The Bucket List of Accomplishments


I was looking at my bucket list online this morning and stared at all (122) things I wanted to do in my lifetime. And it felt daunting. Looking at that list, I felt like I had accomplished nothing. Until I remembered I had made a list of things I had already done:

bucketlist completed

And I realized something. Right now, a big thing being encouraged (you’ve probably noticed this on Pinterest and/or the Blogosphere) is to look ahead at your future, to stop dwelling in the past and make big plans for yourself. This, I think, is great! We shouldn’t dwell in our past mistakes or on people we used to know or things we wish we could say over. We should look to our future and plan to live life to the fullest.

But I can’t be the only one who gets a little overwhelmed doing that.

So, I wanted to pause and just encourage everyone who is feeling discouraged about themselves and what you think you haven’t accomplished, and to make your own bucket list of things you have accomplished! Include small things as well as big things; and don’t think about anybody else when you write it. Your life story is your’s alone and comparing it someone else’s is unfair to yourself. We’ve all accomplished, bought, ridden, watched, experienced, visited and read different and amazing things and we should remember them!

What are things you’ve accomplished so far in your life that you are glad you experienced or owned or loved? Tell me all about it! I’m proud of you already!


6 thoughts on “The Bucket List of Accomplishments

  1. Fun and inspiring idea Jamie!

    Talk with one of my cyber-friends on Skype
    Started watching the Walking Dead
    Finished at least 10 anime series
    Get all A’s in my Summer Semester of college
    Post everyday of the year on my blog
    Finish at least half of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    Post my Top 100 Movies list
    Become well versed in Anime lingo
    Watch three summer movies in theaters
    Finish Mass Effect trilogy with Renegade ending
    Not let college completely crush my internet presence (yet)


    1. Thanks!!

      Your list is awesome! Yay for Skype and The Walking Dead and all your consistent blogging!! It’s really impressive how you’ve been able to faithful write blog posts and comment, especially now with college!! My hat is off to you, sir! 😛


  2. Such an awesome post and list, Jamie! 😀 This has been weighing heavily on my mind lately, so this post was such an encouraging reminder to look at all the good that has come so far, and always dream big! 😀
    You got to ride a motorcycle?! That’s amazing! 😀 I’ve always wanted to do that! My uncle had one for many years, but then he sold it just as I was old enough to ride it. Hmmm….my list….hmmmm:

    Wrote my novel all the way through.
    Get my first job,
    Develop my photography skills
    Zip-line (THAT IS SO MUCH FUN!)
    Share my fandoms with my friends,
    Explored old shipwrecks over the summer
    Connect with more amazing people! 🙂
    Own a Brownie camera
    Dance in the rain
    Walk barefoot through the woods
    Sing in another production
    Own the complete Hunger Games Trilogy!

    Praying for your dentist appointment today! 😉 I had my wisdom teeth out about a year ago and it really wasn’t that bad. 🙂 One good thing is you get to have a lot of ice-cream…bad thing is you will get tired of it–but that takes a while! 🙂 JK, Praying for you! 😀

    1. I’m so glad this was able to encourage you! That makes me so happy!!!

      I love your list; you’ve gotten to explore shipwrecks–how AWESOME! And walk barefoot in the woods and sing in a production; I would love to do both of those especially!! 🙂

      Thank you for your prayers!! I’ve had a good/bad day; I wasn’t nervous when I went in and was able to relax a lot afterwards but I had some painful moments that made me cry. It’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with pain in my mouth (*growls at braces*) but hopefully I shall recover quickly. And yes, I must have some ice cream! Hopefully tomorrow!


  3. Gosh, Jamie, you’re so sweet the way you say things. 🙂 You own a leather jacket?! This is news of great awesomeness…I have yet to put that on my accomplished list…I love leather jackets. 🙂

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