Currently liking: the cooler weather! I’ve started to wear light coats now when I walk the dogs in the morning and I’m sleeping with two blankets at night! Sadly it’s not quite cold enough to wear some of my new long sleeve shirts; but soon!

Currently drinking: a Shasta Black Cherry soda. Great for my poor teeth, I know.

Currently sitting: in my room at my desk. I’m typing this on my laptop, although I did attempt write it on my iPod. Too hard to write long sentences on it, so I’m reverted back to the good old keyboard.

Currently writing: I am currently writing nothing but I am trying to take my horrid little not-working-NaNo plot and seeing if it can become a short story for a future Booktrack contest. I don’t know. We’ll see, I guess.

Currently watching: I am currently not consistently watching anything right now except for Family Guy, which is silly of me. I did recently start DC Comic’s show Arrow, and beside’s all the Batman parallels and it basically being a manly version of Revenge, I’ve enjoyed it.

Currently obsessed with: my iPod. But hey, it’s still pretty new to me. I’m also obsessed with a couple games I downloaded on there including Temple Run and Triple Town. Like, I’m seriously obsessed with Triple Town, it was actually in my dream last night, which is scary because I rarely do, think or watch something and it then appear in my dreams the next night. Like, never. So I suppose that means I’m very hooked. 😛

Currently tired: of nothing! My life has been pretty sweet recently and I have very few complaints about life in general!

Currently excited: about getting my teeth fixed up. It’s a tad nerve-racking but I’m actually really looking forward to having my wisdom teeth pulled and getting my mouth fixed back up again. I went through seven years of orthodontic work on these suckers, I don’t want everything getting all screwed up before I’m twenty one!

Currently failing: this can actually cover me not getting myself and my NaNo plot all worked up and ready. That’s actually kinda weird because I’m pretty spontaneous and can get almost anything hyped up for myself. But I suppose it just wasn’t meant to be, so I’m not falling apart over it or anything.

Currently scaring myself with: plans to start running earlier in the morning when it’s darker and more ‘scary’. 😛

Currently stuck in my head: songs from Disney’s Tarzan, which I re-watched a several days ago. GET OUT OF MY HEAD ALREADY!

Currently wishing: actually a lot of my wishes just kinda came true; like I said, I’m feeling very content right now. I suppose I shall wish for a lovely holiday this year!

Currently praying: that I have successful surgery this week, that I shall recover quickly and that everything will go smoothly for my mom that whole weekend when I won’t be able to help around the house as much. And that’s pretty much it for now.



6 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. These type of posts are always fun and interesting. 😉 Running earlier when it is darker with the zombie app. That would be creepy. I really want to watch Arrow, but I missed the first episode when it air and have no way to catch up.

    I think I will answer a couple of them for fun.

    Currently liking: THE WALKING DEAD! I can’t get enough of the show! You have created a monster fan out of me. 😉

    Currently drinking: Water, I only drank milk and water 99.99% of the time. 🙂

    Currently writing: This comment…

    Currently tired: Math and college in general! X( I hate studying for a math exam when the teacher has no idea how to teach an online class. It is nearly impossible to pass!

    Currently excited: Thor: The Dark World!

    Currently stuck in my head: Cruel Angel’s Thesis (original version).

    Currently wishing: That I pass my math exam…

    Currently praying: That I pass my math exam and that your surgery goes well.


    1. I love your comments, James, I always look forward to reading them! 😀

      Arrow has proved good but not amazing or anything like that. 😛

      I’M SO HAPPY YOU ARE LOVING THE WALKING DEAD!!!!! I couldn’t get enough of it either, I’ve watched the whole series twice before Season Four began–speaking of which, I can’t wait to see tomorrow night’s episode!

      I drink A LOT of water too! 🙂

      I’ll pray you do amazing on your math exam. Math sucks. 😦


  2. Hey, Jamie! 😀

    I love this posts! 😀 They’re so much fun to read! 😀 My brother watches Arrow and loves it! I have yet to watch any full episodes, but it looks amazing! Running with the Zombie app sounds fun! I like to run with really dramatic music *cough LOTR’s soundtrack cough cough* Can I answer a few of the questions for fun? Yes, following James here! 😉

    Currently Liking: My new Mockingjay book! 😀 Picked it up (finally) when it went on sale! I’ve already gotten halfway through it!

    Currently Drinking: A hot mocha…addicted to them…

    Currently Watching: The Walking Dead! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! *Dies*

    Currently Obsessed With: Daryl Dixon 😀 Again…LOOOOOVVEEEEE! I was so shocked by the last episode! 0_0 I’m dying for tonight’s episode!

    Currently Excited: Catching Fire! The final trailer was so amazing! I can hardly wait to see the movie with my friends–problem is we must wait for one of our little group to return from her trip to South America!

    Currently Stuck in my Head: The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

    Currently Scaring Myself With: Supernatural. 0_0 That show can get so creepy sometimes!


    1. Thanks for commeting; I’m glad these posts are enjoyable. 😀

      YAY FOR THE WALKING DEAD AND DARYL DIXON!!!!!!!!!!!! I was also shocked from last week’s episode, I really really can’t wait to see what happens next tonight!!!

      I also am looking forward to Catching Fire; the trailer was amazing!!!

      I really need to see The Great Gatsby…

      SUPERNATURAL! 😀 I need to keep going with that show; and it is rather creepy at times! 8-|


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