Congratulations on your short story! 😀 I’m so happy for you! 😀 I’m glad your surgery went well! Yea, the blood, swelling, and pain are horrible….I looked like a serial killer chipmunk after my surgery! 😦

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